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Adjusting to Life After Prison
06:47 — Alton Mills was sentenced to life in prison because of mandatory minimums. Last year, President Obama freed him.
Can Trump Win Over Black Voters?
09:09 — The 2016 presidential race is erupting into heated accusations centering on race. Trump supporter Pastor Mark Burns joins Al Sharpton to discuss.
Al Sharpton Weighs in On the Sony Hack
01:53 — And as you might imagine, he is not happy with the email exchange between Amy Pascal and Scott Rudin about the President.
Pres. Obama Unveils Library Location
05:12 — It’s official. The Barack Obama Presidential Center and Library will be built on the South Side of Chicago. Tuesday, the president and the first lady (more…)
Youth and the Fight for Justice
02:42 — Rev. Sharpton’s civil rights organization is holding a youth summit in Baltimore to show the importance of engaging the youth in justice issues.
Tom Brady Appeals NFL Suspension
03:37 — Rev. Sharpton talks to Dana Jacobson about the decision by Tom Brady to appeal the NFL’s four-game suspension over Deflate-gate. Will they get their w (more…)
Why Tsarnaev Got the Death Penalty
06:49 — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for his role in the Boston Marathon Bombing. He’s the first person to get the death penalty in federal c (more…)
GOP Food Stamp Wipeout
01:58 — Fox News’ favorite surfer dude is back and he’s apparently the poster child for everything wrong with the food stamp program. Rev. Sharpton debunks th (more…)
Hillary Fires Back On Obama’s GOP Critics
11:01 — Hillary Clinton is weighing in on the fight against ISIS, hitting back against GOP critics of the Obama Administration’s policy. Rev. Sharpton talks t (more…)
Dennis Hastert Indicted On Banking Charges
00:31 — Federal prosecutors have indicted former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert on banking-related charges. The Illinois Republican is accused of stagger (more…)
Police Shootings Almost at 400 in 2015
08:31 — “The Washington Post” has found at least 385 people have been killed by police in 2015. Rev. Sharpton talks to Val Demings and Marq Claxton about why (more…)
Pres. Obama to Revise Overtime Rules
07:14 — Pres. Obama is poised to raise the overtime threshold to as much as $52,000. Rev. Sharpton talks to former Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis for how this (more…)
DOJ Opens Hate Crime Case in Charleston
08:06 — The 21-year-old suspected of killing nine people last night is on a plane headed back to South Carolina . Earlier today, Loretta Lynch said the Justic (more…)
The Doors of Emanuel AME Are Open
02:17 — The front page of Sunday’s “Post and Courier” was dedicated to all nine lives cut short by tragedy at Emanuel AME Church. Hundreds gathered outside th (more…)
The Wake for Rev. Pickney
11:30 — On Wednesday, a horse-drawn carriage brought the body of State Senator Clementa Pickney to the South Carolina Statehouse, where he lay in state. Rev. (more…)
Remembering the Charleston Victims
07:39 — The first funerals were held on Thursday for “The Beautiful 9.” Rev. Sharpton was there to honor Ethel Lance and Sharonda Singleton who were both kill (more…)
The Wage Fight Across America
05:18 — President Obama made the case for a more inclusive economy on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we’re already seeing progress on that front. Minimum wage hikes h (more…)
Inside Obama’s ‘Amazing Grace’ Speech
02:18 — Hear the story behind President Obama singing “Amazing Grace” during the eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney last month in South Carolina. It wasn’t in (more…)
Fixing ‘No Child Left Behind’
07:14 — Today the Senate began a debate on an education bill that would overhaul the ontroversial “No Child Left Behind” law from the Bush era. Both Democrats (more…)
The Confederate Flag Comes Down in SC
15:31 — On Thursday, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a bill to take down the Confederate flag from the state house grounds. Rev. Sharpton talks to Stat (more…)
Donald Trump: A Secret Democrat?
02:35 — Is Donald Trump secretly a Democrat? How else do you explain his antics within the GOP? Rev. Sharpton puts the pieces together.
What Happened to Sandra Bland?
04:24 — A family seeks answers after a woman is found dead hanging in a jail. Rev. Sharpton talks to Seema Iyer and Areva Martin for the details in this case (more…)
Social Justice Issues of 2016
07:28 — Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will both be in Miami on Friday addressing the National Urban League conference. Rev. Sharpton is there already and talke (more…)
Bland’s Family Prepares for Funeral
05:13 — Sandra Bland will be laid to rest Saturday. Friday, there were growing questions about whether the jail missed key warning signs before her death. Rev (more…)
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