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Woody Allen Roasts Diane Keaton as She Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
01:28 — Woody Allen took some jabs at Diane Keaton as she received the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Thursday night. Keaton dated Allen in the 1970s and star (more…)
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals He Would Marry Diane Keaton
03:34 — Diane talks about the various men that came to her AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony including Al Pacino, Steve Martin and Woody Allen, and Jimm (more…)
Diane Keaton Reveals Celebrities Who Aren’t Her Friends
01:57 — Diane talks about receiving the AFI Life Achievement Award and lists the people that came to celebrate her who she isn’t actually friends with.
Watch Heath Ledger Plant a Kiss on an Overly Excited Fan in this Hilarious 2006 Video
01:13 — Heath Ledger surprises his biggest fan with a kiss in hilarious 2006 flashback video from the AFI Awards.
Mark Wahlberg Felt Pressure To Honor Victims With Boston Bombing Film
00:48 — Mark Wahlberg has opened up about the pressure of making his new film based on the Boston Marathon bombing, Patriots Day, saying he feels an obligatio (more…)
Harold And Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story - Trailer
02:19 — HAROLD AND LILLIAN: A HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY spans the Golden Age of Hollywood through New Hollywood and beyond. It’s a portrait of a time, and an intim (more…)
The Face Hole On Hollywood Blvd.
05:34 — Watch "The Facehole" as it is tested out on Hollywood Blvd. #FaceHole
Milla Jovovich Punched Husband/Resident Evil Director in the Face
03:04 — Milla talks about meeting her husband during the making of the Resident Evil films and recalls accidentally punching him in the face during the making (more…)
Don't Call Matthew McConaughey "Matt"
01:11 — Matthew explains why he’s never been able to go by the name “Matt.”
Fan Asks Matthew McConaughey a Question
02:04 — A pedestrian on Hollywood Blvd. asks Matthew a question via the #FaceHole.
Fan Asks Milla Jovovich a Question
02:29 — A pedestrian on Hollywood Blvd. asks Milla a question via the #FaceHole.
The Americanos Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana & Nicky Jam Perform "In My Foreign"
02:52 — The Americanos featuring Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana & Nicky Jam Perform "In My Foreign" on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Milla Jovovich On Working With Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused
02:17 — Milla recalls being in the movie Dazed and Confused when she was just 15 and talks about all the fun they had on the set of the film.
Matthew McConaughey On New Movie Gold
02:17 — Matthew talks about the making of his new movie Gold and he reveals which scene they had to shoot last.
Matthew McConaughey Loved Gaining Weight for New Movie Gold
04:17 — Matthew talks about the weight he had to put on for his role in the movie Gold and explains why he got into a cobra pit while in Thailand.
Jimmy Kimmel Received Horrifying Book for His Daughter
02:47 — Jimmy explains the story behind a horrifying children’s book that our talent booker Joanna got for his two-and-a-half-year-old daughter.
AFI Performs "Snow Cats"
03:20 — AFI Performs "Snow Cats" on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Butter Lamp
15:00 — A photographer and his assistant capture family portraits of the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village.BUTTER LAMP has received 70 prestigious film (more…)
Butter Lamp
15:00 — A photographer and his assistant capture family portraits of the inhabitants of a remote Tibetan village.BUTTER LAMP has received 70 prestigious film (more…)
Sarah Silverman Roasts Mel Brooks at AFI Tribute
00:24 — Comedy legend Mel Brooks was the toast of the town once again during a black-tie gala held in Hollywood June 6 by the American Film Institute, and the (more…)
JGL: Day-Lewis Is Unlike Anything I've Ever Seen
04:10 — With Oscar buzz already kicking in for Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln", ET spoke to the film's stars at (more…)
Stars Honor 'Timeless Beauty' Jane Fonda at AFI Lifetime Achievement Tribute
02:27 — After a career spanning six decades, 76-year-old Jane Fonda is still delivering some of the best performances in some of the hottest projects in Holly (more…)
David O. Russell Talks 'American Hustle'
02:16 — David O. Russell, director of such acclaimed films as Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, The Fighter, Silver Linings Playbook, and now American Hustle, w (more…)
Tom Hanks Saving Mr. Banks AFI Film Fest
07:03 — Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, and more stars from the upcoming film Saving Mr. Banks showed up to the AFI Fest screening of the movie in Hollywood, to tal (more…)
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