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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Trailer
03:54 — Introducing the first season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
Quick Cut: Invincible
02:58 — After Zoom unleashes an army of Earth-2 meta-humans on Central City, Barry is shaken when he sees their leader is the Black Canary’s Earth-2 doppelgan (more…)
Quick Cut: Back to Normal
02:58 — A meta-human with super strength named Griffin Grey mistakes Harry for Earth-1 Harrison Wells and kidnaps him, demanding that Wells cure him from his (more…)
Have to Win
01:31 — The race to determine who's the best starts.
Quick Cut: Flash Back
02:58 — After the shocking revelation that Zoom is Jay Garrick, Barry is more determined than ever to get back to Earth-2 to stop Zoom forever.
01:05 — The team deals with the aftermath from setting off the particle accelerator.
01:32 — Can Harry find the strength to save his captor?
Joe and Wells
01:05 — Will Wells help Barry re-open a breach?
The Visual Effects of the Flash: Part 5
03:03 — Go behind-the-scenes of The Flash's visual effects.
Swingers - Official Trailer
01:38 — A transplanted New Yorker attempting to acclimate to Los Angeles, Mike Peters (Jon Favreau), is struggling to both boost his comedy career and get ove (more…)
Quick Cut: Flash of Two Worlds
02:59 — Jay Garrick, a mysterious man from Earth-2, appears at S.T.A.R. Labs with a dire warning about an evil speedster named Zoom, who is set on destroying (more…)
Inside: Trajectory
00:58 — Team Flash is hitting the club on a new episode tomorrow at 8/7c!
Inside: King Shark
01:25 — Diggle travels to Central City to help take down King Shark
Inside: Escape from Earth-2
01:20 — Will The Flash make good on his promise?
01:05 — The impossible is possible on Earth-2
Welcome to Earth-2
01:58 — The Flash makes the journey to Earth-2.
Watch Us
01:09 — Kendra gets a blast from the past on The Flash and Arrow crossover.
Inside: The Fury of Firestorm
01:58 — Firestorm returns on The Flash!
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