On One Life to Live, Nora is ...

Question: On One Life to Live, Nora is getting married again. Just how many husbands has she had?

Answer: Unlike Llanview's Asa Buchanan, who has said "I do" a record 13 times, Nora has only two former husbands. The first is fellow legal-eagle Hank Gannon, who is the father of Nora's daughter Rachel. In 1995, Nora married her second husband, police commissioner Bo Buchanan. While many believe that Nora and Bo are the perfect couple — they both love swing dancing and Chinese takeout — their marriage crumbled when Bo learned that Nora had slept with her mentor, Sam Rappaport. Sure, she was only trying to get pregnant so she could give Bo a child — and the baby subsequently turned out to be Bo's son anyway — but the tryst still put a damper on their union.

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Hasn't The Bold and the ...

Question: Hasn't The Bold and the Beautiful's Bridget learned her lesson? First, her ex-husband cheated on her with her mother, Brooke. And now, Bridget's involved with Nick, her mother's ex-boyfriend! I think she deserves better.

Answer: So do we. Nick swears that he's completely devoted to Bridget, and Bridget alone. But we think that subconsciously he may be dating her to punish Brooke for choosing to be with his half brother, Ridge, instead of him. Then again, we can't blame this all on Nick. Bridget seems to have inherited her mother's penchant for dating men within the same family. (Remember, Bridget had a crush on Ridge as well!) While she's had a few suitors outside the Marone family, from Sally Spectra's son, CJ, to her med-school mentor, Dr. Mark MacClaine, Bridget wound up dumping them all. If Massimo, Ridge and Nick's dad, has another son we have yet to learn about, this romance may be in big trouble. Who do you think w read more

I was shocked to hear that ...

Question: I was shocked to hear that actor Jason Cook was arrested on drug-related charges. Will he continue to work on Days of our Lives?

Answer: It's ironic that Cook, who plays the son of a police captain, wound up on the wrong side of the law last month. We wish we had a formal PR statement that addressed Cook's behavior, but Days is doing very little to put a spin on Cook's recent brush with the law. Here's what we were able to dig up for you: Cook's job is not in jeopardy, according to the show. "Nothing has changed about Shawn [being on Days]," says a spokesperson. "Everything is status quo."

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On General Hospital, Sonny ...

Question: On General Hospital, Sonny attempted to impress Reese, the FBI agent, by cooking her dinner. He made chicken in a white-wine sauce and served red wine with the meal. No one serves red wine with white meat! Who researches this stuff?

Answer: While GH has yet to put a food connoisseur on its payroll, GH's head writers, Bob Guza and Chuck Pratt insist that "Sonny is a gourmet. He would never make that kind of mistake!" But we were dying to know if Sonny had made a major faux pas with his wine selection, so we contacted John Barricelli, cohost of the scrumptious PBS series Everyday Food. And here's the verdict: Toss out the notion that white meat and red wine don't mix! According to Barricelli, who has 27 years of professional cooking experience, a robust pinot noir will nicely complement any poultry dish.

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I started watching All My ...

Question: I started watching All My Children again, and I noticed that Jackson Montgomery has a daughter named Lily. I thought Greenlee was his only child. Can you clarify?

Answer: Well, you're sort of right. While three children call the D.A. "Daddy," Greenlee is his only biological offspring. So how did Lily come into the picture? Back in 1993, Jackson romanced Laurel Banning, a reluctant con artist who was embezzling money to keep her daughter, Lily, in a school specializing in autism. Laurel later had to kill her abusive ex in self-defense. Jackson helped Laurel hide the body, and the two went on the run. He then decided to marry Laurel and adopt Lily. Laurel was eventually cleared, and she celebrated her newfound freedom by getting a divorce. Unfortunately, Laurel became a murder victim herself when Jason Sheffield gunned her down. In 2003, Jackson added to his brood by taking in former street kid Reggie Porter, eventually ado read more

Dear Soaps, I've never heard Alexis'...

Dear Soaps,
I've never heard Alexis' daughter utter a word on General Hospital. She just smiles. What gives? &#151 Tracey

Dear Tracey,
The taciturn toddler is probably thinking about all the money she's going to inherit from her father, Mafia lord Sonny Corinthos, when she's a teenager. Knowing how children age on soaps, expect that to happen in the next year or so.

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Dear Soaps, Who is the father...

Dear Soaps,
Who is the father of Liz's baby on General Hospital? &#151 Brenda

Dear Brenda,
We can't believe you've already forgotten Zander Smith! Well, maybe it's because he was gunned down by the authorities while trying to profess his undying love for Emily Quartermaine. However, his legend lives on through the child he and Liz conceived during a one-night stand. Emily had turned down Zander yet again when he sought comfort from Liz, who was dealing with complications in her own marriage with her ex-husband, Ric. Zander's gone, but Liz is still holding her head high and raising her son on her own.

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Dear Soaps, On Guiding Light,...

Dear Soaps,
On Guiding Light, are Lizzie and Coop falling in love, even though their families are feuding? &#151 Linda

Dear Linda,
Judging by the way these two keep making out with one another, we'd say that they are falling fast. Seems like this story is taking its cue straight from Romeo and Juliet. Lizzie is a Spaulding and determined to avenge her father's murder, but she can't fight her growing attraction to Coop, whose sister has been convicted of the crime. Let's just hope that David Kreizman, GL's head writer, doesn't copy the play's famous climax. We'd hate to see Lizzie and Coop meet the same tragic ending Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers did.

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Dear Soaps, On Guiding Light,...

Dear Soaps,
On Guiding Light, Dinah is seriously worried that her mother, Vanessa, will come back to Springfield. So is Vanessa returning or not? &#151 JD

Dear JD,
You ask and we deliver: Last December, GL announced that Maeve Kinkead, who has played Vanessa on and off since 1980, would reprise her role yet again. And indeed she will, on April 25. That's when Dinah will have to justify why she's carrying a baby for Edmund and Cassie, whom Dinah once tried to kill while in a jealous rage.

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Dear Soaps, What do you think...

Dear Soaps,
What do you think about General Hospital firing Robyn Richards and hiring Kirsten Storms to play Maxie? Is it just me, or is this a low blow for Richards? &#151 Matthew

Dear Matthew,
It's definitely a low blow. The last time Richards had a meaty story line was when Maxie got a heart transplant from her cousin BJ in 1994. In spite of her recent axing, Richards is taking the news well, or so says her manager, Michael Bruno. He recently told that Richards is auditioning for prime-time and film roles. Viewers who enjoyed Storms' performances on Days of our Lives may be enticed to watch her on GH. But you may recall that GH didn't have a lot of success the last time they hired a new Maxie. Danica Stewart (now Passions' Jessica) took over the role in March 2002, but producers soon realized it was a read more

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