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Brotherhood: Ecclesiastes 7:2 Trailer
01:48 — The Hill mourns when a horrific bus crash kills seventeen.
Blue Caprice - Official Trailer
02:19 — The striking feature film debut of writer-director Alexandre Moors, BLUE CAPRICE is a harrowing yet restrained psychological thriller about an abandon (more…)
Frankie And Johnny - Official Trailer
02:23 — Often funny tale of a short-order cook who romances a reluctant waitress. First-rate cast!
Elementary: You've Got Me, Who's Got You? Trailer
02:34 — When a man who secretly fought crime dressed as a popular comic book superhero is murdered, Holmes and Watson must discover his real identity before t (more…)
Brotherhood: Matthew 13:57 Trailer
01:03 — Tommy draws closer to Judd, while Eileen's lover breaks off their affair. Michael struggles with how much The Hill has changed during his absence.
Person Of Interest: Terra Incognita Trailer
00:45 — Reese takes on a homicide case that Det. Carter was never able to close.
Elementary - A Big Check
02:19 — While in the midst of her charity work, Watson gets a shocking donation from an unlikely source.
Elementary - Morland's Mole
01:58 — Watson meets with the "mole" within Morland's company.
Elementary - Out Maneuvered
01:57 — Watson confronts Morland about the favor she is doing for him and Sherlock's concern about her helping him.
Ascension Panel Highlight: The Ascension Cast's Favorite Scene To Shoot
04:32 — Watch a highlight from the Comic-Con 2014 Ascension panel. The cast talks about what were their favorite scenes to film.
Ascension Panel - Comic Con 2014
48:22 — Watch the full Ascension panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2014!
Ascension Panel Highlight: The Sets of Ascension
01:15 — Watch a highlight from the Comic-Con 2014 Ascension panel. The cast and producers talk about what € s it like being on set and how big it € (more…)
Godzilla - Trailer No. 1
A giant radioactive monster called Godzilla appears to wreak destruction on mankind.
Blue Caprice - Trailer No. 1
An abandoned boy is lured to America and drawn into the shadow of a dangerous father figure. Inspired by the real life events that led to the 2002 Bel (more…)
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - Official Trailer
01:39 — An ex-Navy SEAL takes on a criminal computer whiz and his army of thugs after they hijack a passenger train and turn it into a command center for a ki (more…)
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home - Official Trailer
01:51 — A young boy comes to the rescue of his whale friend and his cetaceous family when they become trapped in an oil spill fire. Sequel to the 1993 hit.
Lethal Weapon 4 - Official Trailer
02:19 — Riggs and Murtaugh, those buddy cops whose work is anything but routine, are back, along with some new additions, for plenty of action, laughs and inc (more…)
Phoenix - Official Trailer
02:16 — Harry is a cop and an addicted gambler. He bets on everything no matter what the odds are. He gets caught between a brutal bookie, a loan shark and a (more…)
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