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A Day Out With Unforgettable's Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh

Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh

Poppy Montgomery and Dylan Walsh are good sports. By the time the leads of CBS' new hit procedural Unforgettable arrive to scope out a late-afternoon Mets batting practice at Citi Field, they've already been filming since 9am — and when the MLB team takes the field later that evening for a home game, they'll be long gone, back to work at the show's nearby Queens studio. Luckily, those demanding days are paying off: The drama about a woman who uses her superhuman memory to help her cop ex-boyfriend solve crimes premiered last month to 14 million viewers, and the TV vets playing Carrie Wells and Al Burns are determined to keep knocking it out of the park — while cracking each other up in the process.

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Art Imitates Life: Without a Trace Stars Prepare for Baby

Adam Kaufman and Poppy Montgomery, Without a Trace

Poppy Montgomery, the very pregnant actress from Without a Trace (Thursdays, 10 pm/ET, CBS), is trying to remember if she's ever changed a diaper. "Let me think…. I don't know. Adam, have I ever changed a diaper?" Adam is actor Adam Kaufman, the father of Montgomery's son-to-be and, for the moment, Montgomery's surrogate brain. "Poppy's been having some memory issues," Kaufman says with a laugh. "Sometimes she tells the same story three times." He gives Montgomery a playful nuzzle. The couple are sitting on a jumbo couch in their gorgeous, sun-drenched living room in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades. Montgomery sighs, rubbing her Buddha belly. "OK, go ahead," she says. "Tell TV Guide about the candy." "I find random, half-eaten bags of M&Ms all over th read more

What's Next for Trace's Samantha?

Poppy Montgomery

Why is Poppy Montgomery smiling? For starters, Without a Trace is now in its fourth season (Thursdays at 10 pm/ET on CBS) and consistently placing in the Top 5 on the ratings chart. But that's far from the only exciting thing going on in her life. TV Guide spoke with the cheeky Australian beauty about her on-screen loves, her real-life romance and her hot holiday movie, Snow Wonder. TV Guide: What's happening this season with Samantha Spade and the men in her life? Poppy Montgomery: We haven't resolved the situation with Samantha and Martin (Eric Close) or Samantha and Jack (Anthony LaPaglia read more

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