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Is Lost Boy Boone Really Dead?

Finally, one of Lost's biggest mysteries has been revealed. After months of warnings from cocreators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof that a major character on their hit ABC drama would be killed off — and rampant speculation from fans about who it would be — Boone (Ian Somerhalder), the rich boy with the creepy attachment to stepsister Shannon (Maggie Grace), died in the April 6 episode. Somerhalder's exit was necessary because "it kicks off the character conflicts that build all the way into the season finale," Lindelof says. "It had to be him." Here, in an emotional TV Guide interview, Somerhalder speaks out about his departure and — spoiler alert! — reveals that he might not be the only one biting the dust.
TV Guide: Did the producers ask you to keep Boone's demise a secret from the rest of the cast?
Ian Somerhalder:
No. They knew I wouldn't do that. These are my people, you know? There's no way in hell I wasn't read more

We Spy Alias Scoop!

Alias creator J.J. Abrams is even busier than a jet-setting CIA operative these days. Besides launching the ABC hit Lost, he's preparing to direct The World's Biggest Box-Office Star (that would be Tom Cruise) in Mission Impossible 3 next summer. But never fear, Sydney Bristow fans: Abrams remains committed to his wildly entertaining spy drama, whose fourth season begins in January, partly because of his jam-packed schedule. "When I went away to [direct the pilot episode of] Lost," he says, "I got away from Alias enough to look at it in a way that was surprising again." So what's coming up for Syd? Here, we attempt to pry a few top-secret details out of the notoriously tight-lipped writer.

TV Guide Online: Many fans were thrilled when Vaughn (Michael Vartan) shot his wicked wife Lauren (Melissa George) in last May's finale. Is she really dead?
J.J. Abrams:
Melissa is not coming back at the moment. I know some fans read more

Tyra's Top Model Tattle

When America's Next Top Model returns tonight (8 pm/ET on UPN), expect a bevy of very diverse beauties.

Among the 14 aspiring catwalkers vying for the show's title: Yaya, a 21-year-old graduate of Brown University who majored in African studies and speaks three languages; Toccara, a 22-year-old, 5-foot-9-inch, 180-lb. diva from New Jersey who's intent on becoming the first plus-size supermodel; Julie, a 19-year-old student from Kent, Wash., who hopes to change the image of East Indian women; and Nicole, a 21-year-old ex-punk rocker.

Then there's this year's Shandi: 19-year-old Norelle, a 5-foot-10 1/2, 118-lb. sales associate from Costa Mesa, Calif., who's rocking a set of braces. "It's not like we had this kind of girl before and we want it again," says host and executive producer Tyra Banks. "That's when you get bad casting because you're trying to top yourself. You just try to think new. We were wip read more

One Tree Hill Scoop!

WB's One Tree Hill ended its first season with one soapy twist after another: Nathan and Haley got married, Lucas left town, Deb had an affair and Dan had a heart attack. Here, executive producer Mark Schwann gives TV Guide Online the scoop on what we can expect in Season 2. And we're not just talking about Chad Michael Murray's cute new buzz cut!
TV Guide Online: Nathan and Haley getting married was quite a shock. Where do you go from there?
Mark Schwann:
I think the audience wants to know how Nathan and Haley's marriage is possible and what the decision-making [process] was. We'll meet her family in the first episode. Her father will be played by Huey Lewis. I think the audience loves Nathan and Haley, and wants to make sure [their marriage] is not being used as an excuse to cause friction in their relationship or break them up.

TVGO: Well, is it?
I've said all along, I'm a fan of the relationship. I think they're really read more

Big Changes on The O.C.

When Fox's The O.C. wrapped its first season last May, Julie and Caleb tied the knot, and Ryan packed up his wife-beater tees and moved back to Chino with his knocked-up lover, Teresa, prompting his distraught adopted bro, Seth, to set sail for Tahiti in the Summer Breeze. Here, series creator Josh Schwartz previews what's in store for the teen soap's second season, which kicks off in November.

