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"His Visit: Day Nine"

Well, there goes the first season. And just when I thought that John was Jesus, the writers went ahead and threw in a bunch of hints to make me think he might actually be an alien. "You're all going to be toast," he told Linc. "We're coming 9/11/14." Could it just be a coincidence that their arrival is scheduled take place on the anniversary of the attacks on America? Then again, could those numbers actually represent the bible passage 9:11-14 that describes salvation through the Lord? There are just so many ways this could go!I'm interested in finding out more about this Cincinnati place that John took Shaunie to, and why Shaunie couldn't recall much of his visit other than the fact that they, whoever they are, want to sponsor him. And even if they are aliens or simply the all-powerful celestial beings that occupy heaven, what exactly do they find so useful about the Yost family? If their true goal is to redeem mankind, then perhaps these alien gods are of the mind-set that the Yos... read more

"His Visit: Day Eight"

OK, so Shaun, John and Zippy disappeared, although Shaun's doppelgänger still found time to scare the living hell out of Barry at the hotel bar. Are his visions of Shaun simply dreams, as he tells Dr. Smith later in the episode, or is that just wishful thinking on his part? Seems to me they could be more accurately categorized as "visions." Well, I'd actually be more likely to go with psychotic episodes brought on by trauma, but in this show, with this subject matter, I think "visions" works just fine.I liked the scene when Butchie and Kai shared their thoughts on John, who they both agreed is on some kind of autopilot and simply parrots what he hears from other people because he is programmed to mimic emotions. As they discussed, it would certainly explain why he repeats such idiotic phrasings as "A+ for fume control." What do they think, though, that the guy is some kind of robot? I guess that could be interesting. I certainly wouldn't have been expecting that.The stick figur... read more

"His Visit: Day Six"

This episode added more intricate designs in the spider web that is John from Cincinnati. I have to say, right now I can't help but feel a little entangled, but I hope to stand back and admire the beauty when all is said and done. The complexity of the character interaction certainly makes this show fun to watch as the many seemingly unrelated (but definitely related) events keep building toward whatever climax Milch has planned for us. Here are some things I enjoyed about this episode:Dwayne mentioned to Butchie that his website had 1,244 hits in the past 24 hours and referred to it as the "halo effect." Yes, this is a widely used term used to define the carryover popularity between two closely related things (or in this case, people), but I'm guessing it was inserted into the script for obvious reasons. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy…Zippy? Could be... Could be...When a very sick Palaka showed up at the surf shop with the lawyer right behind him, I loved how... read more

"His Visit: Day Five"

Wow! I'm not exactly sure what to say. That was some weird television! So apparently John can be in more than one place at a time, and apparently he can orchestrate events so that others can travel with him (Bill and Vietnam Joe arriving at the hotel, despite being in the van). Oh, and he can also remove dead people from hotel rooms. The Shining would have played out totally differently had John been around! OK, consider my brain officially twisted. I know Milch is supposed to be going somewhere with all of this, but I would like for the road map to be a little clearer. Just a little bit. Is that too much to ask? It certainly seems like the religious angle is the one to focus on, though, what with John continuously mentioning his "father" towards the end of the episode, and his ability to heal/help those around him. I have to ask though, did Cissy really molest Butchie? That's certainly how it sounded to me! Man, these people are even more screwed up than I thought!I have to say, as... read more

"His Visit: Day Three"

Apparently Mitch had one that changed shape, too... for Cass. Oh yeah, I said it! Linc put her up to bedding Mitch so he would have to move out of his house. Is that so he could move in on Cissy or just because then he wouldn’t have to worry about Mitch standing in his way again? We shall see, I guess. The previews that aired after last week's episode led me to believe that there would be a little more interaction between Cissy and Linc (for example, her telling him she needed him), but no such luck. I guess we'll have to wait to see that in a future episode. He did clean her house, though. That Dylan McKay turned into such a nice guy!Oh yeah, so John got stabbed by a gang member. I guess that deserves mentioning. First off, it amazes me how tough repetition can make a person seem. I have to give credit to the writers, not only for moving this series along at a pretty steady pace, but also for not turning John into the black hole he so easily could have become. With that said, ... read more

"His Visit: Day Two Continued"

Instead of dispelling the theory that John might be Jesus or some other heavenly entity, the events in the latest episode seemed to substantiate that possibility. Much to Dr. Smith's amazement, Shaun was healthy enough to go home with his family, sans Mitch, who took off with Cass after his argument with Cissy. Meanwhile, John recounted Shaun's recovery to Kai and Linc in his usual cryptic sentences, even though he was with them the whole time and had no way of knowing what happened. John politely informed Kai several times that he was still planning on boning her. When he announced the same to everybody at the Yost house, and added that he might have to "break her jaw first" for some reason, Butchie told him to make her see God. Kai took him to the surf shop and called his bluff on the boning by inviting him to feel her up, but "t--s don't ring a bell" with John, so she took him back to her trailer instead. Once there, it started to look like she might bone him after all, even thou... read more

"His Visit: Day Two"

Well I'll start by saying that even though I still don't fully comprehend what's happening in this series, I am even more intrigued after watching the second episode, and I’m excited to see where this show goes. I never really got into NYPD Blue or Deadwood, so I can't pretend to be all that familiar with David Milch's previous work, but I am completely aware of the respect he deserves for his contributions to television by creating shows that challenge viewers to think. Milch is not known to spoon feed his viewers predictable drivel, and I, for one, wouldn't bite if he did. As far as the episode goes, here are my thoughts on round two…Maybe John's gifts aren't limited to what comes out of his pockets. Doesn't it figure that as soon as Mitch relented and allowed Shaun to compete in the surfing competition, Shaun fell off his "stick" and broke his neck? I was very interested by the fact that this happened almost immediately after Freddy slapped John in the face and John ask... read more

"His Visit: Day One"

Much like the title character in John from Cincinnati, there are some things I know and some things I don't. For instance, I certainly did not know what was going on throughout the entire first episode and I have no idea what to expect for the future of this series, and yet, for some reason I know that I enjoyed what I saw.It might have something to do with the fact that I’m drawn to anything having to do with the beach lifestyle. The environment is like a character in itself, and in my opinion movies or TV shows that showcase the surfing lifestyle are even better. Call me crazy, but I actually feel refreshed after watching them. Last night before bed, it was almost as if I had spent the day reclining on a sun-drenched beach instead of watching TV in a house with no air-conditioning. Those waves just do it for me, man!I have to admit, when I first signed on to blog this show, I didn’t really know what to expect. I first heard it described as a surf noir, but really, what d... read more

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