The Real Deal

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." — Herman MelvilleGenuine Imitation I have had my identity stolen at least once that I know of — and by identity theft I am not referring to all those girls who try to copy my outfits daily. (That's just a lifelong pledge I've accepted to help others improve their poor style choices. A sort of fashion outreach.) No. This was an older, heavy-set white woman in Podunk, Texas, who purchased a whole lotta gawd-knows-what, totaling about $150 in Walmart and then went to Payless to buy shoes. Thrifty thief, huh? I'd like to imagine that she was putting together a pageant outfit for her teen daughter who desperately wanted a college scholarship and was gonna win it by twirling and modeling her magenta sateen pantsuit bought with this fraudulent transaction. This thief had gotten a hold of some checkbook carbons from a long dissolved checking account that I had in high school, at a bank that had been closed for ... read more

Of Gambling, Radio, and a New Season

"You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Wayne GretzkyGambling I'm in Vegas for the day. On someone else's dime. I think that's the best way to gamble. I say that and have not spent a dime in a casino. I figure my job is enough of a gamble, why decrease my chances? The odds are always with the house. I took a trip with one of my best friends who had to come for work today. She works and I sit in the fancy hotel with terrible Internet connection re-typing (and rethinking) my post. The readers and viewers of the show have been so supportive, I wanted to write something really positive and uplifting — possibly deliver some good news about the show. The reality: I still know nothing. I have heard the same speculation you guys have. Possibly a little more, possibly a little less. I am always in awe of people's ability to find so much information online. It's good but it's also a little creepy. By the time this piece is posted there may already be an answer about the f... read more

Of Sexy Stars, Dirty Socks and Cheaters

"Wanna fly, you got to give up the s--t that weights you down." — Toni Morrison Packing The last day of filming for Reaper is scheduled to be this morning. As I type this, my co-workers finish out the last few shots of our final episode for the season. I was wrapped a week and a half ago. I packed up lots of the last 9 months or so of my life and toted it home with me on the plane from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Valuable lesson learned: I really need to learn to pack lighter. Existentially and literally. My bags are heavy and unpacking sucks almost as much as packing. Stuff that was too big to carry and should be shipped was left behind in my B.C. apartment. It will wait in the apartment that I have paid up until mid-June. We should hear if the series is picked up in the next two weeks. If the show is picked up, the actors then have to wait until mid- June to hear if we will be picked up individually for the next season. So much uncertainty. The whole undertakin... read more

Reaper: The Music Video

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. ~Dr. Seuss Act NaturalThis week I decided to make a "home video" of the cast and crew for my own memories as well as a competition on my friend Cash Warren’s website (www. IBeatyou.com). As we near the end of production for our first season of Reaper, I realize that it would be nice to have video of the people I have gotten to know so well over the last nine months.The show has not yet been picked up for season two and we have no real indication if it will be. We will find out when you guys do. (Hope that answered Stinger97’s question. Thanks for the support.)We learn to live with a lot of uncertainty in this business. Many people don't plan vacations so that they can stay home and wait for the phone to ring. I have learned that life always goes on and the phone can ring while I'm on a beach in Fiji. The ChallengeThere is a best group lip-dub competition on IbeatYou.... read more

Almost Famous

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." — Judy GarlandAlmost Famous I've spent the last few days recovering from my week-long trip back to Los Angeles. Traveling takes a lot out of me — probably the same for most people these days. When you work on a series that films in another city/country, you end up with tons of things that pile up waiting to be resolved when you finally return home for a brief period. This is largely the reason that so many celebrities have assistants. That and the fact that it now becomes an issue to even go to the grocery store. Two of my best girlfriends (and my surrogate family in Los Angeles), Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes, are pretty famous these days. I returned to L.A. for Jessica's baby shower last Saturday and I was thrown by the whole pre-shower lead-in. We were couriered invites (mine had to be Fedexed to Vancouver) with a "save the date" card – neither name of honoree nor locati... read more

Naked People Have Little Influence on Society

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." — Mark TwainClothing sometimes does make the man/woman/ superhero.Don't you have an outfit or jacket that make you feel like you own the world? You are winning the game before you ever set foot in the stadium if your outfit is right. Certain clothes make you feel a certain way.Same thing happens on the days when it is wrong. Ever had one of those "not so cute" days? You know, the ones when no matter what you wear nothing feels right? It happens to the best of us.We all went out last Saturday to celebrate Bret Harrison's (Sam) birthday. It was a 14-hour Bret-fest that began with a day at an amusement park/ arcade where most of the 15 adults in our group were dressed as miniature golf pros. Tyler Labine (Sock) wore some slick, white leather loafers that he'd purchased in England, which he said had a brand name like "Ask Your Wife." Tyler was playing at semi-pro mini golf level in those shoes. Bret, whose... read more

We Don't Just Play Friends on TV

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." — Anaïs Nin Life imitating TV?Ever so often I speculate about the unusual experiences that I have been afforded by my career choice. Earlier today, we were filming in a real apartment belonging to some private citizen that allowed our show to rent it out so that we could pretend that it was mine — well, Josie's — apartment. Tons of people with heavy equipment marched in and out adjusting lights and furniture to make this real home look more "realistic" on camera. It began to hail for about an hour but we still had to leave many windows and doors open as our crew set up.When the episode airs, it will be mid-spring, which means sunny days in most places, so we ignored our goosebumps and chattering teeth while pretend to be warm and comfy. It's all part of the job. Acting like it's springtime. A few feet away, Tyler [Labine] stood in a doorway, scantily clad while 30 or so stra... read more

Reaper's Return (AKA Val and the Van Damage)

"There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." — William Shakespeare, Hamlet 1600Returning to Vancouver after the strike was marked with greatness. I'd decided it would be. Of course I packed a lot. My luggage bore a big day glow orange sticker proclaiming my need to roll "HEAVY." When the show finished filming in December, my cast mates and I scrambled to ship and carry as much of our stuff back from Vancouver as was possible. I kept my apartment in spite of the possibility of a long enduring strike. I was trying my best to keep hope alive. I love Reaper, my job, and the city of Vancouver. I just kept picturing returning to my awesome apartment. Since so many TV shows and movies film in Vancouver, the first class sections of most daily flights are great for celebrity sightings. On this flight I was seated next to a woman who was sooooo blinged out, with big sunglasses and an expensive sweat suit, that she was begging to be noticed. She was smiling and chattin... read more

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