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Trump Budget Would Defund Environmental Justice at EPA
08:59 — Mustafa Ali, who recently resigned from his position at the environmental justice office at the EPA, discusses President Trump's proposed budget.
Tamir Rice's Mother Calls for Firing of Emergency Dispatcher
07:02 — The Cleveland emergency dispatcher who took the calls that led to the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice received only an eight-day suspension f (more…)
Gotcha: Sen. Jim Inhofe
01:16 — Rev. Al Sharpton calls out Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe for his comments on climate change.
Al Sharpton: 'BET Doesn't Check With Me On Their Lineup'
00:49 — The Reverend dismisses reports that he had Brown cut out of the BET awards. (6.30.09)
Rev. Al Sharpton Knew Jackson Since They Were Teenagers
09:46 — "I hope now the genius and humanity of Michael Jackson gets its due," said Sharpton. (6.25.09)
Apollo Theater Salutes MJ
01:53 — Al Sharpton talks about Michael Jackson's influence on the black community and his relationship with the Apollo theater.
Tim Kaine On His Civil Rights Record
06:24 — Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine speaks to Rev. Al Sharpton about his own record on civil rights compared to Donald Trump.
'Mothers of the Movement' Stump for Clinton
06:24 — Some of Hillary Clinton's most powerful allies are the "Mothers of the Movement", five women whose children died at the hands of gun violence or polic (more…)
New Concerns About Voter Intimidation
11:21 — A group supporting Donald Trump called "Vote Protectors" is trying to recruit 3,000 poll watchers in key battleground states. NAACP's Sherrilyn Ifill (more…)
Man With Commuted Life Sentence Has a Bright Future Ahead
04:09 — Alton Brown, a non-violent, low-level drug offender whose life sentence was commuted, has a lot to look forward to.
Maddow: State Department Is 'disappearing' Under Tillerson
09:23 — Rev. Al Sharpton speaks to Rachel Maddow about the Trump-Russia connections "The Rachel Maddow Show" continues to uncover.
Rachel Maddow On Trump's First 50 Days
05:47 — Rachel Maddow says she has been "proud" of the press during President Trump's first 50 days in office.
Rev. Sharpton: Trump Admin. Needs Lesson in American History
04:30 — Reverend Al Sharpton, President of the National Action Network, shares his disapproval for the recent comments made by Dr. Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos.
Al Sharpton slams Justice Scalia over affirmative action arguments
01:49 — The civil rights activist compared Scalia's comments on African American students to remarks heard at a Donald Trump rally, as the Supreme Court heard (more…)
Watch: Bernie Sanders meets with Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem
02:30 — Rev. Al Sharpton said he had a good meeting with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem but is not yet ready to endorse. The (more…)
Writers Reflect on Favorite Bible Passages in 'The Good Book'
01:56 — In 'The Good Book', 32 of today’s most prominent writers including Colm Tóibín, A.J. Jacobs, Pico Iyer and Ian Frazier and social activist Al Sharpton (more…)
Is Hillary Clinton in trouble? What you need to know.
05:58 — In an attempt to gain support from minority voters, Bernie Sanders met with activist Al Sharpton yesterday in Harlem. Likewise, Hillary Clinton is exp (more…)
Al Sharpton on 'The Good Book'
01:41 — Al Sharpton speaks on why he chose to write about the book of Psalms in the anthology 'The Good Book: Writers Reflect on Favorite Bible Passages'.
Will Al Sharpton help Bernie Sanders win over black voters?
06:45 — How will Bernie Sanders work to win over black and hispanic voters in South Carolina and beyond? As Hillary Clinton gets the endorsement of most of th (more…)
Al Sharpton weighs Hillary Clinton endorsement
03:09 — As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling it out ahead of the South Carolina primary, Clinton met Tuesday with Reverend Al Sharpton in an eff (more…)
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders fight for black vote
02:38 — Days after meeting with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders met with Democratic front-runner Hillary Clin (more…)
Larry Wilmore Faces Backlash For Using N-Word For Correspondents' Dinner Speech
01:23 — Comedian Larry Wilmore dropped the N-word at the end of his speech at Saturday's White House Correspondents' Dinner and people are still talking. "Yo (more…)
Did Trump Exploit HBCU Presidents for Political Cover?
13:02 — Michael Lomax, President and CEO of the United Negro College Fund, and Stanley Nelson, director of "Tell Them We Are Rising," discuss the initiative f (more…)
Sharpton: Jeff Sessions, a Selma Native, Not Moving Forward
04:02 — Fifty-two years ago African Americans marched from Selma to Montgomery to demand equal voting rights.
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