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Comedy Central is developing a new animated series, Urbania, centering around a 4-foot 10-inch breakdancer named Squatty and a phone-sex operator named Juisto. Series creator Justin Bua is a classically trained painter and former graffiti artist who spent 12 years as a professional breakdancer, according to Variety. — Rich Brown read more


Julie Stoffer, the 20-year-old Mormon resident of MTV's Real World New Orleans, might get thrown out of Brigham Young University for living in a house with members of the opposite sex. "Our concern is what happened in that environment," BYU spokeswoman Carrie Jenkins told USA Today. "What were the male-female interactions, and what was the appropriateness of those interactions?" read more

Question: Back in the mid ...

Question: Back in the mid '90s, there was a summer TV show called Roar. The young star of that short series reminds me of the young man co-staring with Mel Gibson in The Patriot. Is it the same guy? Thanks. — Cynthia

Televisionary: It is indeed the same Heath Ledger who starred in the short-lived fantasy series Roar, which Fox debuted in the summer of '97, Cynthia.

The young Aussie, who co-stars with Mr. Gibson in The Patriot and was most recently seen on the big screen in the Taming of the Shrew update 10 Things I Hate About You, played the heroic and hunky Celtric prince Conor in the show, which was set in fifth-century Europe. As these things go, Conor found himself the leader of a band of rebels after an enemy clan, working for the ruling Romans, slaughtered his family. Notable talents on the show inclu read more

Question: While on vacation ...

Question: While on vacation in Utah we found a show in syndication called Cop Rock. It was a wonderful police drama but a musical! They sang really well and it had drama, romance, and humor. At the end of our vacation they announced they had been canceled but wouldn't go off the air until "the fat lady sings." Of course the next morning a rather heavy set woman with the crazy horned hat came onto the show and sang away! We would not leave the resort each morning until we saw this amazing show. How do we get our hands on the episodes of this entertaining show that we never knew existed when it was live? We'd love to see all of them. Thanks.

Televisionary: Cop Rock? Now that is a vacation, friend.

						 The bad news is you can't, as far as I know, aside from looking for illegal copies on eBay. I, being a responsible citizen and firm believer in copyright law, would never suggest you do that. On a more frus read more

Question: In the '60s, I ...

Question: In the '60s, I think, there was a TV series about a blind detective. What was his name, the name of the show and the actor who played him?

Televisionary: Close enough. It was actually the early '70s, but there are certainly plenty of people, given the free-wheeling antics of the time, for whom a good chunk of those years remains one big blur.

The show you're thinking of is Longstreet, a sleuth drama that aired on ABC from the fall of 1971 through the following summer. James Franciscus played insurance investigator Mike Longstreet — these being the days of law and order-oriented shows bearing the last name of the main character — who fell victim to some baddies when they tried to take him out but instead blinded him and killed his wife.

Longstreet carried on despite his losses, using a white german shepherd, a special cane, his smarts, his friends and the self-defense instruction of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who a read more

Question: Maybe you can ...

Question: Maybe you can settle a bet I have going with my husband on an actor who was in the show Party of Five. Did the guy who played Griffin recently star in the TV movie Jason and the Argonauts? Thanks. — Christine Doyle

Televisionary: I'll answer you even though you flout the time-honored Televisionary rule of telling me who's taking which side and, more importantly, what's at stake.

Jason London played the mythological sailor and hero Jason in NBC's mini-series Jason and the Argonauts, which aired this past May. Unfortunately for one of you, he did not portray Griffin Holbrook on Fox's now defunct Party of Five.

But hold off on the gloating, since that was twin brother Jeremy London. I'm betting you guys'll be arguing a-plenty over whether or not that's a clear-cut win/lose situation. Play nice now, you crazy kids.

read more

Norman Lear Wins Auction

Veteran TV producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, Maude) has purchased one of the last privately owned original copies of the Declaration of Independence for $7.4 million, according to AP. Auction house did not name Lear as the buyer but sources close to him confirmed that he was the buyer. read more


Soprano stars Edie Falco and Lorraine Bracco want more bucks for their respective roles as a mobster's wife and a mobster's shrink, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Sources said Falco, who won an Emmy for her role on the hit HBO mob drama, and Bracco are seeking a per-episode increase to the mid five-figure range by the time production on the new season begins in early August. read more


Which Survivor star would Playboy fans most like to see nude? Jenna the college student so far is the top pick among visitors to with 41% of the vote, according to The Toronto Sun. Other top choices are Colleen (33%), Stacey (14%) and Kelly (13%). read more


Gladiator star Russell Crowe is rumored to be the new man in Meg Ryan's life following news that the actress has separated from long-time hubby Dennis Quaid. The British tabloids are reporting that Crowe and Ryan grew close while working together on the upcoming romantic drama Proof of Life. "Meg and Russell are extremely close and incredibly fond of each other," an unnamed source tells Britain's Sun. "They just click. She feels young again and they've been having a wonderful time in London." read more

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