Dear Soaps, I can't believe that...

Dear Soaps,
I can't believe that Agim Kaba, who plays Aaron Snyder, is leaving As the World Turns. Do you have any news on what he's doing next? &#151 Sarah

Dear Sarah,
You'll be happy to know that the model-turned-actor is keeping himself busy in his new profession. He just finished filming his first feature, Red Gold, a romantic tale about two star-crossed lovers in the '40s. He plays Harry, a handsome high-school boy who is about to go off to war. Hopefully this role will be a stepping-stone to where Kaba really belongs: prime time! Those chiseled cheeks and washboard abs are screaming for him to play the sexy loner who drifts into a strange new town on some teen-angst drama on WB.

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Dear Soaps, I know that The Bold...

Dear Soaps,
I know that The Bold and the Beautiful's Rick Forrester went to work in the European division of his family's company a few months back. Is he ever coming home? &#151 Chet

Dear Chet,
He sure is! Justin Torkildsen will reprise his role as Eric Forrester's youngest son beginning April 20. Rick's coming home to celebrate his sister Bridget's engagement to his mother's ex-boyfriend, Nick Marone. I've got a few words of wisdom for Brooke: Don't you dare give your daughter any advice about the wedding night. No matter how delicately you try to put it, I've got a feeling that it could just get messy.

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Dear Soaps, Can you tell me which...

Dear Soaps,
Can you tell me which soap has the characters Trisha and Trucker? Thanks! &#151 Margie

Dear Margie,
You're thinking of Loving, which ran on ABC from 1983 to 1995. Trisha Alden, played by Noelle Beck, fell in love with blue-collar heartbreaker Trucker McKenzie (Robert Tyler), who had spent several years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Following the standard soap-supercouple pattern, Trisha and Trucker fell in love despite obstacles set up by jealous counterparts. They married (twice!) and seemed like they were on the road to happiness until Trisha drove her car off a cliff, developed amnesia and remarried an ex-husband, leaving a devastated Trucker behind. Unfortunately, viewers didn't love the show as much as the title would suggest, and Loving continually suffered from low ratings. In 1995, ABC tried to salvage it by killing off most of its core characters, relocating the survivors to a loft in SoH read more

Dear Soaps, On Days of our Lives,...

Dear Soaps,
On Days of our Lives, when Chelsea was stalking Patrick, Abby told her that lots of older men date younger women. She then mentioned that Bruce Willis was dating someone in her twenties. Did the show mean Nadia Bjorlin, who plays Chloe? I read somewhere that they're dating. &#151 Diana

Dear Diana,
Not that I'm jealous or anything, but the 24-year-old siren has been casually dating the hot 50-year-old Sin City star on and off for the past few months. Days reps admit the show was having a little fun with current events, even though they stress that the quip wasn't necessarily referring to Bjorlin. (Yeah, right.) But the actress herself seems to think it was. "I didn't even know it happened until Ashley Benson, who plays Abby, told me they had given her that line," she remarks. Luckily, Bjorlin can roll with the punch line. "It's very funny and sort of cute that [the writers] did that, in tha read more

Dear Soaps, I'm a little confused...

Dear Soaps,
I'm a little confused about how the character of Carly Corinthos was introduced on General Hospital. Can you refresh my memory? &#151 Jackie S.

Dear Jackie,
If you thought you had troubles with your mama, think again. When Carly first came to Port Charles in 1996, she secretly wanted to punish Bobbie Spencer, who had given Carly up at birth. Carly maneuvered herself into the good nurse's life, and promptly proceeded to steal Bobbie's then-husband, Tony Jones. Things got even more out of control when Carly got pregnant and Tony, who had been led to believe that little Michael was his son, kidnapped the baby. Fortunately, this serious standoff finally brought Carly and Bobbie together.

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Dear Soaps, Was Melissa Archer,...

Dear Soaps,
Was Melissa Archer, who plays Natalie Vega on One Life to Live, fired over the weekend? Is the show currently recasting her role? &#151 Sam

Dear Sam,
I thought getting stood up by a date on Friday night was the worst rejection a person could get over the weekend! Since I was home anyway, I did a little digging to find out if this rumor has any truth to it. First off, ditch the notion that Archer has been fired. Sources tell that the actress is currently in contract negotiations. But even if Archer doesn't stay, OLTL, which has every intention of keeping the hot Evangeline-John-Natalie love triangle in the forefront, will recast the role. Second, and more important, that boy better never call me again, because I'd only give him, like, three more chances to ask me out and that's final.

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Dear Soaps, While I was away at...

Dear Soaps,
While I was away at college, I missed several weeks of As the World Turns. What happened to Chris Hughes? Last time I watched the show, he was cheating on Alison with Emily! &#151 Allison

Dear Allison,
Any man who fools around with his fianc&#233e's married sister needs to pack his bags and leave town pronto! Last September Chris called off the wedding moments before the ceremony was about to begin. Alison politely told him that she never wanted to see his lyin', cheatin', stinkin' face ever again, and moved on to her former flame, Aaron Snyder. Chris lingered in Oakdale for a few more months, but he finally slunk out of town this past January. Smart move.

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Dear Soaps, On General Hospital,...

Dear Soaps,
On General Hospital, Sonny attempted to impress Reese, the FBI agent, by cooking her dinner. He made chicken in a white-wine sauce and served red wine with the meal. No one serves red wine with white meat! Who researches this stuff? &#151 Lisa

Dear Lisa,
While GH has yet to put a food connoisseur on its payroll, GH's head writers, Bob Guza and Chuck Pratt insist that "Sonny is a gourmet. He would never make that kind of mistake!" But we were dying to know if Sonny had made a major faux pas with his wine selection, so we contacted John Barricelli, cohost of the scrumptious PBS series Everyday Food. And here's the verdict: Toss out the notion that white meat and red wine don't mix! According to Barricelli, who has 27 years of professional cooking experience, a robust pinot noir will nicely complement any poultry dish.

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Dear Soaps, I hear that Alicia...

Dear Soaps,
I hear that Alicia Leigh Willis wants out of General Hospital. Is that true? &#151 Cassie

Dear Cassie,
Willis has been starring as GH's headstrong heroine, Courtney Matthews, for more than three years. That's usually about the length of time it takes for a young performer to get the urge to scratch that "contract's ending and prime time's a-calling" itch. Reportedly, Willis wants to try her luck outside of daytime, as departing actress Tamara Braun (Carly) is about to do. But our very-inside sources tell us we should "debunk the theory" that Willis will make a fast getaway in the next few weeks. Please feel free to ask us this question again when pilot season rolls around next January.

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Dear Soaps, I started watching...

Dear Soaps,
I started watching All My Children again, and I noticed that Jackson Montgomery has a daughter named Lily. I thought Greenlee was his only child. Can you clarify? &#151 KA

Dear KA,
Well, you're sort of right. While three children call the D.A. "Daddy," Greenlee is his only biological offspring. So how did Lily come into the picture? Back in 1993, Jackson romanced Laurel Banning, a reluctant con artist who was embezzling money to keep her daughter, Lily, in a school specializing in autism. Laurel later had to kill her abusive ex in self-defense. Jackson helped Laurel hide the body, and the two went on the run. He then decided to marry Laurel and adopt Lily. Laurel was eventually cleared, and she celebrated her newfound freedom by getting a divorce. Unfortunately, Laurel became a murder victim herself when Jason Sheffield gunned her down. In 2003, Jackson added to his brood by taking in former street kid Reggie Porter, eventu read more

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