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Question: My brother and I ...

Question: My brother and I need you to clear up a TV question. My brother thinks that the actress (I do not know her name) who has red hair and played on the TV show Radio News is the same redhead on Suddenly Susan. I disagree. Can you let us know who is right? Thank you.

Televisionary: You are. It sounds like your bro is mixing up actress Vicki Lewis, the redhead who portrayed Beth on NBC's NewsRadio, with Kathy Griffin, who portrays redheaded Vicki on Suddenly Susan (also an NBC show).

Same hair, same network and a dual-Vicki thrown in there just to make things confusing — an easy enough error to make, I suppose. In addition, both women have made the TV rounds, with Lewis popping up on such shows as Seinfeld and Caroline in the City and Griffin putting in time on Seinfeld, Mad About You and ER.

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Question: Alright, TV guru ? ...

Question: Alright, TV guru — I've been looking for the answer to this question for some time, asking the so-called "experts" for their help and getting none... none! You are my last hope!!! I remember a cartoon called The Herculoids. Who were the characters on this cartoon? The only ones I can remember are Dorno, the father figure, and Zok, the flying dragon who shoots laser beams from his eyes. Sound familiar? Who were the others? Your help and ultimate TV knowledge is greatly appreciated!!! — Stumped in ND

Televisionary: So, I'm your last choice, then, Stumped? Story of my life, pal. Even my wife declared a cooling-off period after I proposed just to make sure she wasn't missing out on a better deal.

Of course, both of you made the right choice. At least I'll do my best to fool you into thinking that (hey, it's worked with her so far).

The Herculoids first aired on CBS in 1967, relating the daily challenges of planet Quasar's Ki read more


Nancy Marchand, the actress who played crusty matriarch Livia on HBO's hit mob drama The Sopranos, has died after a long battle with emphysema and lung cancer. The 71-year-old actress, who also won four Emmy Awards for her role as newspaper publisher Margaret Pynchon on Lou Grant, died Sunday at her Stratford, CT, home. She is survived by a son, two daughters and seven grandchildren. read more

Question: I hope you can ...

Question: I hope you can answer this! Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was sold to, so the rumor goes, to Warner Bros. How do we find out when the new series starts and if there will be any new cast members? Thank you!

Televisionary: It's more than a rumor. This fall the WB will air new episodes of Sabrina in the same time slot the show occupied on ABC, Fridays at 8 pm/ET.

Look for the continuing adventures of your favorite teen spellcaster (Melissa Joan Hart) as she faces college life — a challenge for anyone, magic powers or no. Since the WB promises "new friends," "newfound freedom" and "new relationships" in its press materials, you'll be seeing new faces as well.

And I'll be right there with you, cheering the magical sweetie on and laughing, laughing, laughing!

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The International Ventriloquists Association honored Willie Tyler & Lester at its annual convention in Las Vegas last weekend, according to AP. "It all started when I was 10 years old," Tyler told the crowd as he reminisced about his 40-year career. "Coming home from school everyday and I would gaze into the window of this thrift shop just down the street from where I lived. In the middle of all the dusty articles on display sat a very unusual ventriloquist's character that would stare down at me." read more


Frank Sinatra Jr., who came of age in the 1960s, told the Asbury Park Press that he hated the Beatles "because they hated everybody." He also dissed '60s rock groups Lovin' Spoonful and the Mamas and the Papas "because they were promoting LSD and things like that, and a whole lot of people died using that stuff." read more

Question: Why is The Sopranos ...

Question: Why is The Sopranos only shown on HBO? TV Guide and People have highlighted this show, done articles, etc. Everyone talks about how great it is. TV Guide had the cast on its cover, yet we who don't pay $10.95 a month for HBO can't watch it! — BJGillispie

Televisionary: Well, yeah — that's why it's called pay cable. Never mind that HBO for $10.95 is a righteous deal. Here in L.A. it's nearly $15 and, as I recall, it was $18 when I lived in New York.

						 						But if that bothers you, BJ, take solace in the fact that you are half-loved by the suits at HBO since you are so passionate about missing The Sopranos that you are motivated to complain. The not-love half comes from your unwillingness to pony up the extra bucks for an HBO subscription and a chance to see what is, in my opinion and the view of so many TV critics it read more


Former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host Robin Leach has settled charges brought on by 12 states over fraudulent vacation ads featuring his likeness, according to Reuters. Leach, who paid no penalties and admitted no crime, says his image was used without his permission. He's agreed to meet Federal Trade Commission rules requiring spokespersons to check out the products they pitch. read more


The latest Broadway production of Macbeth starring Frasier's Kelsey Grammer will close on June 25 after just eight previews and 13 regular performances, according to Variety. The production opened to generally unfavorable reviews and died a faster death than any play staged on Broadway last season. read more


Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura turned bad guy at a World Wrestling Federation event in Minneapolis on Saturday night. Our spies tell us the former professional wrestler was booed by angry fans after he sided with Triple H and hurled verbal barbs at The Rock. read more

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