"Saturday Night Live" Introduces Three New Cast Members
'Saturday Night Live' is welcoming three new members to its cast. Cecily Strong, Tim Robinson and Aidy Bryant, all from Chicago's famed Second City co (more…)
Mrs. Attebury Throws Her Husband a Birthday Party
04:23 — Mrs. Attebury throws her husband a birthday party, inappropriately perpetuating Persian stereotypes on a party-goer with her friend.
Weekend Update: Headlines from Nov 14, 1992
08:13 — Kevin Nealon reports on Clinton winning the '92 presidential election, Socks the cat and more. Hank Fielding stops by to give the moron's perspective.
Iron Chef American Bachelor Chef
05:31 — Judges are hilariously dubbed as the American Bachelor Chef takes on Mashihoro Korimoto in a cooking battle featuring shark heads.
Captain Jim and Pedro: Double Date
05:42 — A father sits down with two seafarers, Captain Jim and Pedro, to ask them some questions before letting them take his daughters out for a double date.
Celebrity Poker Showdown
05:30 — Hosts Kevin Pollak and Phil Gordon welcome Carrot Top, Geraldo Rivera, Tammy Faye Bakker and Gene Shalit to Celebrity Poker Showdown.
Christmas Treat: Snowglobe
03:48 — Christmas Treat - Snowglobe
Hotel Meeting
04:43 — Hoping to receive a higher star-rating, a hotel manager calls a staff meeting to ask for his employees' help in improving the hotel's image.
Channel 9 News Morning Edition
04:54 — After having their chairs stolen, two news anchors read the news on their knees, then run into a series of embarrassing technical difficulties.
The Chris Farley Show: Paul McCartney
05:33 — Host Chris Farley welcomes rock legend Paul McCartney to his talk show, and nervously asks if McCartney remembers specifics from his past.
Biography: Tiger Woods
04:28 — Biography's Jack Perkins takes a look into the life of Tiger Woods and the influences of Earl Woods that made his son a champion golfer.
She Turned Into Her Mother!!
05:01 — In this horror movie parody, a man becomes frightened when his wife begins to transform into her mother.
Hardball: the U.S. and China
04:57 — Hardball's Chris Matthews asks guests Molly Ivins and Bob Barr about the tensions between the U.S. and China while insulting the cheery Paul Begala.
Hot Air Balloon Mystery Theater
04:07 — The Professor reviews the evidence that proves that one of the passengers murdered Judge Berlingson... and is still in the hot air balloon.
Rafael Alonzo's I.T.F. Technical Computer Institute
01:52 — A spokesperson promotes his computer school, where students can learn all types of computer skills like "computer password" and "computer e-mail."
Sean Penn's Celebrity Roast
07:06 — On Sean Penn's Celebrity Roast, roast master Sean Penn welcomes celebrities like Bernie Mac, Owen Wilson and more to honor Clint Eastwood.
Piercing Today
05:38 — On "Piercing Today," host Dana Frilig welcomes a lesbian couple chained together through nose piercings, and Viper, the human pin cushion.
Battle of the Sexes II
04:47 — Billie Jean King announces the Battle of the Sexes II, challenging Andy Roddick to a tennis match and never giving up during her humiliating defeat.
Arthur Anderson
01:51 — A spokesperson for Arthur Anderson announces that the accounting firm now offers their corporate expertise and shady tactics to small business owners.
Jane Eyre
04:27 — In a production of Jane Eyre, the plain-looking Jane continuously interrupts the mysterious Mr. Rochester while he attends to "business" in the attic.
Bloater Brothers at a Hotel Bar
05:02 — The Bloater Brothers hit on a barfly in town for a realtor's convention, but they run out of jokes when she actually shows some interest.
Barbara Walters Hunts for Monica Lewinsky, Part 3
01:47 — Barbara Walters runs into an irate Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Tracy Morgan while searching for Monica Lewinsky backstage at SNL.
Lou Gehrig: Luckiest Man
01:17 — In "Great Moments in Yankee History," Lou Gehrig addresses the crowd about his disease and says that they may not understand his point of view.
Time-Life's Valentine's Day Arguments Video Collection
02:52 — Time-Life introduces a video collection that lets single people experience all the classic arguments they'll be will be missing out on this Valentine' (more…)
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