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Question: Hello, ...

Question: Hello, Televisonary. Can you please take Lassie with Corey Sevier off of Animal Planet? It is starting to get boring, and seeing Corey Sevier makes it even more boring. Please have Lassie removed from Animal Planet so I don't see it any more on Animal Planet. — Your friend, TaranNoah

Televisionary: You know, when I was in first grade the guy who slayed all the girls was Bobby Sherman. After Bobby it was David Cassidy. We boys hated them both on principle because... well, because our sworn enemies, the girls, liked them — and it was up to us to scratch up all their Partridge Family records and teach them a hard lesson about how the world works.

It's not really a beef with Lassie, is it, friend TaranNoah? It's a beef with Corey Sevier. After all, you don't like the girls and the girls like Corey, so your enemy's friend is your enemy, right?

I must use my Televisionary powers for good, TaranNoah, read more


ABC has ordered a minimum of 13 episodes of You Don't Know Jack, a new game show based on the popular computer trivia game. No word yet on who will host. Paul Reubens, aka Pee-Wee Herman, was originally slated to helm the game show but eventually backed out of the project. read more

Question: OK, T-man, I was ...

Question: OK, T-man, I was raised on a steady diet of H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville and other Saturday-morning masterpieces from the brothers Krofft. So I think I'm old enough to hear the truth now. Were their shows the result of a lot of drugs? — Big Alice

Televisionary: Well, let's look at the evidence, here, Alice (and don't think I missed the Land of the Lost reference in your name): A main character with a "puff" in its name (sure, he was a dragon, but still...), Charles Nelson Reilly, a land of talking hats and a lovable sea monster with a green and leafy appearance. Survey says?

Survey says I'm not about to go on the record either way, since nobody but the creators know for sure and my momma raised me with enough smarts to stay away from lawsuits.

For what it's worth, I asked Marty Krofft that exact question in an interview a while back and he in no uncertain terms denied that the shows and characters created by he and read more

Question: I hope you remember ...

Question: I hope you remember this show. In the early '90s there was a show called Thea. I need to know who played her.

Televisionary: Oh, come now. My memory's fading fast as I get older, but I'm still able to recall 1993.

						 						Thea, which ran on ABC from the fall of '93 through the following February, was yet another casualty of the "give a stand-up a show" machine. Comedian Thea Vidale played Thea Turrell, mother and stern overseer to a four-child brood. Do stand-up vehicles work? For some (Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carey), sure. For others (Mike O'Malley, Paula Poundstone), not really.

Thea is probably most notable for the youngster who played 12-year-old daughter Danesha. Wee Brandy Norwood usually goes by her first name these days, but her UPN character, remarkably enough, could fit into a poem with her old Thea read more


Septuagenarian 60 Minutes executive producer Don Hewitt has signed on for four more years after his current CBS contract expires in six months. Hewitt, 77, told AP that he'll think about retiring when his contract is up at 82 and then probably sign on for another four years.
— Rich Brown read more

Question: My friends and I ...

Question: My friends and I were talking about British humor last night and we all had fond memories of a television show that was on MTV in the late '80s called The Young Ones. Is it available anywhere on tape, and can you give me some more information about the show? Thanks. — Luke C. Rosati

Televisionary: I hate to say anything negative, but no.

						 						OK, I stole that line from the show. Say it with a British accent and it's much funnier.

						 						The Young Ones, as you say, was a British import that ran on MTV back in the days when the network could squeeze in programming that wasn't wall-to-wall jigglevision or "real" angst. The show featured the day-to-day and frequently disgusting doings of short-fused punk Vyvyan (Adrian Edmondson), sad hippie Neil (Ni read more


Difficulties in trying to hammer out a prenuptial agreement between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas could rock the couple's plans for a September wedding, according to Britain's Sun. The newspaper claims that Douglas had rejected Zeta-Jones's request for $4.5 million for every year they are married and a home for life if she splits from the actor. The couple is expecting their first child in just five weeks. read more


KISS fans coughed up almost $876,000 at a two-day auction of rock-and-roll memorabilia sold by band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in Los Angeles last weekend. The biggest-ticket item: a set of four original costumes from the group's 1996-97 Alive reunion world tour. The over-the-top duds went for a cool $189,500. read more


Garry Shandling has been tapped to host ABC's telecast of the 52nd annual Emmy Awards on Sept. 10. Shandling's no stranger to the Emmys, having won a 1998 writing trophy for his work on HBO's The Larry Sanders Show. read more


Ultraconservative radio talk-show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger says efforts by gays and lesbians to squash her upcoming TV talk show have been "agonizing," according to Time. "I've cried more at times than I would like to admit," she says. Still, she insists, "Not being able to relate normally to a member of the opposite sex is some kind of error." Her syndicated TV show is scheduled to make its debut on Sept. 11. read more

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