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Aisha Tyler Nabs Talk Show Pilot

Aisha Tyler

Actress-comedian Aisha Tyler has scored a talk show pilot on ABC, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Dubbed The Aisha Tyler Show, the youth-centric chatfest will be a hybrid of daytime and late-night talk show fare, and will feature ...
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Young Hollywood Awards Bring Hot Stars, Cool Scoop

Thomas Dekker by Jeffrey Mayer/

"It takes a special kind of person to be part of young Hollywood," host Aisha Tyler told the audience at Hollywood Life's 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, before rattling off the undergarmentless achievements of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and friends. But at Avalon nightclub, the young ones honored were far from the scandalous kind. Chris O'Donnell, America Ferrera, J.J. Abrams and more took center stage to honor those on the cusp of breaking through, purely on the basis of their talent. TV Guide caught up with Thomas Dekker on the red carpet, who, despite sweltering conditions, was the epitome of cool. And for good reason — Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are back this fall, bigger than ever. "I'm so excited. We're going to have to crank [the episodes] out pretty quick because we're going on in October." Viewers can look forward to an action-packed 13 episodes. "A lot of very dark twists immediately take place right at the beginning," teases Dekker.... read more

Although I know Ghost ...

Question: Although I know Ghost Whisperer is not a stellar show and gets pretty sappy at the end of each episode, my husband and I used to enjoy watching it every week. When Camryn Manheim joined the show, I admit that my interest really waned. I never cared for her on The Practice and do not see what value she has added to the show. I loved the character of Andrea and thought Aisha Tylor played her beautifully. Do you think the show's ratings will suffer with the addition of Camryn and the loss of Aisha? Answer: It doesn't appear to have hurt the show much. From what I can tell, it's still doing fine, and seems to be the right show at the right time on the right night. (Not that I'm watching, for a variety of reasons — some logistical, some critical.) But it's fair to say that the outcry when Andrea was written off the show was pretty sizable, at least in my mailbag. She's clearly missed, and I wish I had an opinion of how Camryn Manheim is doing as the new sidekick. I loved her feisty ... read more

At the Movies: Clooney's Ready for Some Football

In his most commercial directorial effort to date, George Clooney will helm and star in Leatherheads, a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of pro football's formation in the 1920s. Renée Zellweger is in talks to costar.... Also per Variety: Brittany Murphy is The Ramen Girl in a romantic comedy about an American woman, stranded in Tokyo, who trains under a master noodle chef.... Per the Hollywood Reporter, Ghost Whisperer's Aisha Tyler will play a homicide detective in Death Sentence, a vigilante drama starring Kevin Bacon. read more

Will Ghost Whisperer bring ...

Question: Will Ghost Whisperer bring back Aisha Tyler to the show next season? The producer did not answer the question in a direct manner in the TV Guide interview. Answer: If they're being coy, maybe they don't want you to know for sure. Seems to me that you might see her as a ghost again, all things considered (this is a show about a ghost whisperer, after all). But as Michael Ausiello has reported, they are seeking a new confidante for Jennifer Love Hewitt, so it sounds like if Aisha Tyler is back at all, it probably won't be for long. Besides, isn't it better to let sleeping friends lie? ... read more

Why would Ghost Whisperer ...

Question: Why would Ghost Whisperer consider Camryn Manheim as a replacement for Aisha Tyler? There must be someone else that would be a better choice. Anyone else would be a better choice!

Answer: Well, you're in luck, because I'm hearing a deal couldn't be worked out and producers are now looking at other actresses for the sidekick role. They're also searching for a 14-year-old girl to play the new character's daughter. BTW, rumors of Aisha's exit from GW may have been greatly exaggerated. I know for a fact she'll appear heavily in the season premiere, both in flashbacks and as a present-day spirit.

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What's the latest on Aisha ...

Question: What's the latest on Aisha Tyler staying/leaving Ghost Whisperer?

Answer: The latest is it's not looking good. Producers are bringing in a new confidante for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and word has it The Practice's Camryn Manheim has the inside track.

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I thoroughly enjoy your ...

Question: I thoroughly enjoy your column, and most times I even agree with you. But can you please explain to me what happened to Ghost Whisperer? I love the show and never miss an episode, but it's getting to be too much like Tru Calling now — moving to the good-vs.-evil battle. There are always souls to help cross over without having to go in that direction. I'm also appalled that they "killed off" Melinda's antique-store partner, Andrea! What were they thinking? Answer: I haven't really kept up with this show, but according to Ask Ausiello, just because Andrea (Aisha Tyler) is dead, that doesn't mean that's the last you'll see or hear of her. This is, after all, Ghost Whisperer. As for the darker direction the show may be taking, I imagine the producers are trying to vary the tone so it doesn't always come off so much like Touched by a Medium. Overarching conflicts and intrigues help fuel a show for the long run. But I would be surprised if it got too dark. Look what happened to Joan read more

Is Aisha Tyler off Ghost ...

Question: Is Aisha Tyler off Ghost Whisperer? Her character, Andrea, died in the finale!

Answer: Exec producer Ian Sander says, "If you think you know what's happening next season — think again. With Ghost Whisperer, the possibilities are endless." Aisha's personal publicist, meanwhile, assures me that her client has not been fired. "It's the nature of the show to be mysterious and deal with unique viewpoints," says the rep. "And obviously, it deals with spiritual issues. It may appear one way, but it may or may not be the case." Sounds like Ghost Whisperer may be veering into Touched by an Angel territory next year.

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I'm new here and I like ...

Question: I'm new here and I like Smurfs, so be gentle: Any information on Ghost Whisperer?

Answer: Hey, there's no shame in liking Ghost Whisperer. The shame would be in watching it live every Friday night instead of FauxVoing it and going out. That would be really embarrassing. In any event, there's tons happening in the April 7 episode, beginning with the arrival of Duane Martin (All of Us) as a love interest for Aisha Tyler's Andrea. He plays a high-school teacher who dabbles in spoken-word poetry. Also, Jennifer Love Hewitt's TV mom, Anne Archer, returns when Melinda takes a spill and winds up in a coma. When she comes to, she discovers that she can no longer see dead people and fears that she has lost the gift forever.

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