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"What About Blob?"

I swear, halfway through this episode I had a You Can’t Do That on Television moment, expecting a bucketful of green slime to pour down on someone’s head. That didn't quite happen, but tonight's ooze was nevertheless pretty grody, and I felt terrible that poor Ben got swallowed up in the stuff. But at least this time he didn’t lose any eyebrows from the ordeal.The escaped soul, a corrupt tycoon who spent years polluting the environment by dumping toxic waste illegally, came back in green blob form (how appropriate) to try to wipe out all the people who stood to get his still-living son in trouble for the crimes he inherited from his dad. Our guys had to figure out how the vessel, a knitted Christmas sweater (Sock: "Maybe you use that and the soul laughs it way back to hell?") could possibly absorb a spirit. Well, I guess that’s exactly how it went down in the end, now isn’t it? Superabsorbent knitting saves the day. I especially enjoyed the Freddy Krueger cl... read more

"The Secret in the Soil"

I really thought tonight’s episode was going to give us some more clues about the season-long serial-killing cannibal hunt. But despite "cooked" bodies and multiple victims popping up, tonight’s supposedly cold-blooded perp turned out to be a young girl in the wrong place with the right reasons — trying to protect her mom’s honor from her cheating pop.Did anyone else totally call it early that the killer was Kat Curtis? I find it’s always easy to jump to conclusions early on in the episode that the killer has to be a calculating menace, some deranged and brilliant mind plotting his/her murders with stealth. So when it ends up being an otherwise innocent person caught in an unfortunate circumstance, I can’t help but feel deflated. That’s similar to what often happens on another favorite show of mine, Law & Order: SVU — when someone tries to do what they think is the right thing but winds up in the completely opposite predicament, it’s ... read more


I want to make out with this show. I want chill with it, get to know it a little better, and then make like awkward eighth graders at summer camp. Seriously, what is it about this show that makes me laugh so much? Even my roommate, a fellow Reaper lover who sits self-shackled next to me on the couch every Tuesday night, throws me questioning stares because I chortle obnoxiously at the tube every 15 seconds. So yes, I'm a huge dork. And according to the CW's ratings breakdown, I'm also one of the total four women who watch this show. Yeah, take that... all other shows. Yeah.I think the show is really taking off. This time I found myself not so concerned for the vessel or what it would be, as much as how all the shenanigans were going to go down. Whereas I once watched with suspicion, I now watch for fun. And I think that says a lot about the leaps it's made. Sam is getting comfy with his hunting prowess, is accepting his fate, and is slowly growing a pair. That last one in particular... read more

"Death in the Saddle"

What can I say about last night's pony-play fetish episode? Giddyup. I didn't really expect to see leather and riding crops all over a show on network TV, but Bones has that way of surprising me and tackling oft-taboo topics in an educational way. Kudos to the show — they sure know how to keep things fresh over there.One thing I realized was that the more the team uncovered details about Mr. Ed's death, the more squeamish I got. I thought the maggoty (does anyone else wonder how they later get the bugs off of the body?), decomposed corpse was pretty gruesome, even for this show. Eyeballs poked out? Check. Feet severed? Check. Blunt trauma to the head? Check. But no matter, because I love watching the sleuthing ways the team uncovers clues in the victim's body. Last season when Cam busted into the lab and stopped Zack and Hodgins from setting their Spam-head experiment on fire (they were testing how long it would take skin to melt under specific conditions) I thought in horror t... read more

"All Mine"

Poor Sam. Now more than ever it seems he's stuck in a situation where his cowardice and insecurities (and yet not his poor choice of a role model) is keeping him from getting the things he wants. So far, we know that he wants to go out with Andi and that he believes his life is worth more than his job at the Work Bench, but he still doesn't feel totally comfortable soul-catching for Leland Palmer the Devil. But at least he knows he's pretty good at that last one, especially when motivated by saving innocent people's lives. I say Sam's a god guy, he's just running in an odd crowd.Sam surrounds himself with a bunch of enablers. Like when Andi hit on him and asked him out, which he then declined? Declined?! Sock just backed him up with a "We're gonna donate some bone marrow to the needy" excuse instead. It seems that despite their good intentions, no one's really looking out for Sam's best interests, except maybe the Devil. Now there's irony. So why did Sam tell her no? Maybe he's that... read more


