Wade Williams

Wade Williams, Prison Break: A Heroic Demise

Wade Williams, Prison Break

In his latest TVGuide.com celebrity blog, Wade Williams (aka Bellick) talks about the shocking death of a major character in the Nov. 3 episode "Greatness Achieved." Do not click inside until you have watched the episode, lest you be spoiled on the original cast member who was killed off. read more

Strike Talk, and Reader Questions Answered!

We just finished shooting the last script written before the writers strike began. Now we are on vacation/hold/hiatus/looking for a gig while the writers and producers hopefully bang out a deal sooner rather than later. My instinct is that this strike could go on for a while — the stakes are high and the players are dug in. I'm just gonna save my dough and hopefully get a gig in the mean time. We'll see what the future brings. It's not time to worry yet.The production is completely shut down here . Most of the cast in PB have given up their apartments here in Dallas and moved back to L.A. The over- 200 member crew of Prison Break is out of work, as well. Nice timing for the holidays huh? It's hard for everyone. We all want to continue working on PB but we can't just wait around hoping for the strike to end and turn down other work. I think everybody is in "hope for the best, prepare for the worst" mode, taking work if it comes our way and saving the greenbacks. Since our daug... read more

Talking Tighty-whities and Tiger Pants

Splash, right back into the breach as we dive into the worst possible prison: Sona. The sick, twisted writers once again have conjured a fantastically frigged-up storyline that will rocket us through what so far is a wicked Season 3. I think this year may be our best season yet. Yet again it is proved true that no character is sacred on this show, except for, of course, Michael and Lincoln. Bellick's still alive... and I still got a job!So far the themes for Bellick in Season 3 have been "tighty-whities" and Tiger pants. I spent a month walking around set in my grunds... covered with dirt and dried movie blood, sweating my bare ass off in the 105-degree Texas sun. Then the writers put me in MC Hammer tiger pants with a nasty short T-shirt. If I hear one more, "They're gr-r-rreat!" or tiger growl, I'm gonna go postal. The whole tighty-whitey thing was the writer's riff on an idea I had in the last episode of Season 2. There is a scene where Michael is walking down the hallway in Sona... read more

It's a Wrap

I wrapped for Season 2 of Prison Break on Wednesday, March 7 — a bittersweet day. It has been a challenging and rewarding season for me. I love making film and television because it is truly a collaborative art. It takes the combined talents of the crew, writers, actors, directors, assistant directors and producers to get a show completed on such a tight schedule. I am proud to be a part of a great team. The crew here in Dallas really stepped up to the plate and hit one out of the park. The quality you see on the screen is largely due to their efforts. We still haven't heard officially that there is going to be a Season 3 of PB, or where it will be shot. As for Bellick and Wade, one thing for certain is nothing's for certain. The best thing about being an actor is you get a lot of time off. The worst thing about being an actor is you get a lot of time off.In Season 2, Dallas, Texas, and the weather held the starring role. If I were to pick a better climate, I'd pick [Season 1's... read more

We're Back!

When I read that Steadman blew his head off, I was totally surprised! That's what I love about Prison Break [Mondays at 8 pm/ET, on Fox] — I can never guess what's gonna happen next.As for Bellick, he's in for a rude awakening. Ouch!It seems like nothing is the way it seems on this show. Both Kellerman and Mahone are two-faced, so which face is gonna look at you next? The only "good" guys left are the Brothers, Sucre and C-Note. They are running for love and family. I ain't even gonna talk about T-Bag — what's he running for?The scripts continue to be page-turners full of unexpected twists and turns. We are shooting Episode 219 — that's five episodes ahead of what's airing — and we're dealing with the Texas weather's twists and turns. It doesn't get as cold as Chicago, but we have had some sleet and ice. Makes for some cold and frosty days on location. Even the threat of ice or snow shuts Dallas down. They close the schools here over a bad weather report!Rumors a... read more

