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Well I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode folks because unless this writers' strike ends soon that's the last new one you are going to get for awhile.I think we are all in agreement that this has been the lamest season in SVU history. The biggest problem has been with the writing, Not only has the dialogue been unrealistic at times, but in several cases it wasn't true to the characters. We've seen both Benson and Stabler do things that totally contradict actions from earlier episodes. Also we miss John Munch. I'm not sure how much of this new direction is Executive Producer's Neal Baer's fault or if the blame goes to the top of the NBC food chain with boss Ben Silverman. If Ben is tinkering with a winning formula because of possible ageism you guys are going to have to make a stink. Or you can kiss Richard Belzer goodbye for good.As if further proof is needed that the show has fallen on hard times tonight's Boston Legal also featured a storyline about a theft from sperm bank. ... read more


For all you bloggers who want L&O:SVU to go back to investigating sex crimes I think we can all agree that the rape of a young boy is going to qualify.Now since Olivia was the featured detective in last week's episode it was pretty obvious that we'd be treated to a little Elliot Stabler tonight. But lo and behold who is that dapper chap standing next to him? Well if my eyes don't deceive me I do believe it's our long lost conspiracy minded investigator Det. John Munch. Haven't seen too much of Richard Belzer since NBC sidelined him at the beginning of this season. NIce to have him backWonder what came first though? Did the Orthodox Jew storyline logically dictate Belzer's presence or did they figure: well we're committed to putting Richard in one episode this year so let's throw his religion into the mix? If that's what its going to take I guess we won't see Munch again until SVU starts investigating hate crimes or someone defaces a synagogue. Shame. They even dumped him ... read more


Well at least Mariska didn't look as orange this week so that's good but when Erika Christensen introduced herself as a Special Agent with the F.B.I. I had to smile. She looks like a kid to me. And maybe even worse...she sounds like one. Now the Traffic and Swimf@n star is 25 years old so I guess its possible for her to run an investigation in the hunt for the serial killer The just seems kind of dumb. Tell me: am I alone here? Does everyone on this show HAVE to be young and beautiful?? That scene at the strip club was just embarrassing. I don't think the owner could have been any more stereotypical. Asking if she "wanted to get her freak on"...What? For the second time this season I thought I was watching a bad 70's TV series. Something is seriously a bit off this year since I never feel that way watching the reruns.A stylistic change I've also noticed this year is the use of voice overs. In this case we hear Dr. Huang describing the killer's prof... read more


While most TV series has already resorted to reruns due to the writer's strike, L&O: SVU still has 4 new episodes to air in the new year. So here we are one down 3 to go. Got to thank Executive Producer Dick Wolf for his skewed shooting schedule. He has the first few episodes of each season in the can before he begins shooting his "new" season.For starters I could totally tell this was shot months ago in the summer. What will all the greenery in the park. And was it me or did Mariska look darker than usual? Real tan or spray on? I don't have Hi-Def so I couldn't tell how orange she looked. But I digress.Didn't you guys love the band name? Sticky Butter Fingers. Clever. Usually when L&O try to sound hip they miss the mark but I thought this was a more on the money.So I don't know what "ripped from the headlines" case this was. Street kids killing people because some charismatic adult told them to? I was thinking Charles Manson right when Benson said it but it also r... read more


I have more news on the Richard Belzer front. I spoke with the actor himself this week and he is very grateful that you guys all miss Detective Munch and it turns out we weren't imagining things: Belzer’s contract this year was reduced from 22 episodes to a measly 13. No word on why this happened. Belzer is as mystified as we are but the 63 year old's character was pretty much replaced by 35 year old Adam Beach this season. Nobody is saying its ageism and maybe I am just as conspiracy minded as Detective Munch but you do the math and tell me what you think.Executive Producer Neal Baer would not comment further. Although he told me last week Munch wasn't going anywhere, they have sure found screen time for Adam. I think every episode this season. Personally Munch is one of my favorite characters. He is funny, cynical and real. If you want to see more Munch let your voice be heard. Write to NBC or send a letter to TV Guide Magazine and let the show’s producers know ho... read more


I really like how this one started. I think the cops looking for the missing girl in the car impound was different and dramatic. Smashing the windows to open the trunks fast was great TV.I've never had the cops show up at my home (not that I'd admit it here), but if one of them did ask to use my bathroom, the first thing I would think is that they want to snoop around. Since Picard knew they would find nothing, I guess he wouldn’t mind. Crazy or not, best not to look suspicious. (Note to self: Let the police use my toilet if they ask. Flee later). Who else remembers Ayre Gross as one of the original cast members on Ellen DeGeneres’ sitcom? He was pretty charming and funny on that show and I was sorry when he left. Truth be told, I stopped watching soon after, as I didn’t like Jeremy Piven or the other additions nearly as well. He was also great in Minority Report as the man who didn't murder his wife. This guy is an unappreciated character actor. In this episode alone... read more


I'd seen the promos for this episode of Law & Order: SVU over the past week heralding the special guest appearance of Aidan Quinn. I was intrigued. Would Aidan (lovable movie star whose heyday was arguably the '90s) going to play an against-type villain as previous guest stars Martin Short, Henry Winkler, John Ritter, Cindy Williams and Matthew Modine have done? Or would he remain the lovable Aidan from Benny & Joon?OK, the first thing I had a problem with (and maybe this is just me): If I come across my kid covered in blood, I am not going to let her come back with me into the apartment while I look around. Seriously. He didn't even know if the guy who caused all that blood was still inside! Couldn't he have left her with a neighbor while he did a quick pass to check out the wife? Also — and if this is rude let me know, because I don't want to be un-P.C. here — is there a reason this family wouldn't have gotten this kid braces? They can obviously afford it.One hig... read more

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