Inside Alec Baldwin's Alleged Stalker Court Trial
01:51 — As Alec Baldwin's court trial with his alleged stalker, Genevieve Sabourin, continues, ET examines the latest in the case and consults an L.A. prosecu (more…)
Alec Baldwin Emmys
01:22 — Alec Baldwin talks about his Emmy win.
Surprises for Father That Lost 300 Pounds!
05:02 — After a major health scare, Zach was able to drop 300 pounds in order to save his life. To see more surprises in store for Zach, click here.
"Big Brother" crowns a winner
01:15 — The winner is named for this summer's season of "Big Brother," plus Alec Baldwin salutes Mary Louise Parker. Suzanne Marques has those stories and mor (more…)
Drs. Rx: Face Contouring Trick Easy as 1, 2, 3
01:12 — The Doctors reveal a quick and simple trick to help you contour your face.
The museum of baggage
04:27 — Travelers didn’t always pack their belongings into carry on bags to be stuffed into overhead compartments. David Turecamo took a trip to Haguenau, F (more…)
The great Krispy Kreme donut heist
03:02 — When 42-year-old Chris Rosati was diagnosed with ALS, he came up with an unusual plan to spread cheer: steal a donut truck and give away its contents. (more…)
Criminalize Parents for Kid’s Truancy?
04:17 — Should parents face criminal charges if their child skips school? The Doctors are joined by family and child behavior expert Dr. Gail Gross to discuss (more…)
Eating Toilet Paper to Beat a DUI?
01:09 — The Doctors discuss the story of a man who tried to beat a DUI charge by eating toilet paper before taking a breathalyzer.
Extreme Dance Battle Gone Wrong
03:44 — “Fire Gal Flexi’s” underground dance battle competition went horribly wrong when she accidentally set herself on fire! Pediatrician Dr. Tanya Altmann (more…)
Viral Toddler Shaming?
02:14 — The Doctors discuss the latest trend on social media – parents posting pictures of their toddlers up to no good. But could there be good news about me (more…)
One Man Went From Bullied to Buff
01:43 — Austin spent a good portion of his life depressed, overweight, and coping with eating issues. But he’s now lost HALF his body weight. To see what Aust (more…)
Word of the Day: Digital Protection Eyewear
01:16 — It's Million Dollar May and The Doctors are giving away over a million dollars’ worth of prizes. To enter for your chance to win a pair of (more…)
Dr. Travis Gets His First Facial
05:25 — ER physician Dr. Travis Stork visits dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra for his first ever facial!
Drs. Rx: Instantly Bring Sparkle Back to Your Diamonds
01:22 — The Doctors share an easy tip to keep those diamonds blinging!
Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise
01:11 — Lara Spencer talks to Alec Baldwin and Tom Cruise on the red carpet.
Actor Lamorne Morris Talks “New Girl”
02:11 — Actor Lamorne Morris joins The Doctors to talk about the on-set antics that happen between him and his co-stars.
Toilet Explodes While Woman Is on it
03:10 — The Doctors are joined by Angela, who was sitting on a toilet when it suddenly exploded. Check out her unbelievable story.
Synthetic Marijuana Use Increasing?
04:45 — Also known as K2, synthetic marijuana is a mind-altering chemical that is smoked or vaporized. The Doctors discuss the dangers of this product, which (more…)
Procrastination Cure?
03:08 — The Doctors discuss a new app that shames you for spending too much time on social media. Could it be effective?
A Vasectomy with an on/off Switch?
03:32 — The Doctors are joined by Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz to talk about a new birth control device that some men could opt for instead of having a full vase (more…)
Woman Hides Poop for Love?
05:01 — The Doctors discuss a recent story of a woman who used the bathroom on a first date…only to find the toilet wouldn’t flush. What would you have done?
Is Your Makeup Sponge Unhealthy?
03:24 — The Doctors discuss a recent Reddit thread where people got curious about what’s lurking inside their makeup sponges. Are you properly cleaning yours?
Are Selfies the New Password?
02:39 — MasterCard recently announced they are launching a new anti-identity theft initiative that has us snapping pics over entering passwords!
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