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"My Number One Doctor"

And this is the Scrubs weve seen a little too much of of lategood enough to watch but only intermittently or fitfully funny and perhaps not quite seemlessly mixing the frequent tragedy of medical life with the various sorts of comedy offered upA recap can be pretty quick on this episode since the A B and C plotlines are pretty thin in outline Elliot faces an ethical dilemma when she learns that one of her private-practice patients dying of ALS has landed in the hospital in a suicide attempt Elliot is unsure as to whether to make the authorities and her patients home-healthcare nurse aware of this or to allow the patient to die on her own terms JD suggests she should tell for no better reason than that Elliot tends to let such things get under her skin by episodes end Elliot has decided to keep her patients secret having accidentally let the dying woman know how more effectively to drug herself to death Meanwhile JD having discovered how insanely compe read more

"My Growing Pains"

Now this was the Scrubs weve come to expectsharp goofy but grounded humane Very funny even when painlessly lecturingJD hangs out at the nurses station with Turkand with his infant son Turk invites JD to play basketball which JD declines pointing out that his son is strapped to his chestTurk suggests that he simply wont pass the ball to JD and JD notes that that would be just like a typical game for them JD also has a brief fantasy about being able to breastfeed his boy one among several large-breasted lactating male cast members a tapped-out JD allows Kelso to feed the child JD had apparently used most of his own milk in winning a squirting duel with Turk who then sprays Kelso and JD in a sneak attack Turk is brought up short by Carla who notes that Turk could be spending time with their daughter Izzy Meanwhile interns are being detailed to follow at a close distance a resident known for his short temper Hooch a character read more


A pleasant if slight episode a tribute to comics geekery and a reminder of the shabby way that far too many artists outside comics as well as within that community are treated even as their work remains a cash cow for others perhaps not a coincidence that this theme should arise in a show presumably put together as the WGA strike loomedAt a comics convention in Los Angeles but one looking considerably smaller if as diversely attended as Comi-Con an arrogant artist-turned-mogul Miles Sklar Wil Wheaton displays with much ceremony his newly purchased ashcan issue of a fictional important superhero comic from the early 1960s An ashcan issue is one produced solely for trademark andor copyright reasons never meant for public distribution and this one is believed to be the only copy extant A prominent alternative comics creator Seth Marlowe Ben Feldman looks on in disgust until thugs rush in and force Sklar at gunpoint to turn over the comic In the cours read more


Another energetic episode that managed to give nearly everyone something to do even if the writing for the showcasing of Diane Farrs Megan couldve been sharpenedWe begin with young apparently affluent adults clubbing with the focus hanging on Ella Pierce Ari Graynor who at first suggests a Paris Hilton-style tabloid magnetthe Patty Hearst and Symbionese Liberation Army resonances come later She is apparently abducted by a small group which includes a woman shed been dancing with Stephanie Bast who leave with much gunfire into the air and other theatrics but no injury to the witnesses Our FBI unit is called in even if Don Rob Morrow doesnt choose to waken Liz Aya Sumika sleeping in bed next to him Charlie David Krumholtz joins them at the scene immediately suggesting models he could use to track the kidnappers flight as does private kidnapping consultant Jeff Upchurch Sean Patrick Flanery temporarily an employee of Pierces father textiles and clo read more

"My Identity Crisis"

Well like a baseball or beisbol team sometimes a great series needs a rebuilding season My Identity Crisis still wasnt up to the heights of most previous years of Scrubs but it was the funniest episode of the season so far and it will doWe begin with a dream sequence Carla Judy Reyes is making out with her husband Turk Donald Faison in a hospital bed at Sacred Heart Turk pulls out a restraint and binds her wrist to the bedframe but the prospect of kinky fun is dampened by the sudden appearance of JD Zach Braff and then Elliot Sarah Chalke who are there to murder Carla allowing Turk and JD to pal around endlessly and Elliot to steal and raise Carlas daughter Izzi What turns out to be the most disturbing aspect of the nightmare for Carla however when she awakens is that its the first dream she remembers having in English rather than in Spanish Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley is informed by his partner Jordan Christa Miller too absent of late read more