TV Guide Online: How will you resolve those cliffhangers? We know Ryan can't really stay in Chino with Teresa....
Josh Schwartz:
Teresa's gonna be in the show when we come back. Ryan's still trying to do the responsible thing [where she's concerned], but it hasn't been easy. It's been a long summer between them. He's trying to make the best of it, but it's kind of grim. Seth has not returned. His parents know where he is, but he's decided he ain't coming back. Sandy and Kirsten have not had a good summer living in this empty house without the kids. It read more

PO5 Hottie Gets Lost

He battled Hodgkin's disease on Party of Five and death itself on UPN's short-lived supernatural drama Haunted. But Matthew Fox may face his biggest challenge yet on Lost, the new ABC thriller from Alias creator J.J. Abrams. He plays Jack, a surgeon who survives a plane crash, only to be stranded on a remote island that is also home to a mysteriously lethal (and unseen) creature.
TV Guide Online: How did you get involved in Lost?
Matthew Fox:
I came in and [auditioned]. At that point, the script was very confidential. Nobody was really getting a chance to read it. I don't usually go into auditions or meetings until I've read the material, but my agents and managers said, "This is really gonna be a big one. It's J.J. Abrams." So I went in, and J.J. took me to an office and gave me the script. I sat down to read it, but he kept running into the room every 20 minutes going, "What do you think?" I was like, "You gotta give me a read more

This Soap Star Is Desperate!

This fall on ABC's Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria plays Gabrielle, an unhappy young trophy wife who's steaming up the sheets with her teenaged pool boy. But the 29-year-old actress — best known as jealous schemer Isabella on The Young and the Restless — feels anything but desperate these days. As part of an ensemble that includes Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross, Longoria says, "I love going to work. I pinch myself every day." Here, the ex-soap starlet talks about taking her shot at the big leagues.

TV Guide Online: Were you intimidated to suddenly find yourself working with those famous prime-time actresses?
Eva Longoria:
I was terrified coming in! These women have been in prime time for a long time. Everybody knows Marcia's [Melrose Place] character, everybody knows Teri's [Lois & Clark] character. Everybody knows Felicity is a talented, talented actress [from Sports Night read more

Paris and Nicole Feuding?

When it comes to Paris Hilton, nothing is simple. Take the conference-call interview she's scheduled to do with Nicole Richie to promote The Simple Life 2 (debuting Wednesday on Fox). The L.A.-based Richie has agreed to talk with TV Guide Online at 10 pm — in order to accommodate Hilton, who's on a 17-hour time difference in Australia. But when the hotel heiress gets on the line, she puts her stiletto down. "I want to do the interview by myself," Hilton pouts. "My publicist didn't tell you? I want to do it separately."

Hmm... Is Hilton just being difficult — or could rumors of a rift between these two pampered party girls be true? For the record, both say their friendship is just fine, thanks. The gossip "is just people trying to make things up," Hilton huffs.

Regardless of whether they have, at least momentarily, grown sick of each other, the question remains: Are viewers over them? Last winter's first installment was a hit read more

A Comeback for Spike?

In next week's Angel series finale, Spike wonders how to spend what could potentially be the last day of his undead life. So the platinum-topped vamp Spike chooses to spout poetry at a seedy bar. For his portrayer, James Marsters, playing live music would more likely top the final to-do list. The California-bred actor moonlights as lead singer of his rock band, Ghost of the Robot. On the final night of his Angel duties, he happily previewed two new tracks for us in his trailer. "I think this is the best song I've written so far," he said proudly of one acoustic ballad. Soon, he'll embark on a European tour with the group, but don't fret, Spike fans: Unlike co-star David Boreanaz, he's not ready to stake his signature role just yet.

TV Guide Online: How does it feel to shoot the last day on a series?
James Marsters:
Good. Television often is an exercise read more

Boreanaz Bids Angel Adieu

Angel may be a tortured 245-year-old vampire with a soul, but his portrayer, David Boreanaz, is about as angst-free as actors come. As series creator Joss Whedon once told TV Guide, "David takes things in stride, and those of us who don't know how to stride are confused." During a break in shooting Angel's series finale (airing May 19 at 9 pm/ET), the ever-cool 33-year-old actor discussed why he's relieved to see his 5-year-old WB drama bite it, how he feels about star-crossed love Buffy's (Sarah Michelle Gellar) absence, and the chance he'll resurrect Angel for those rumored TV or DVD movies.

TV Guide Online: How did you get the cancellation news?
David Boreanaz:
Joss came to set and told me. I said, "OK, fine." There were no tears. There was just a moment of congratulating him on a successful run of five seasons.

TVGO: You weren't at all upset?
I don't wanna sound like I was cheering, but when Joss read more

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