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Captain Monterey Jack
01:57 — His name is Captain Monterey Jack and he is here to turn you on! The State's Michael Ian Black "goes green" 10 years before Al Gore made it cool. Hey, (more…)
Look who's talking! It's TED
05:17 — TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the annual Vancouver conference begins next week, with speakers as wide-ranging as Al Gore, (more…)
Al Gore
Al Gore talks about his work on the Climate Reality Project and marvels at the sophistication of Stephen's global warming metaphor.
Formidable Opponent - Global Warming With Al Gore
Al Gore explains to Stephen and Stephen and Al Gore that stopping global warming doesn't have to hurt the economy.
Bob Barr
Libertarian Bob Barr talks about his presidential campaign and sharing a cigar with Al Gore.
Who's Not Honoring Me Now? - The Newberry Awards
Al Gore has already won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Nobel Prize and the 2000 presidential election -- he doesn't need a Grammy.
Intro - 9/13/11
Barack Obama plans to create jobs in the job plan-creating industry, and Former Vice President Al Gore discusses global warming.
The Word - Enviro-Medal Disaster
At Al Gore's current rate of accolade consumption, there will be nothing left for our children to win.
Al Gore Steals Stephen's Grammy
Since Stephen's voice isn't worth a Grammy, he's going to stop talking forever.
Intro - 7/19/06
Stephen believes Kanye West owes President Bush an apology, and thinks people are only seeing Al Gore's global warming movie to get out of the record (more…)
Gore's Garbage
When Hannity and Colmes couldn't get Al Gore on their show to answer charges of excessive energy consumption, they attacked the next logical person: D (more…)
The Convenientest Truth
Al Gore says global warming means the world is coming to an end, but Stephen says the world is just coming to a new beginning.
The Word - Big Deal
Al Gore's movie is the highest-grossing PowerPoint presentation in history.
Donald Trump and Fox & Friends vs. Global Warming
Noted climatologist Donald Trump weighs in on global warming, and a Fox & Friends report targets Al Gore's book, 'An Inconvenient Truth.'
Al Gore, George Bush, and Chads
Season 12 Show Highlight: Take a look back at the drama surrounding the 2000 presidential election.
Top Stories For May 13, 2014
Al Gore keeps fight conservatives on climate change, Dems are strategizing on how to win on Benghazi, Karl Rove thinks Hillary Clinton has brain damag (more…)
Five Reasons to Support the Electoral College
The Electoral College was developed by our founding fathers and enshrined in the Constitution to ensure a fair outcome in the choosing of our presiden (more…)
Why Is Al Jazeera Buying Al Gore's Current TV?
Former Vice President Al Gore announced he is selling his network, Current TV, to the Arab television network Al Jazeera.
U.S. Economy Shrinks
Full Segment: The U.S. economy shrinks for the first time since the recession ended, Hillary Clinton sits down with NBC to reflect on her tenure, a (more…)
Is It Feasible For Everyone On Earth To Go Vegan?
Al Gore is vegan, joining his old pal Bill Clinton in an effort to be healthy and help the environment. Meat played an important role in human evoluti (more…)
Al Gore: Why Republicans Are Ignoring Climate Change
Despite the release of a White House report detailing the devastating effects of global warming already underway, many Republicans are unwavering in t (more…)
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