Another fine episode and one that actually builds in part on the last one a rarity so far this seasonWe begin with the investigation of a possible suicide but more probably murder a middle-aged man who turns out to be a US attorney from the Midwest has fallen from a building in a scruffy part of Los Angeles Hes also a team leader in a real-life scavenger hunt that has grown out of a multi-user online battle game called Primacy The prize for the winning team in the real-life game is 1 million which seems motive enough and certainly there is no lack of suspects including members of the attorneys team who have left markers at the murder scene from previous visits Megan takes the lead on this case but her secret weapon she soon learns is Amita who has been playing Primacy for years An obsessed gamer who has been using fake identities to create his own team and who has killed his one actual coconspirator has been intimidating and harrassing other teams to fo read more

"My Inconvenient Truth"

Well despite JD Zach Braff finally being told by nearly everyone he knows that he needs to grow up and Coxs useful if revenge-driven demand that Elliot recognize that she is starving herself dangerously this was the frothiest episode of the season so far And yet while pleasant it also managed to be the least funny even given that it was paced like the most like typical Scrubs episodes of past seasonsAs part of NBCs Green Week stunt the episode begins with a discussion between hospital lawyer Ted Sam Lloyd sadly underused this season till this episode and the Janitor over Teds relative eco-friendliness versus the Janitors tendency to leave his van running all day so that its air-conditioned for his drive home Ted shows the Janitor Al Gores augmented-lecture documentary An Inconvenient Truth and the latter is inspired to ask Kelso if he can become the ecology officer for the hospital Assured that it will cost Sacred Heart no money Kelso agrees just to ge read more

"In Security"

Written by Sean Crouch this mightve been the best episode of the season so farWe begin with FBI agent Don Eppes Rob Morrow out on a date with a woman Leah Wexford Jennifer Riker whom we soon learn is in the witness-protection program After the chastest of goodnight kisses Wexford goes into her house and greets her teenage son Kevin G Schmidt whos watching television Don sits in his car for a moment after she goes in obviously a bit torn about what to do next shes made a gesture that suggests that she might be open to his coming in too but we havent heard their dialogue Then he starts his car and drives away A moment later someone knocks and presents an FBI badge at the front door of the Wexford house Leah opens the door clearly expecting Don only to be shot by the man who bursts in but shes not brought down till after she shepherds her son upstairs his shoulder is grazed by a bullet but she takes several to the abdomen before she collapses on the st read more

"My Hard Labor"

Another pretty solid episode still not Scrubs at its comic best and still at least as much about the serious subtexts of the series as about the blackouts and fantasy sequencesKim Elizabeth Banks is about to give birth and JD Zach Braff is ready for everything except for openly admitting to Kim that he doesnt love her Meanwhile Cox John C McGinley looks for someone competent to give his infant daughter a shot unwilling to give it to her himself for fear that shell associate him with pain Carla Judy Reyes cant do itsince shes enraged at Turk Donald Faison for his stubborn insistence on playing a console video game to its conclusion or at least for his obliviousness to her need as great as his to be something other than a parent sometimes and to a much lesser extent to his obliviousness to her ability to play the game better than either her husband or the Janitor Neil Flynn Even Kelso Ken Jenkins proves his worth as a parent while drun read more

"Robin Hood"

This was a pleasant leisurely episode a definite shift in pacing as well as tone from the frenetic previous installment In fact beyond seeing Navi Rawats Amita and David Krumholtzs Charlie behave more like an actual couple than weve seen before and aside from some nice business between Diane Farrs Meghan and Peter MacNicols Larry as they attempt to grow more intimate again I have relatively little to note about this episode Will Patton is quite good at keeping his occasional recurring character Gary Walker from slipping into an utter caricature of the tough cop with the heart of gold and happily for Dylan Bruno and his stunt doubles or both Granger was required only to do one shallow dive and some running pursuit of a suspect Alimi Ballards Sinclair even got to do the diving tackle of the fleeing manA synopsis The episode begins in an ornate bank lobby only the apparent sophistication of the vault keeps it from being just as likely a chamber in a museum An o read more

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