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Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib, Part 2
02:48 — Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen invite you to see more of their home.
Cooking With Simon
03:20 — Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord oversee their boys as they make their own concoctions.
Alex McCord On Jill Zarin
03:08 — Alex McCord expresses her concern about seeing Jill Zarin at Ramona's cocktail party.
Trying to Stop the Bickering
02:22 — LuAnn de Lesseps is tired of the bickering between Alex McCord and Jill Zarin and talks to Alex about it.
Former 'Real Housewives of New York' Star Alex McCord Slams Her 'Crazy' Co-Stars
00:53 — The one-time Bravo star says the ladies chose family over family.
See the Store that Alex Built
02:36 — Alex McCord throws a party for her clients and invites the ladies to show them what she actually does.
The Purple Event
03:49 — Alex McCord is asked to model in this fashion show.
Welcome to Alex and Simon's Crib
02:38 — Check out Alex McCord and Simon Van Kempen's home.
Alex Works from Home
03:50 — Since she got laid off, Alex McCord is getting used to working from home.
Opening up to Men
03:13 — Alex McCord's client wants to open it up to men.
Fashion Fitting
03:13 — Alex McCord, Ramona Singer, and Kelly Bensimon get fitted for Brooklyn Fashion Week.
Alex the Vampire
05:53 — Kelly Bensimon thinks Bethenny Frankel will kill her. Oh and Alex McCord is a vampire.
Business Before Gossip
03:09 — Alex McCord fills in her husband Simon on what happened at St. John.
Simon Welcomes Alex Back Home
02:41 — Simon van Kempen is thrilled to see Alex McCord and is happy to give his gift.
Alex's Roller Coaster
03:02 — Alex McCord shares what went down between her and Jill Zarin to Ramona Singer.
Morocco Post Mortem
02:49 — Cindy Barshop invites Alex McCord to her shop to discuss what happened in Morocco.
The Boys' Recording Session
03:48 — Simon van Kempen and Alex McCord take their boys to record their stories.
Daily News Fight
01:55 — Alex McCord wanted to work but with Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon in the same group, it is difficult.
Wedding Faux Pas
01:25 — Jill Zarin can't believe the audacity of Alex McCord and Ramona Singer.
Cosmo Rated Kelly As a Nice Person So It Must Be True!
01:45 — Kelly Killoren Bensimon says she's a nice person and has Cosmo back her up. Alex McCord doesn't think she's nice at all.
Grand Marshal of the Marriage March
01:34 — Sonja Morgan is the Grand Marshal for the Marriage March and Alex McCord is a bit bothered that Sonja is making it all about her.
New Chapter in Alex's Life
01:25 — Alex McCord is starting a new chapter in her life as a model.
Double Bridal Shower
02:26 — Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord throw Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer a bridal shower.
Alex's New Career As a Model
01:23 — Alex McCord has signed with a modeling agency and couldn't be more excited in this new venture.
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