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The Trump Inauguration vs. the Women's March On Washington
04:12 — Jordan Klepper asks Donald Trump supporters for reassurance before his presidential inauguration, and Desi Lydic finds out why women are protesting th (more…)
What the Actual Fact?: The Trump Administration's "Alternative Facts"
06:07 — After presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway defends the use of "alternative facts," Desi Lydic finds a new way to check claims made by the Trump adm (more…)
Matt Taibbi: Choosing Your Own Reality Under the "Insane Clown President"
04:56 — Matt Taibbi discusses "Insane Clown President," which examines how the 2016 election was affected by fake news, Russian meddling and bizarre campaigns (more…)
Women's Marches Go Global
07:26 — On the weekend of Donald Trump's inauguration, masses of protesters march against his new administration, and White House spokespeople go on the defen (more…)
The Inauguration of Donald Trump
08:32 — At Donald Trump's inauguration, the new president paints a bleak picture of America, and Michelle Obama can't hide her disdain for the incoming First (more…)
Bedtime in Donald Trump's America
01:51 — In an ominous bedtime exchange, Desi Lydic tries to talk her young son (and herself) through Donald Trump's budding presidency.
Joy Reid: How the Free Press Will Operate Under President Trump & "We Are the Change We Seek"
05:52 — MSNBC's Joy Reid talks about challenges journalists may face when covering President Trump and discusses Barack Obama's speeches highlighted in "We Ar (more…)
Cementing Barack Obama's Legacy
03:03 — Roy Wood Jr. explains how Donald Trump's presidency will only enhance Barack Obama's already-strong legacy.
Trump's Pre-Inauguration Photo Op
04:20 — President-elect Trump uses his reality TV know-how to promote his inauguration on Twitter.
Anxieties Over Russia Come to a Head
05:52 — C-SPAN and MSNBC experience mysterious technical difficulties during their coverage of Russia, adding to fears about the country's influence on Americ (more…)
James McAvoy: Taking On Nine Different Personalities for One Role in "Split"
04:09 — James McAvoy, star of the film "Split," describes how he approached his role as a man with dissociative identity disorder and talks about working with (more…)
Scott Conroy: How "Embeds" Tackles the Reality of Political Campaigns
04:34 — Scott Conroy discusses his series "Embeds," a political satire based on his experiences as a young journalist who followed presidential candidates on (more…)
Profiles in Tremendousness: Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos
08:06 — In Betsy DeVos's confirmation hearing for education secretary, Senate Democrats grill the businesswoman for not knowing policy basics and for her heft (more…)
A Topless Protester Grabs a Wax Donald Trump
02:25 — A female protester in Spain goes topless at the unveiling of a Donald Trump statue, and Trevor believes she may just have the key to grabbing the pres (more…)
Samantha Power: The Final Week As President Obama's U.N. Ambassador
08:37 — United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power talks about working with countries whose policies clash with the U.S.'s and weighs in on Russia's role in the (more…)
President-Elect Trump's Dismal Approval Rating
03:39 — As Donald Trump's approval rating plummets ahead of his inauguration, Michelle Wolf weighs in on why she's not all that concerned about him taking off (more…)
When Footwear Gets Offensive
03:10 — A shoe company is forced to recall boots with swastika treads, and Amazon receives backlash for selling flip-flops with Mahatma Gandhi's image.
President Obama Baby-Proofs America
05:19 — Before President-elect Trump takes office, President Obama makes last-ditch efforts to protect the environment, downsize Guantanamo Bay and rectify po (more…)
John Zimmer: How Lyft Could Revolutionize Driverless Transportation
05:33 — John Zimmer, the co-founder and president of Lyft, talks about teaming up with General Motors to produce autonomous cars and explains the economic ram (more…)
Back in Black: The Trump Inauguration's No-Star Lineup
05:40 — Lewis Black breaks down Team Trump's futile attempts to book A-list performers at the president-elect's inauguration.
Bryshere Gray: Becoming Michael Bivins in "The New Edition Story"
04:36 — Bryshere Gray talks about performing on subways as a kid in Philadelphia and discusses his roles in the show "Empire" and in the miniseries "The New E (more…)
Donald Trump's Eventful Martin Luther King Day Weekend
08:52 — President-elect Trump spends Martin Luther King Day weekend discussing urban development with comic Steve Harvey and disparaging civil rights leader J (more…)
David Fahrenthold: Holding Donald Trump Accountable at the Washington Post
07:01 — David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post talks about reporting on President-elect Trump's charity misdealings and weighs in on what covering his admin (more…)
Ben Carson's HUD Confirmation Hearing
05:19 — During Ben Carson's Senate confirmation hearing for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the retired neurosurgeon used a roundabout rationale f (more…)
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