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American Hate Crimes
08:34 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he chats with Jonathan Greenblatt about the recent rise in hate crimes in America and the solutions we can come up with to de (more…)
Gerson: "A Spectacular Accumulation of Lies"
01:59 — Rev. Al Sharpton on the lies in the Russia investigation.
Al Sharpton: 'BET Doesn't Check With Me On Their Lineup'
00:49 — The Reverend dismisses reports that he had Brown cut out of the BET awards. (6.30.09)
Rev. Al Sharpton Knew Jackson Since They Were Teenagers
09:46 — "I hope now the genius and humanity of Michael Jackson gets its due," said Sharpton. (6.25.09)
Apollo Theater Salutes MJ
01:53 — Al Sharpton talks about Michael Jackson's influence on the black community and his relationship with the Apollo theater.
Giuliani Time
Roy Moore & The Dilemma for the GOP
18:55 — The Deadline panel, Susan Page, Philip Rucker, Michael Steele, Ron Klain, and Rev. Al Sharpton on the sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore
Locked up for 40 Years Was He the Wrong Man?
04:45 — Rev. Al Sharpton has Kevin Brinkley on, a man wrongfully convicted for a crime as a juvenile who after 40 years has finally been released. Hear his st (more…)
Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit
08:17 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton and Chris Matthews, as they discuss Chris Matthews new book, "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit".
Mr. Deeds
The Rev. Al Sharpton to DANCE with the STARS?
04:32 — Erin Fox interviews the Rev. Al Sharpton about the election campaigns and his future in TV.|Shaken Not Stirred|Al Sharpton|Erin Fox|
Burning Issues
09:40 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Matt Welch, Yamiche Alcindor, and Vann Newkirk to discuss the turbulent week Trump has had this week.
Partisan Justice?
10:40 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he talks with Kristen Clarke and Rep. Marcia Morey, to discuss the importance of the 2018 midterm elections being rocked by d (more…)
Al Sharpton: Trump Insecure for Not Measuring up to Obama
04:17 — Rev. Al Sharpton joins "The Beat" on the impact Trump's "confusion" is having on 3.5 million Americans now without health insurance.
Maynard - Official Trailer
03:34 — He was Obama before Obama, Maynard Holbrook Jackson became first black Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia in 1973 and this film is an exploration into a man wh (more…)
President Trump and Women's Rights
06:16 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he chats with Tina Tchen former chief of staff to the Obama’s and how this new administration differs from the Obama’s views (more…)
Political Football
09:43 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Louis Moore and Jack Brewer to discuss the current situation of the NFL and how Kaepernick’s message may be getting lost (more…)
Willie Colon: “Unconstitutional” to Demand Players Stand During Anthem
02:48 — Retired NFL Lineman Willie Colon and Rev. Al Sharpton on NFL players’ first amendment rights
Willie Colon: We Must Continue to Kneel
01:26 — Retired NFL Offensive Lineman Willie Colon and Rev. Al Sharpton on NFL owners & protests.
Dealing With the Aftermath of Puerto Rico
09:01 — Rev. Al Sharpton talks to Rep. Luis Guiterrez and Rev. Jesse Jackson about the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico and how we can help.
The Debate Over Gun Control
09:18 — Watch as Rev. Al Sharpton chats with Paul Berry and Dr Jason Johnson on how to solve the issues and stigma around gun control.
Trump's paper towel toss 'outright offensive': Sharpton
03:20 — Rev. Al Sharpton joins a conversation about gun reform following Las Vegas and the president's actions while visiting Puerto Rico.
A Closer Look: Activism in Sports
07:23 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he sits with Jason Reid and former NBA Player Craig Hodges to discuss the rise of political activism in sports, which starts (more…)
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