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Al Sharpton: 'BET Doesn't Check With Me On Their Lineup'
00:49 — The Reverend dismisses reports that he had Brown cut out of the BET awards. (6.30.09)
Rev. Al Sharpton Knew Jackson Since They Were Teenagers
09:46 — "I hope now the genius and humanity of Michael Jackson gets its due," said Sharpton. (6.25.09)
Apollo Theater Salutes MJ
01:53 — Al Sharpton talks about Michael Jackson's influence on the black community and his relationship with the Apollo theater.
Weekend Update: Stories You Might Have Missed
03:11 — Rev. Al Sharpton updates us on the cases of Jordan Edwards, Terence Crutcher, and Cornell Brooks, as well as the removal of some confederate statues i (more…)
President Trump's First Trip Abroad
10:43 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by Hallie Jackson, Ali Shihabi, Col. Jack Jacobs, and Jonathan Allen to discuss Trump's first trip abroad.
Rev. Al Sharpton's Final Thoughts
02:11 — Listen as Rev. Al Sharpton discusses his final thoughts and about the firing of Rev. Cornell Brooks this week.
Mother's Day Bail Out
07:15 — Join Rev. Al Sharpton as he talks with Mary Hooks and Bonita Lacy on their efforts to get Black Mothers out of jail for Mother's Day.
I Gotcha! White Policeman Discovers He's Partially Black
02:36 — For this weeks "Gotcha!" segment, Rev. Al Sharpton dives into a story about a white Michigan cop claims coworkers harassed him after a DNA test reveal (more…)
Stephen's Favorite Piece He Did With Jon Stewart
02:05 — When Al Sharpton didn't show up for an interview, Jon Stewart called upon Stephen to fill in for the Reverend.
One On One With Chris Hayes
07:20 — Join us to watch Rev. Al Sharpton discuss MSNBC's own Chris Hayes new book called "A Colony in a Nation".
Law & Order in the Sessions/Trump Era
12:03 — Join us as Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Lee Merritt, David Love, and Marq Claxto to discuss the most recent policing issues under Attorney Jeff Ses (more…)
Church, State & President Trump
08:21 — Watch as Reverend Al Sharpton sits down with Sr. Pastor Michael Walrond Jr. and Sarah Posner to discuss the new religious freedom executive order sign (more…)
A Monumental Discussion
06:31 — Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Tegan Wendland and Sharlene Sinegal-Decuir to discuss the removal of Confederate monuments in Alabama and New Orleans.
One-on-one With Spike Lee
06:30 — Rev. Al sits down with filmmaker and activist Spike Lee to discuss the first 100 days of Trump and Lee’s new movie titled “Rodney King”.
Eric Holder Exclusive
08:19 — Rev. Al Sharpton sits down with Former Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss the first 100 days of Trump, plus more from the National Action Network (more…)
Rev. Al’s One-on-one With Rap Legend MC Lyte
09:43 — Rev. Al Sharpton caught up with iconic hip-hop artist MC Lyte about the role of rap artists in society as the mouthpieces of the unheard, and their gr (more…)
I Gotcha! the Bill O’Reilly Edition
04:34 — Bill O’Reilly had the highest-rated primetime cable company for many years in part by stoking the fires of white supremacy. Rev. Al Sharpton salutes t (more…)
Attorney General Rolling Back Obama’s Justice Improvements
12:42 — Rev. Al Sharpton and his guests discuss how Attorney General Jeff Sessions is working to remove the policies that President Obama put into place, whic (more…)
Atty. General Sessions Unveils New Approach to Immigration Prosecution
10:32 — Rev. Al Sharpton sat down with Kristen Clarke and Raul A. Reyes to discuss the new reforms Attorney Sessions is putting into play.
Harry Belafonte On 60+ Years On Social Justice
11:50 — Rev. Al Sharpton sat down with musician and activist Harry Belafonte to reflect on the past 60 years of social justice in America
Rev. Sharpton's Take On Civil Rights in America
06:28 — Listen to the Reverend Al Sharpton give his thoughts on the current situation for civil rights in America.
How Natalie Cole Will Be Remembered
04:15 — Rev. Al Sharpton shares his memories of Grammy award-winning singer Natalie Cole, who passed away Thursday night at the age of 65.
Joe Scarborough On GOP Options for Speaker
07:25 — Rev. Al Sharpton is joined by the “Morning Joe” host, who draws on his own experience as a politician to talk about the current leadership issues face (more…)
Sessions Orders Review of Police Reform Deals
09:47 — Sherrilyn Ifill, President and Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss Attorney General Jeff Sessions work (more…)
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