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A Hot, Hot Situation
02:04 — Adrienne Maloof is determined to go to the last Sacramento Kings game of the season despite it being a very volatile situation for her.
Camille's Big Disappointment
00:15 — Camille Grammer returns and she isn't holding anything back!
Brandi Glanville Versus Kyle Richards
01:30 — Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville get into a very heated discussion about parenting skills.
Struggling to Be Close Again
03:13 — Kyle Richards is packing to move, but has she moved on from the Kim drama?
Not Masquerading As a Friend
01:09 — Kyle Ricahrds speaks to Lisa VanderPump about Taylor Armstrong.
Things Get Heated in Beverly Hills
00:36 — A million dollar wedding and Kim Richards gets threatened.
Fighting With the Wedding Planner
01:49 — Lisa VanderPump wants the wedding planner to execute her vision or she will execute the wedding planner.
Engagement Party With a 'Commune' Bed
01:19 — Lisa VanderPump's friend plans to throw her daughter an engagement party and offers a 'commune' bed in case guests get tired.
The Eyes Are Rollin'
01:09 — The ladies, especially Kyle Richards, are a little taken aback by the 'balls to the wall' attitude of Brandi Glanville.
Brandi Better Watch Her Step!
00:33 — Brandi Glanville gets a warning from Kyle Richards and Kim Richards about what she says.
An Over-the-Top Engagement Party and a Showdown
00:42 — Lisa VanderPump prepares for an extravagant engagement party and Kyle Richards prepares for another showdown with Brandi Glanville.
Scraping the Barnacles Off a Man's Back
01:41 — Camille Grammer discusses taking on the task of manscaping much to the chagrin of Kim Richards.
Washing Food to the Extreme
00:15 — Adrienne Maloof really wants her food sanitized.
Feathers Are Ruffled
01:29 — The ladies meet Brandi Glanville and Lisa VanderPump's feathers are ruffled at the sight of her.
Beverly Hills Is Bringing the Party
00:20 — This will not be a typical Beverly Hills engagement party and Kim Richards goes public with a secret.
What Is the Big Secret?
02:32 — Kim Richards surprises her sister, Kyle Richards with the news that she's moving. Check out how Kyle reacts to the change.
The Beverly Hills Housewives Return
00:30 — The housewives return and they are not holding anything back!
Return of the Bickersons
07:20 — Adrienne Maloof just wants to make a toast at dinner, but her husband Paul has a few interjections.
There's a New Face in Beverly Hills
00:34 — Tension runs high when Brandi Glanville is introduced to the ladies.
No Expense Spared
02:07 — Lisa VanderPump's daughter's engagement party is nothing short of spectacular.
Paul's Instructions While Adrienne's Away
01:44 — Adrienne Maloof prepares to leave for a few days and really wants to give instructions to her husband.
Game On Giggy!
00:15 — Giggy isn't the only pooch in Bevely Hills anymore!
What Danger?
01:57 — Though Adrienne Maloof might be in danger, Kim Richards doesn't appear phased by it.
Not a Fan of Brandi Glanville
02:19 — Adrienne Maloof asks Kyle Richards what she thought of Brandi Glanville and Kyle gives her honest opinion.
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