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Rev. Sharpton: 'It's Not the Crew, It's the Captain'
01:13 — Rev. Al Sharpton on Bannon’s departure and Trump's true opinions about the events in Charlottesville
Rev. Sharpton on Trump's Charlottesville Response: Too Little Too Late
05:41 — The Rev. Al Sharpton joins MTP Daily to discuss Trump’s response to the events in Charlottesville and whether the president needs to fire some people (more…)
Rev. Sharpton: Trump is a proponent of racism
12:11 — The Rev. Al Sharpton, Sophia Nelson and Susan Page join a discussion about Charlottesville, Virginia and President Trump's response. Rev. Sharpton als (more…)
Rage and Tragedy in Charlottesville
14:31 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he is joined by Tom Costello, Rev. Charles Williams II and Rev. Vivian Nixon to discuss the tragedy that occurred in Charlott (more…)
A Closer Look: Charlottesville, Virginia
09:32 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Mayor Mike Signer of Charlottesville, VA, along with Arno Michaelis a former white supremacist both to discuss the trage (more…)
Little Miss Flint
04:38 — Rev. Al Sharpton chats with Mari Copney aka “Little Miss Flint” and Galen Miller to discuss their partnership in getting 1000 backpacks filled with su (more…)
Gotcha: Ann Coulter!
03:13 — Rev. Al Sharpton catches Ann Coulter in some hot water over her comments on marijuana and what it does to people, see what he has to say about her cho (more…)
A Closer Look on Detroit
06:38 — Michael Eric Dyson joins Rev. Al Sharpton in discussing the significance of the new movie that came out titled “Detroit” dealing with the famous riots (more…)
Ministers Take on Civil Rights
10:20 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he sits down with Rev. K.W. Tulloss and Rabbi Jonah Pesner to discuss the legacy of Dr. King’s march on Washington DC, and ci (more…)
'There's a big difference between leaks and gossip'
04:29 — Phillip Bump and Rev. Al Sharpton on the administration’s crackdown on leaks.
'I Have At Least a Master's in Donald Trump'
01:03 — Rev. Al Sharpton notices no change in the President, despite facing issues of a national level.
Rev. Al: Democrats have to energize, organize the base
08:55 — The Rev. Al Sharpton and Eugene Robinson discuss the president's rally in West Virginia and how Trump connects with his base and how Democrats can res (more…)
Encouraging Police?
04:10 — Rev Al Sharpton reacts to the speech the president gave this week to police in Long Island, NY. Listen to hear some thoughts the Rev has on Trump’s wo (more…)
One On One With Rep. Francis Rooney
07:41 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Rep. Francis Rooney to have a discussion about the failed repeal bill, and the other crazy news that happened this week.
Honor Student Insists Innocence
07:42 — Join Rev Al Sharpton as he talks to Rev. Vivian Nixon and Kerry Kennedy about the release of Pedro Hernandez this week from Rikers Island, and how we (more…)
2017 State of Black America
06:26 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Marc Morial of the National Urban League to discuss their upcoming conference and the state of Black America.
Voter Fraud: Myth vs. Reality
09:24 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he sits down with David Dunn and Todd Cox to discuss Trump’s voter fraud committee and get the facts straight on the issue.
Why So Much Police Misconduct?
08:52 — Rev. Al Sharpton and guests Michael Barajas and Paul Butler sit down to discuss the recent cases in police brutality in America.
Weekend Update: Reverend Al Sharpton
03:11 — Reverend Al Sharpton (Kenan Thompson) explains how the Secret Service can better protect President Obama.
Cold Open: Ebola Czar
05:02 — President Obama (Jay Pharoah), Ebola czar Ron Klain (Taran Killam) and Rev. Al Sharpton (Kenan Thompson) address Ebola concerns during a press confere (more…)
Sharpton: "We will beat James Crow Jr., Esquire"
02:10 — At a rally commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 1963 March on Washington, civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton criticized (more…)
Chicago Gun (out of) Control
10:41 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Rev. Ira Acree and Charlene Carruthers to discuss the organization of a movement to fix the gun violence problem in Chic (more…)
A Gotcha Fit for a King
02:49 — Rev. Al Sharpton noticed something a little off in Steve King’s proposal to cut more funding to build a wall. Watch and see how this “gotcha” measures (more…)
Life On Parole
03:41 — Rev Al Sharpton chats with documentary filmmaker Matthew O’Neill to discuss his newest documentary “Life on Parole” airing July 18th at 10 PM.
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