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Nikita's Melinda Clarke: Control of Division Is Up for Grabs!

Melinda Clarke

Amanda may be the current head of Division, but it appears that Percy might be calling the shots... from his prison no less.

"I think Amanda is a master manipulator, but I think Percy's ego is even bigger," Nikita's Melinda Clarke tells "I think Amanda is a little more realistic but found herself getting caught up in the power and grandeur of all of Division. She's ultimately the same creature as Percy, and gets caught up into wanting more and more power. It goes beyond just money. For the future of Division, it'll be interesting to see who ends up in power. Clearly it could be up for grabs."

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Nikita Scoop: "Naked" Sean Pierce, Broken Fingers and a Clean Sweep

Maggie Q, Dillon Casey

Nikita's midseaon finale left viewers with more than a few questions, and star Maggie Q sat down with reporters this month to tease what to expect once the show returns in January.

Want some almost-nudity? Nikita new guy Dillon Casey, who plays Oversight's Sean Pierce, will be stripping down all in the name of the upcoming power play. "He's naked in the whole episode,  the one that we just finished [shooting]," said Q. "There were a couple... read more

Critic's Guide to Weekend TV: Woody Allen on American Masters and More!

From the cult-TV corner: It's rare to see a ballsy action heroine like Nikita (Maggie Q) in a state of panic, but in this week's typically tense episode of The CW's Nikita (8/7c), the first of the season I've been able to screen in advance, she places an anguished call to Michael in London to utter three unlikely words: "I lost Berkoff." read more

Nikita's Lyndsy Fonseca: Yes, Someone Dies in the Finale


Over the course of its first season, Nikita has become a show about loss and difficult choices as much as espionage and violence. It's no surprise then that one of the principal characters meets a Division-related demise on Thursday's finale (9/8c on the CW).

"Yes, someone dies," Lyndsy Fonseca confirms to "Everything that happens in the finale is not just for the sake of killing people or for the sake of a good storyline. Stuff has been kind of brewing for a long time, and I think it's going to be really emotional."

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You are always digging at the ...

Question: You are always digging at the cast of The 4400, to the point that I can't get past my curiosity about whatever it is that you mean. Certainly you aren't referring to Patrick Flueger (who can bring me to tears, and is so pretty that it doesn't matter anyway), or M. Ali (who infuses his character with the dignity of a pre-civil rights era black man). And certainly you don't mean Conchita Campbell, who is one of the best child actors I've seen on TV for a while. OK. Maybe you're referring to Joel Gretsch, whose two notes, intense and angry, do get a bit tiresome. P.S.: I loved the last few seconds of the finale with naked Isabelle and bummed-out Jordan. Heh. Answer: I really wasn't trying to single anyone out, but just about everyone you mentioned contributes to what to me is an overall bland earnestness in the regular cast. (Probably the worst offender, when talking about the show's generic nature, was the new female boss brought in to NTAC, a pale shadow of what Alberta Watson ... read more

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