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V Episode Recap: "There Is No Normal Anymore"

On this week's V, Erica and Father Jack are torn over who they can...and cannot trust.

9 minutes in...

Well, we're off and running. And for Erica and Father Jack, they're literally off and running. When the Vs send a ground crew to clean up the mess (i.e., dead bodies in the warehouse), Erica makes an "anonymous" call from a nearby payphone to the police. Only problem is...the call was being traced by the V's. The next thing Erica and Father Jack know, a blue orb is hot on their tail. Now, I'm sure a flying blue orb is terrifying on whatever planet the Vs come from, but they were clearly unaware that Erica was the star hitter on her college softball team here on earth. One solid swing later, Erica obliterates the orb with a homerun hit. The incident is just another reminder that neither she nor Father Jack can trust anyone.

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V Episode Recap: "Pilot"

In the series premiere of V, it's finally happened. The Visitors have arrived. Now, I have to be honest with you, I was a fan of the original V television series when it aired back in 1984. It may have been my yearning for a "Star Wars" type of show (Return of the Jedi was released in 1983) or because quite frankly there just wasn't anything else on at the time for a young lad like myself to enjoy. Who knows? I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I've had extremely high expectations for this "re-imagining" since it was first announced. With that being said...the show started out with a bang! Well a rumble anyway. The Visitors came with a trusted and true message: We come in peace. But by the end, it's quite clear...peace is not what they came for.

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