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The cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is taking in stride the recent theft of videotapes intended for Emmy voters. "What could have been more fitting? This is something that would happen to Ray [Romano] on and off the series," Patricia Heaton tells TV Guide Online. "It's a perfect Raymond episode. Actually, [the thieves] damaged other cars on the lot. Even though my ego would like me to think they were crazy about us, I think the truth is that the thieves wanted the vehicle." Doris Roberts, Heaton's TV mother-in-law, was, as one might expect, a little more practical. "I don't know who did it, but I consider it great publicity for all of us." —Jeanne Wolf read more


File this one under truth is stranger than fiction: A German magazine has apologized to its readers following allegations that one of its reporters, Tom Kummer, fabricated a series of celebrity interviews. The BBC reports that the mag, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, is considering legal action against Kummer, a freelancer based in Los Angeles. Kummer claims he has done nothing wrong, and describes his work as "montage reporting." —Jonathan Reiner read more


We know what you did this weekend! Led by Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible II, which grossed $71.8 million over the four-day weekend, the top 12 movies raked in $174.7 million — shattering the figure of $147.9 million set by the top movies over Memorial Day weekend in 1997. Dinosaur, Shanghai Noon, Gladiator and Road Trip rounded out the top five at the box office. The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and John Travolta's Battlefield Earth dropped out of the top 10. read more

Question: Help. In last weeks ...

Question: Help. In last weeks season finale of Providence Syd's sister Joanie played a song for her in the hospital. What was the name of the song and who was singing it? Thank you.

Televisionary: I believe the song you seek is Joni Mitchell's The Circle Game, which is on the classic album Ladies of the Canyon. (It's also available on the recent collection Hits, a reasonably OK primer for the uninitiated. However, the purist in me insists you buy Ladies.)

Once again, I've been buried with mail from people wanting to ID a song from a favorite episode. I know the feeling, though I must admit years of living in harsh old New York pummeled the sentimentality out of me, rendering me unable to listen to that song all the way through and certainly unable to sit through an episode of Providence. But hey, that's why there's chocolate and vanilla, as my dear old dad would say.

Besides, I'm hoping if I adopt a hard-hearted enough read more


Casting is underway for American Tragedy, the CBS miniseries about the O.J. Simpson trial, and producers seem to be assembling a Hollywood "Dream Team" to play O.J.'s Dream Team. Variety reports that Christopher Plummer is in final talks to play F. Lee Bailey, while Bruno Kirby will play Barry Scheck. Any word on who will play Judge Lance Ito? read more

Question: Everyone knows that ...

Question: Everyone knows that Bruce Lee played Kato in the '60s Batman knockoff The Green Hornet. Who played the Green Hornet? — Frank V. Costanzo

Televisionary: That would be the fleet-fisted Van Williams, Frank. And the fact that, as you say, everyone remembers the sidekick (no pun intended) as opposed to the title-hero himself is nothing Williams should be ashamed of. After all, Lee's skills and tragic death unleashed a cultural wave and a following which still exists today. Williams, for his part, was fortunate enough to outlive his career.

His later activities include a stint as a reserve deputy for the Malibu Sheriff's Department, though a spokesman there told me he's been gone from that position for some time. His most recent movie appearance? As The Green Hornet director in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. (Hey, you can't fault a guy for jumping at an opportunity.) read more

Question: Last night, I heard ...

Question: Last night, I heard my friend whistling a tune and we both agreed that it was from the NBC '50s documentary, Victory at Sea. But we disagree as to who the narrator was. He says it was Walter Cronkite. I know it wasn't Uncle Walter, but I do not remember who it was. Can you please tell us? Thanks. — Jack Harmell

Televisionary: You mean you don't know, Jack? (Sorry — I've always wanted to say that.)

						 						 Actor Leonard Graves narrated the 26-installment documentary, which ran from 1952-53 and covered the nautical warfare of the Second World War. Graves later appeared in such films as The Joker Is Wild and the Gregory Peck classic Pork Chop Hill.

Incidentally, if you want to impress your pal further, let him know that tune he's so fo read more


Get ready for another Foster child — Oscar winner Jodie Foster is expecting her second baby. The star of The Silence of the Lambs has told friends she's 11 weeks pregnant, according to London's Mirror newspaper. Just like her first, Jodie's new pregnancy is believed to be the result of artificial insemination. And once again, the 37-year-old actress — who jealously guards her private life — is not revealing who the father is. —New York Post read more

Question: I am well ...

Question: I am well acquainted with Don Henley's song (and it was well placed in that wonderfully directed ER episode!). I would like to know the title and artist of the song played in the opening while Carter was brooding and Tess was waking up Carol. It sounded a bit like Creed, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I love the song (I've been replaying my tape) and wish to buy it. Can you help me, please? Thanks!

Televisionary: OK, OK — I continue to be a sucker for these song questions, simply because I've been there and I can't stand when the credits don't fork over the details on something I really liked (The Sopranos has sent me searching the web for lyrics more than once myself).

The song driving you nuts is Bush's "Letting the Cables Sleep" and it's on their album The Science of Things. If it sounds a bit like Creed to you, perhaps that's because so many of those post-grunge bands are indistinguishable from one another (to those old man read more


How do you cast a Kennedy? Slowly, of course. Robert Knepper will play Bobby and Matthew Letscher will play Edward in the upcoming NBC miniseries Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot, according to The Hollywood Reporter; no word on who will play the title ladies. The project is scheduled to air next season. —Jonathan Reiner read more

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