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Al Gore Takes "Green" Message to Saturday Night Live

Al Gore

Al Gore took his message to Saturday Night Live for NBC's "Green Week," joking that he had a "backup plan" and zinging the network for the patronizing opportunity to let him appear once a year — "like Punxsutawny Phil."

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NBC Holding Annual Green Week

30 Rock

NBC is holding its annual "Green Week" Nov. 15-22.

Al Gore will make his second appearance in a green-centric story line on 30 Rock, where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) must ask the T.G.S. staff to reduce its carbon footprint. Kenneth the page is put in charge of making sure the staff sticks to their goal.

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"These green episodes are a fun and entertaining way to raise environmental awareness," network executive Beth Colleton said. "We are also very committed to green production practices at NBC Universal."

She said they've published green production guides for TV and film hoping they will encourage a more eco-friendly industry.

NBC released this list of other "green" highlights:

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Mary-Kate Hospitalized, and More News Briefs

Mary-Kate Olsen by Alexandra Wyman/

Weeds lollipop Mary-Kate Olsen has been hospitalized with a kidney infection, People reports. What's shocking to me about this is that there's room in that little twig body for her to even have a kidney.... Former Veep Al Gore won the Founders Award yesterday at the International Emmy Awards, which also honored Death of a President, a British lightning rod about the assassination of Dubya.... Titan Publishing this month launches official magazines for CSI (out now), Heroes (streeting today) and Supernatural (next Tuesday).... Aw, now that's cool. Nicole Richie and father-to-be Joel Madden are said to be donating the gifts from their recent baby shower to 100 expectant families in need through their new free clinic. The couple will, however, keep the baby books that guests brought for Nicole's the baby's library.... Apparently not caring a bit how badly it scars Ausiello's psyche, SOAPnet will air an October Road marathon Saturday from noon to 7 pm/ET. — Ben Katner read more

I don't imagine Saturday ...

Question: I don't imagine Saturday Night Live is on your radar, but I'm still a big fan of the show and rarely miss it. (Thank heaven for my DVR, which allows me to record the show and zip past the lamer sketches and lousy musical guests.) The last couple of years I've noticed a trend that's starting to irk me, and I'll use last week's show with Brian Williams as an example. He was a terrific host. The first two sketches he appeared in were hilarious (as a firefighter with a spot-on "New Yawk" accent and an underwhelmed Publishers Clearing House winner), but the rest of the night he only played "himself." Admittedly, he got off a great one-liner in the sketch about the Democratic debate: "The media's decided we just like Hillary better," or words to that effect. But I've noticed that almost every week now, the guest host is reduced to playing him- or herself in a preponderance of the sketches. Perhaps this technique works when the host is a nonperformer (say, Al Gore or Derek Jeter), ... read more


The partyThe party in and of itself has to be one of 30 Rocks finest and most manic moments Lets just get that out of the wayWhat I loved most about the party is that after allllll the setup that with all of the rumoredsupposedabsolutely fabricated guests the brilliant writers of 30 Rock didnt event attempt to take us to the party in real time There was no way it could live up to the promise Nor did they just cut to Jack and his distressed hair and merely refer to the bash as being crazy Rather the way we only got fleeting almost Lost-like flashbacks to the insane bizarre freaky and at times completely out-of-character shenanigans was genius A veritable feast for comedy-lovers eyes and I would reckon one of the most replayed-on-TiVo segments of the TV season I myself watched it at least four times at varying speedsThat said nothing I can type here can begin to recap the party So let me just evoke a few images and then well move on with the rest of the re read more

Al Gore Rocks a Role on NBC Sitcom

Al Gore by Heidi Gutman/NBC Universal Photo

Is NBC's 30 Rock at risk of going the way of stunt-casting addict Will & Grace? A piece in USA Today reveals that in addition to Edie Falco's upcoming three-episode stint (first reported by, no less than former vice president Al Gore, Friends alum David Schwimmer (as an out-of-work actor, natch), Steve Buscemi (as a PI hired by Jack), Meredith Vieira and Carrie "I Now Guest-star for a Living" Fisher have been booked for appearances during Season 2. America's paper also reveals details on Falco's previously unspecified role: She's playing a Democratic congresswoman from New Hampshire who hooks up with... Jack?!As for 30 Rock's season-opener, airing tonight: as funny as it is — and it is funny — dare I opine that next week's episode, for me at least, was even more howl-worthy? Will Arnett slays me. read more

