"Early Release"

Tonights Earl definitely delivered Last week we saw the warden shred Earls time-off certificates bad move In one of the best showings of the ensemble cast so far this season the entire crew got in on a plan to break Earl out the prison weve patiently watched him languish in for months And it couldnt have been funnier To start things off Earl was thrown into solitary after confronting the warden A clever montage followed my favorite part being Earls participation in various prison activities while in a smaller portable solitary confinement box After being brought back into the prisoner barracks with the warden assuming Earl would play ball he instead begins plotting his breakout along with Randy Paco and the hilariously inept Frank With that crew Im surprised the plan to spring Earl was so clever But come to think of it all the daring and cleverness was actually pulled off by Joy and Darnell with a little help early on from Catalina That scene where t read more

"Burn Victim"

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving It was somewhat of a blessing that there was no new Earl last week I was definitely in the middle of a good nap at the time Thankfully there was nothing at all drowsy about tonights episode Once again Earl has the opportunity to shave time off of his sentence by coming to the aid of the warden However this was for all the marbles his last six months are to be wiped away give or take ten days All he needs to do is successfully implement a convict-victim reconciliation program originally ill-conceived by the warden as a face-to-face fight opportunity Two men enter one man leaves While it seems easy enough Earl has his hands full with John the Artist Clevinger and his parents the mother being played by Connie Ray whom I always associate with my days of watching reruns of Torkelsons on The Disney Channel I have to say though that my favorite part involving the parents was Darnell convincing them to meet th read more

"Midnight Bun"

Tonights continuation episode was well worth the wait pulling out all the stops in the laugh department What better way to get the ball rolling than having that tongue-in-cheek action-packed recap bring us back up to speed It kind of reminded me of all those internet movie trailer mash-ups that are so plentiful these days but of course with much better editing What followed was one of the most rapid-fire Earl episodes Ive seen in a while hitting all the right nuances of the plot cramming it with humor and not wasting a second If I had an MVP award to hand out it would undoubtedly go to Ethan Suplee Its interesting that Randy the simpleton of the bunch somehow consistently emerges as the most multi-faceted character of the show Last week we saw his vindictive side and this time he showed a sad introspective side I couldnt help finding the crying Im-not-good-at-anything scene quite touching albeit in a funny this-is-a-comedy-show kind of way Im glad that read more

"Randy in Charge (Of Our Days and Our Nights)"

So instead of a one-hour special this week were treated to some tried-and-true to-be-continued fare Theres a reason why comedies have historically been kept to a half hour while dramas get the hour-long treatment those are the formats in which each work best This episodes storyline probably had enough substance to hold up in an extended form unlike last weeks but isnt it more fun to have a little suspenseThe prison warden Craig T Nelson was up to it again tonight offering Earl a five-weeks-off certificate in exchange for organizing a scared straight event at a local school Of course Earls up for the challenge and begins holding inmate auditions But when he hurts Randys pride trying to protect him his bumbling brother begins to make things difficult by exacting revenge in an effort to prove hes top dogI say good for Randy Hes definitely been playing it a little smarter recently maybe due to Joys coaching earlier this season and he mor read more

"Our Other Cops Is On!"

After last weeks episode got down to some serious karma business I had high hopes for this one Personally though this one left a little to be desired as we were treated to another flashback gimmick episode Not even a year ago Our Cops Is On aired which was hysterical while providing great insight into the characters Our Other Cops Is On runs twice as long with half the appealKathy Kinney and Mike OMalley were back as the stars of another fictional episode of Cops along with Billy Gardell who you might remember from OMalleys Yes Dear years They try to keep the peace at the local Fourth of July carnival but are no match for Earl Randy and the rest of the gangs criminal behavior Eventually they get their hands on 50000 worth of Homeland Security equipment the cops showcase at the carnivalThere were all sorts of 911 and terrorism jokes right from the get-go Im usually all for pushing the envelope but when dealing with a topic that is serious for many p read more

"Creative Writing"

Well it looks like Im eating my words like a tasty dinner at the Crab Shack I got my hands on some bad information last week regarding tonights episode and passed it on to you My apologiesBut what better surprise could there be than this awesome episode Its amazing how far this show can go outside the box while working 100 percent perfectly Tonight Earl struggled to find his voice in a jailhouse creative-writing class while every character took turns at churning out their own hilarious short storiesAnd speaking of voices how about the pipes on Darnell If he had a CD out Id be first in line Oh wait look what I found Of course we all know how talented Eddie Steeples is but who knew Crab Man could put paper to pad and spin a creative yarn complete with lyrics Darnell might have the biggest heart out of everyone in the show I just didnt know he felt so strongly for crustaceansCatalinas tale was a humorous take on the Spanish-language telenovela format T read more

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