So, did this episode live up to its predecessor? I think it did a pretty good job. With a show like this, built on what I now believe to be the very specific premise of guy-gets-vessel, guy-tussles-with-ghouls, guy-saves-the-day, I realize that there might not be so much room for the plot to stretch beyond that specific formula. Hmm. But even still, we keep learning more about these characters and how they're hilariously interwoven with each other, and I find myself still excited for what's going to happen the next week. In tonight's episode, after Sam spends much of it expertly avoiding the Devil's new vessel for him, he and Sock purposely ditch it in odd locales around town only for it to magically reappear and stalk the fellas in places like Sam's backseat, at his front door, and pretty much everywhere despite his efforts. "Sam, I'm in love with this box," comments Sock. Too bad he's not the one whose job it is to make sure the vessel collects itself some souls.I love that the he... read more

"Soccer Mom in the Minivan"

Tonight's episode put me back in that happy Bones place that made me love the show in the first place. Somewhere between solving a murder and using big science-y words like "capillary electrophoresis" is the show's big heart, and I have to say that tonight I sighed more than once.Soccer mom Amy Nash was killed when her car exploded at a soccer field. I can't say how much this scene got me — the explosion churning red while Lou Reed's sunny "Perfect Day" played in the background and little girls screamed in horror from the adjacent field. The three couldn’t have contrasted more, and it was totally beautiful.Back at the lab, the FBI called in Special Agent Frost, a lady with some impressive skills and equally impressive cleavage, a fact not lost on Hodgins. My favorite quote of the night came when Angela, noting the stuttering mess her man Hodge became around Frost, introduced herself to Frost as "Angela Montenegro. I do facial reconstructions. And him." I heart Angela. Unli... read more

Series Premiere

Oh, Reaper, my belly so aches from laughter, and it's all your fault. There were a ton of priceless moments in this episode, which I think promise good things for the future of this series. When I first found out about this show, it was easy to fall into a disbelieving mindframe, wondering how any network was going to pull off a show about a guy who finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. I wondered what kind of footprint the CW was going to make with this kind of wacky premise, and now I know. A huge, hilarious one.Sam Oliver (Bret Harrison) and his best pal Bert "Sock" Wysocki (Tyler Labine) are lackey salesmen at The Work Bench, a Home Depot-like hardware store where they work under an Office Space-worthy rule-monger manager and are are graced by the presence of Sam's crush Andi (Missy Peregrym) and their pal Ben (Rick Gonzalez). After a bizarre workday in which Sam learns he has (a sad excuse for) telekinesis, plays hero by saving Andi's life and is ... read more

"The Widow’s Son in the Windshield"

So you’re cruising down the highway one night with your pals. You’re having a good time, and even though you haven’t been drinking, your eyes tell you a human skull just bounced off the truck in front of you and is hurling at your car, ready to make sloppy seconds of your windshield. Greeeeat.Hooray for Season 3 of Bones! When your plots start out with skulls on highways and end up with cannibals and secret societies, what’s not to love? But we'll get there. To start with:Some Useful Vocabulary We Learned from This Episode• ungual — of, pertaining to, bearing, or shaped like a nail, claw, or hoof• osteoma — a benign tumor composed of bony tissue, often developing on the skull• squeeze ‘n squish — Angela's euphemism for heavy pettingLet me key you up to where we left off in May. Angela and Hodgins skipped their nuptials and went right for the honeymoon after discovering Angela was still married to a guy she met on a trip to Fiji... read more

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