Al Gore, (Creative Achievement in Interactive Television)

Gotta give props to the first question. Positing the former vice president as someone who has weathered firestorms, the reporter asks what Britney Spears might learn from Gore. "I kinda figured the first question would be about Britney Spears," he played along, before eluding the topic like a seasoned politico. "My partner Joel Hyatt and I are just incredibly grateful to the Academy for this Emmy."If you thought had swept the country like wildfire, you ain't seen nothing yet. "We have other things in the works," Gore teases. "On Oct. 15, we're launching We use to connect with thousands of content creators, and then we put it on real TV in 52 million homes. But is the next step in state of the art." My goosebumps have goosebumps!Call me woefully unhip for not recognizing her or her shtick, but some old lady "correspondent" from The Tonight Show crashes the room and asks Gore if her cookie-baking negatively impacts the environment. Gore, ... read more

Live Emmy Blog

10:03: Seacrest asks Paulie Walnuts from The Sopranos to stop shanking the seat fillers. This is just sad.10:04: Hiro from Heroes is introducing Tom from MySpace. This show just gets odder and odder. A voiceover is telling us about pods. I think it's an ad for this Current website? Did I get that right? It's no Facebook, but it must be somethin', 'cause now Al Gore is on stage and getting a standing O. I'm not entirely sure anybody else knows what the hell is going on, either; they just like Al.10:07: Al's wife looks a lot like Jane Fonda, only without so much plastic surgery. Al looks sorta sweaty. How far away was he seated? Or was he a victim of the solar panels on the red carpet?10:07:30: Joely Fisher is pulling off pastel yellow. Not easy to do. But she's another victim of too much spray-on tanning. Brad Garrett compliments her dress by saying she "just made Charlie Sheen's to-do list." Why isn't he hosting this thing? Heck, why isn't she?10:09: Time for one of those random sor... read more

Short Cuts: Al Gore, Johnny Depp and Mario Lopez

On July 7, NBC Universal and its myriad stations (everything from NBC to Telemundo) will air Al Gore's Live Earth concerts, featuring Madonna, Kanye West, Shakira and about a bazillion other musical acts.... MTV is bringing back its acclaimed Unplugged series this summer with performances by the Police, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Mary J. Blige and John Mayer. Oh, dare I hope Jessica will join him on stage for a duet of "Your Body Is a Wonderland"?.... USA Network has bought the broadcast rights for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End for $28 million.... Angel exec producer David Greenwalt has been put in charge of the CBS drama Moonlight, about a private eye who... wait a second! A private eye who just happens to be a vampire? If he starts dating a slayer, Joss Whedon should so sue.... The CW has ordered up 13 episodes of Eight Days a Week, a new comedy from Will & Grace's Sean Hayes. In it, pop tart Christina Milian and Dancing with the Stars' Mario "I Was Robbed!" Lopez pla... read more

In Praise of the SNL Parody

Hello, all. It's been another great week for The Office and the Office drunk. I'm the redhead at the corner desk. Wild week. Not the typical Meredith-takes-her-top-off wild. Just interesting-and-jam-packed wild. The Office has now crossed a new threshold: An SNL parody! That is a milestone. Rainn Wilson hosted this past week and kicked some major ass. He is one of the most talented actors who I will ever work with. The Office sketch in the opening was pretty cool. Lorne Michaels was more like "Lorne Michaels Scott." No Meredith, but that's OK. (It could have been a guy in drag. I love drag, but I am sure it would have been subpar drag.) Anyway, as a comic actress who has had my own SNL "almost" story, I was really happy to see the Office opening. When I was in Chicago in 1991, I was touring with Second City and I did a show called The Miss Vagina Pageant (directed by Jill Soloway, a writer-producer from Six Feet Under) at the Annoyance Theater, and Lorne Michaels came to see it and ... read more

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