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Comedian Paula Poundstone and former Designing Women star Meshach Taylor are set to tell the truth! According to Variety, the two will appear as regular celebrity panelists on the upcoming syndicated revival of To Tell the Truth, hosted by John O'Hurley (Seinfeld). A third regular celebrity panelist will be announced shortly, while a fourth star will join the the trio on each episode. read more

Question: What was the name ...

Question: What was the name of the TV show that was on ABC about three or four years ago and featured characters made up to look like dinosaurs?

Televisionary: As much of a stretch as it seems, the show was called... Dinosaurs.

						 						And it's a tribute to the folks at Henson Productions, who created the comedy, that you think there were real people inside the characters since they were really complicated puppets.

The series, which had a regular run on ABC from 1991-93 with a few extra episodes thrown in the next summer, focused on the prehistoric Sinclair family, headed by Stuart Pankin and Jessica Walter. Also in the cast were such notables as Sally Struthers (All in the Family), who played daughter Charlene, and Sherman Hemsley (The Jeffersons), who portrayed Pankin's triceratops boss, B.P. Richfield.

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Question: I know I have seen ...

Question: I know I have seen That '70s Show's Debra Jo Rupp on something before, a very long time ago. Did she play the obnoxious Judy on Welcome Back, Kotter?

Televisionary: Nope. Actress Helaine Lembeck played Judy Borden on that series, which ran on ABC from 1975-79.

						 						But Rupp, who plays mama Kitty Forman on '70s, has been around, so you've undoubtedly spotted her before.

						 						She was on CBS's here-and-gone Valerie Harper vehicle, The Office, during its one-month run in 1995. You may better remember her as Jerry's booking agent on Seinfeld, as Phoebe's sister-in-law on Friends, or from guest spots on ER or Caroline in the City.

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Question: When Julianna ...

Question: When Julianna Margulies said goodbye to ER, a song played as she was leaving Chicago to go and find Doug. It was a really beautiful song and it sounded like Don Henley, but I'm not sure and it's driving me crazy! Please, please help me with this: What was that song called and who sang it? I would be so grateful if you were to figure this out. Thanks! — Tracy, a die-hard ER fan

Televisionary: The song played during Margulies's exit from the ER in the "Such Sweet Sorrow" episode, which included a surprise cameo by former regular George Clooney (Dr. Doug Ross), was indeed by Mr. Henley. "Taking You Home" is on Inside Job, the new album available directly from Warner's site.

Ain't corporate synergy a beautiful thing? You see, ER is produced by Warner Bros. TV and Henley's a Warner act and they use his song on their No. 1-rated show and, well, that's read more

Question: Patrick McGoohan ...

Question: Patrick McGoohan once appeared in a black-and-white surrealist adventure series and I'm trying to remember the name. He basically acted alone. I think it was in the '60s and it was not The Avengers, although it might have appeared in the same decade. E-mail to me the name.

Televisionary: Whoa. With that kind of a demanding tone, are you sure you're not Number Two, pal?

						 						First off, as the boilerplate text above states, I don't do e-mail. I receive way too many questions to answer each one and this is, after all, a site that earns its keep by convincing readers to look at pages with ads on them. So I'm answering you here and hope beyond hope that you see this.

The show in question is The Prisoner, which is one of the more fascinating series in TV history, to my mind. Call The Prisoner the Twin Peaks of its time. Like that read more


BEVERLY GOODBYE SCORES BIG: The bad news is that Beverly Hills, 90210 is over; the good news is that the series finale scored huge ratings, giving Fox its best Wednesday night numbers in almost five years. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 90210's weepy wedding beat Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Jesus among viewers 18 to 49. Another blow against Regis and religion, huh?

MADONNA'S GUY STRIKES A POSE: Material Mom Madonna's main man was arrested Thursday in London for assaulting a fan outside Madonna's home. Britain's Sun tabloid reports that director Guy Ritchie kicked and punched the 20-year-old man while Madonna allegedly sat in her car and laughed! "[Ritchie] aimed a high kick at the camera around his neck — he must do kickboxing or something," said the injured fan's pal. "Then he started laying into him — punching and kicking. There was no reason for it. My mate wasn't read more

Question: Is there any truth ...

Question: Is there any truth to the rumor of the possible cancellation of The Pretender? If so, I am outraged and need to express my feelings on this, so who and where do I write to express my disappointment? The Pretender was one of the best shows ever on NBC... well, besides Homicide. NBC has lost a longtime viewer and I will never watch NBC again until they correct this mishap. Thank you. — Neisha

Televisionary: Your hunger-strike notion is indeed noble, Neisha, but are you really prepared to deny yourself Saved by the Bell: The New Class, when your abstinence will no doubt go unnoticed?

Yes, The Pretender will pretend on NBC no more. But the Net rumor mill is already a-buzz with the notion that TNT, which begins running first-cycle cable reruns of The Pretender in September, may be thinking about picking up rights to new episodes of the show.

Now, let me stress that such online tales are often way read more

Question: What cartoon ...

Question: What cartoon character said "I hate those mices [pronounced meeses] to pieces"? We've been puzzling over who and what cartoon show for weeks! — Melinda VanArsdale

Televisionary: Then stop that confounded puzzlement this minute, Melinda. The flustered feline in question was Mr. Jinks, a character on the old Huckleberry Hound show.

In the Pixie and Dixie cartoon, a regular feature on Huckleberry, the often unfortunate Jinks fought with the pain-in-the-tail, titular mice (not to be confused with titmice, which are actually birds). To his credit, though, he sometimes bested them in battle.

And speaking of confusion, Jinks is not to be mixed up with the hapless Mountie Klondike Kat, who doggedly (sorry) pursued the outlaw mouse Savior Faire and vowed to "make mincemeat out of that mouse."

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Question: Why are you finding ...

Question: Why are you finding it so hard to answer my question? Maybe you don't find it entertaining enough for your column. Well, maybe you will find this e-mail more interesting. I mean, how much time does it take to answer a simple question like what the hell happened to Veronica's Closet? Please try to be a little more helpful in the future!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. — TooKrazee2

Televisionary: It's been cancelled!!!!!!!!!!


You're welcome.

Now quit cursing, ya Krazee.

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Question: On what NBC program ...

Question: On what NBC program did Corbin Bernsen play a lawyer?

Televisionary: Former soap actor (Ryan's Hope) Bernsen played womanizing attorney Arnie Becker on Steven Bochco's groundbreaking L.A. Law, which practiced on NBC from October 1986 to May 1994. He's had TV work since and a string of movie roles, but it's likely he'll be best remembered for the time put in on that long-running series.

I use groundbreaking as a backhanded compliment, really. With Law, Bochco fine-tuned the multithread, hour-long dramatic formula he helped pioneer with the critically acclaimed but ratings-starved Hill Street Blues to create a bona fide hit in Law. His secret? More soap opera elements, more glitz and prettier faces (all of which were easier to introduce using the slick legal profession instead of the gritty precinct of Hill Street, though he later pulled it off in the cop world, too, on NYPD Blue).

To the show's cr read more

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