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OK, so I just got back from seeing...

OK, so I just got back from seeing The Fog, and let me tell you, I feel like I was royally fogged out of $10. So lame. Trust me, stick with the original. Which should be a rule in life, but as we've all learned from our Orange County kids, mixing it up can yield a few surprises. So let's get right down to this week's "Steeephen Who?" survey.1) Are boyfriends like shoes, purses or sunglasses? Because I'm thinking Steeephen is a pair of Uggs — so "last season" and still not cute.2) What the hell does Lauren's dad do, other than look exactly like Donny Osmond? That house is sick.3) Did Casey jet from the all-star barbecue so early because everyone hates her? Or was she following the trail of Alex M.'s ladystench?4) Hotter ride: Kristin's BMW X-3 or L.C.'s Jason? (I'm not even going to discuss Scruffy McPlayer's antique whatever that was.)5) Are you loving the new all-color, big-size TV Guide? Hot, hu read more

If anyone can answer my ...

Question: If anyone can answer my question, you can. Back in high school my teacher was always talking about this show that aired in the late '80s about a group of high-school students who put together a news program at their school. Please tell me what show this is, and if there are any episodes out on DVD. Thank you.

Answer: Your teacher was talking about TV 101, a short-lived CBS drama in which Sam Robards, a former TV-news photographer, returned to his old high school to teach a class how to put together a weekly news show about the goings-on in their school. His old journalism teacher (Emilie Walker) was able to talk him into taking the job when he was looking for a new career, but the crusty school principal (Leon Russom), with whom Robards had butted heads in his student days, was always on his case. Among the students in Robards' class were Stacey Dash, Alex Desert, Teri Polo and fu read more

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