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Sneak Peek: Is Zelena Blinded by Hades?
01:30 — She came to tell everyone Hades has changed.
The Heroes Escape the Underworld
01:14 — They make it out through the portal.
Hades Leaves the Underworld
00:50 — He and Zelena go through the portal.
Gold's Kiss Fails
01:32 — He kisses a sleeping Belle, but she doesn't wake.
Pan Meets His Fate
01:29 — Villains don't get happy endings, papa.
Emma & Hook Say Goodbye
02:48 — He never planned to go back with her.
Cruella's Plan
02:10 — The Underworld will need a new ruler.
Hades Makes a Shocking Choice
01:02 — He decides to follow his heart and rips up the contract.
Hades Needs Emma's Help
02:21 — He makes a deal with the savior.
Cora Moves On
03:41 — After bringing Regina and Zelena together, she's ready.
David Defeats James
02:44 — He battles his twin brother.
Hook Helps Cora Escape
01:30 — He's her fairy godmother.
Cora Restores Memories
03:30 — She makes things right with her family.
Cora's Unfinished Business
02:30 — She apologizes to Zelena.
Regina & Zelena Get Separated
01:59 — Their mother wipes away their memories.
David vs. James
01:49 — James seeks revenge on his twin in the Underworld.
Will Zelena Accept Hades' Proposal?
02:31 — He tells Zelena he wants a future with her.
Zelena Surrenders the Slippers
01:23 — Regina persuades her to hand over the slippers.
Will Zelena Help Belle?
02:14 — Belle asks Zelena to help her with Hades.
Ruby Breaks the Curse
02:27 — She wakes Dorothy with true love's kiss.
Ruby Opens up to Dorothy
02:36 — The two bond over their pasts.
Ruby Has Feelings for Dorothy
01:58 — She confides in Mulan about her feelings.
Hades Destroys Auntie Em
02:16 — He stops her before she can help the heroes.
Ruby and Mulan Meet Dorothy
02:13 — Toto only barks when he’s sniffed out a witch.
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