Follow Your Bliss

Happy holidays, everyone.The tides have changed for jailbird Brad Bellick. May the circle be unbroken. I wonder how long an ex ass-guard is gonna last in the Big House. Don't pick up the soap. Again we're off for hiatus, but this time we'll be back much earlier, with a recap [airing] Jan. 22! Then new episodes begin Jan. 29. We're still shooting here in Dallas — we've got two weeks off for the holidays, then back to work in early January — so we didn't get the three-month break this time. I think it'll be better for everyone. It's nice to gain a little anticipation with a hiatus, but three months was ridiculous! This is a little more like it.I thought [the fall finale] was a great episode. Surprises galore, turncoats, reversals of fortune... a lot like politics these days!I'm loving what the writers are giving Bellick this year. He's gotten to travel from the depths of despair to being $5 million richer to being put into his worst nightmare — back in gen pop in the p... read more

R.I.P., Roy Geary

Roy Geary is dead, gutted and bled out. At least he was happy before he died. A Cleveland what? I'm going to miss Matt DeCaro. We became good friends. I think we made a good team, too. He's a fine actor, very well-respected and renowned in Chicago theater. He's up for a Jeff Award (the Chicago TONY) this year for best actor; I hope he wins it. He was convinced the bigwigs at Fox were killing him off so they could develop a new TV series for Geary and Bellick. No one's been phoning my people about that! Not a bad idea, though! Bellick's still kicking... but for how long? Everything's ramping up and we're getting ready to launch the story into limbo for the holiday hiatus. Rumors are flying about the date we'll return. I've got to tell you, the new scripts are blowing me away, with plot twists and revelations I never expected. Holy moly!Been very busy in the best ways recently.... My family and I went to Chicago and saw Stacy Keach play King Lear in a wonderful production at the Good... read more

Season 2, Baseball Hiatus

Tweener's dead, the Governor's dead, and we're off the air for three weeks.... Who's next on the list? It's sad to say goodbye to Tweener, aka Lane Garrison. We'll miss him; he was a great character on and off the set. Goodbye to the fantastic John Heard (Governor Tancredi) as well. Both died well.The plot thickens... and I ain't talkin'.Here are some answers to your questions in the comments:Dom and Went went to Europe this week to do press. Maybe some of you saw them over there.The "fries in the shake" is a Bellick thing. As fat as I am, FFs aren't to blame. I do like chocolate malts though!Pretty actors. Hopefully you weren't referring to me.... More on this later.Season 2 is in production until late February/early March 2007. They're already talking about a third season, but I ain't talkin'.The tattoo hasn't disappeared. It's still very much apart of the plot, although Scofield has to keep it hidden so as not to be recognized.Hopefully Bellick will sing a tune or two, although ... read more

Season 2, Week 6

Hi everyone. Thanks again for the comments. Since Prison Break has been such a success, many people I've met have been interested in what it's like to be an actor. They are asking me how I got started, what I've done and what it's like to works as an actor. I thought you might be interested, too.I have come to believe in something I call "Destiny." There are many other names for it. In "Destiny" I mean there are certain events that seem unrelated that have drawn me toward and to: where/who/what I am today. I have learned that I should never make plans because my plans rarely if ever work out and the plans that Destiny chooses for me are much more interesting and fulfilling than any that I can come up with. Serendipity's a good name for it, too.I never wanted to be an actor. It's not something I consciously decided to be. I always envied people who knew what they wanted to do when they where ten! Not my story. I was interested in everything. I always loved to pretend, or as my paren... read more

Season 2, Week 5

The weather's cooling down here in Dallas, and Bellick is chillin' out, zip-tied to a pipe in a shack with fat-ass Roy Geary. At least Bellick got some expensive but well-deserved love along the way. You gotta hand it to Bellick and Geary -- they were the first ones to bag the brothers. So much for the new smart guy, Mahone. It ain't over till it's over, pill-popper. We lost another fantastic character and character actor in John Abruzzi and Peter Stormare last week. They went out like Sonny Corleone. We'll miss Peter. He's off doing movies. Seems everyone that's croaked so far has gone off to the Great Film Career in the sky! That's a pretty sweet afterlife. Best of luck!So who's next?It's been nice reading your responses to the first post. Thanks for those. I read that some of you questioned whether I was "tongue in cheek" or "pixyish." (Is that a word?) Just to clear things up: Humor is something I lack. "Irony" is a word I can't stand; everything I write should be taken as undis... read more

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