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"Ashes to Ashes"

Episode Recap: "Ashes to Ashes"Ben: "Does he still have a chance with you?"Andi: "Maybe."This may actually be indicative of how people confusingly act in real life, but if that's the case then I'm not used to these real "human emotions" in my TV. "Maybe"? If Andi hadn't lost a fan in me before, she certainly did then. I suppose the bigger point of her indecision was to put it up next to the Devil's purposeful indecision and to say that any way you slice it, you shouldn't treat people that way. Well, maybe it's actually Andi who's the Devil's daughter because, yes, that's mean, girl, even if that wasn't your intention. It was pretty great seeing Melinda Clarke as Mimi, acting outside her evil wench role on The O.C.. So the Devil's girlfriend is a sweetheart and the Devil likes to go by "Jerry" and vacay in Cabo? I love this show.One thing in this episode that kind of freaked me out was when Sam woke up in the coffin. When Sam slips into the Devil's example sequences before he goes g... read more

"The Santa in the Slush"

Episode Recap: "The Santa in the Slush"Well, that kiss was certainly a nice holiday gift for us all, wasn't it? The way Bones gripped Booth's collar, how the two of them blushed, her gum ending up in his mouth… Though when it was over and they got to mumbling about how little it meant to each of them, you'd think you'd just seen two teenagers kiss for the first time in a public game of truth or dare or something. But it was so sweet. I think we all waited a long time to see if something like this would ever happen between them, and I rather enjoyed seeing how innocent it all ended up. As for the dead Santa, he appeared to not quite live up to his good name as the jolly man of myth, despite his milk-and-cookies-swilling dossier. Santa was instead accused of picking pockets and ruining Christmases for folly. I didn't think the episode did a very clear job of connecting Kris Kringle's death to Jeff, the Santa who killed him, or even giving Jeff a motive to commit the crime. The mo... read more

"The Knight on the Grid"

I find the Widow's Son serial killer case totally fascinating. Honestly, I don't know how they get so much info into one episode. With storylines like tonight's, which are so embroiled in secrecy and mysticism and intricate clues in code, I end up feeling like I can't even get up to use the bathroom for fear I'll miss something important. Every detail feels that essential. And you just don't get that from TV so often these days.We found out more about Gorgonzola Gormagon tonight than we have yet, most importantly that there are two of them: A master cannibal, and his apprentice (a new apprentice, mind you, since the baby-eater croaked). Why you need to teach someone the proper way to eat human flesh, I do not know. I'm guessing it has more to do with the intricacies of picking one's kill, like making sure your victim's father died when your victim was young, or that his or her profession coincides with the characters on your ancient tapestry, or that his or her home is located along... read more

Reaper's "Sock" Has a Devilish Good Time

Tyler Labine, Reaper

He fights demons and hellhounds as Bert "Sock" Wysocki on Reaper (Tuesdays at 9pm/ET), but Tyler Labine's real life is no less exciting. From Reaper's writers'-strike status to dish on the real Ray Wise, Labine tells us where it's at this season. Your wacky character on the show, Sock, seems to be a fan favorite. Is he anything like you?
Labine: Sock is the kind of guy who just says and does whatever he wants. There's something really fun about getting to be that guy. We walk around censoring ourselves all the time, but this guy just doesn’t have that sort of filter in his system. So I'm that guy more often than I'm not because I'm at work all the time, so I'm just now starting to sort of become him. There are a lot of great moments on the show that seem improvised. Do you guys have t read more

"The Boy in the Time Capsule"

It's true, everyone seems to have belonged to a specific group during high school. Some people spent all their time studying like Bones, some embraced grunge like Hodgins, and some had dashing looks, could throw a perfect spiral, and always had a pretty lady on their arm like Booth (or That Guy as we get to know him). I love episodes in which we find out a little bit more about the history of our characters, the way they were before this chunk of life we're witnessing them go through now. And realizing that Bones didn't know who The Cure were in the 1980s makes me wish she'd put those books down a few more times, though it made for one of the most humorous lines of the night: "The cure? Was he sick?"A 1987 time-capsule unveiling intended to unearth only Rubik's Cubes and acid-washed jeans yielded those exact things... floating with the remains of a decomposed body instead. Good job, Bones producers, at subsequently grossing us out more week after week. The body belonged to a fellow ... read more

"The Cop"

Sock and Gladys made out. Sock and Gladys. Made. Out. Is nothing holy? I guess that's the wrong question to be asking of a show about the Devil's favorite minion. And though it was just a dream sequence, Gladys' red bra amidst the doilies and angel tchotchkes and the glint in Sock's eye when he agreed they should get it on will haunt me every time I watch this show. I wish I could escape it like they do in Wayne's World. Deedly-oot, deedly-oot, deedly-oot….Otherwise, and thankfully there is an otherwise, tonight's show actually had a few twists I wasn't expecting. Many of us have been wondering if things on this show are going to get shaken up a bit, if the formula is going to stray from its tried (and almost tired) path. I think tonight's crazy episode showed that it does. Though the plot still clung to the whole demon-of-the-week deal, we actually saw very little of him (Curtis Dean Mays, an executed felon), and spent more time on Sam and the Devil's twisted relationship. I r... read more

"Love, Bullets & Blacktop"

This episode didn't have enough Ray Wise in it for my taste, but maybe I have to get over that. What it did have was enough 1970s nostalgia to make me wish for a closet full of bell-bottoms. Not. From the way last week's ads looked, I thought this episode would have a bit of a Grindhouse-style grainy look to it. Nope. Even the actual Betamax movie Sam and Andi watched of "Love, Bullets & Blacktop" didn't have the grittiness I expected. I think that would have been a really great touch, something else to say the show stands out by doing. Looks like the CW ad people have tricked me once again.The guys' goal souls in this episode, Kit and Holly, were two escapees who spent their lives living on the edge: driving fast muscle cars, being dangerously in love and modeling themselves after law-breaking characters in a low-budget car-chase movie. Oh, and they have a soft spot for the movie's eight-track soundtrack (despite it's being this week's vessel), most prominently track 1, "Radar ... read more

"Intern in the Incinerator"

Gorgonzola. Gormaguy. Goobagon. That Widow's Son serial killer sure racked up a lot of nicknames in tonight's episode. I was really looking forward to finding out more clues about the mystery cannibal, and it was rather a letdown to find out the Silver Skeleton perp didn't end up having anything to do with tonight's case. Perhaps, like the squints, I just really wanted it to be Gormogon (as explained tonight, G-gon refers to a group in the 18th century dedicated to eradicating the Freemasons and the Illuminati) and not the smarty-pants Jeffersonian doc we should otherwise have been able to trust.After maintenance workers found the charred remains of a girl in the Jeffersonian's furnace room, the team set out to figure out who the victim was and how she died. I loved the scene where Angela looked at the skull and already saw the shape of the girl's face forming in her mind before any forensic devices were applied. You have all been dead-on in your commentaries by mentioning that we'v... read more

"Mummy in the Maze"

Ahh, nothing like an episode about human fears to celebrate Halloween. I've always admired that when this show hits a nerve in its most important characters, it often hits one in us viewers, too. As the victims' causes of death were discovered in last night's episode, I just kept thinking about their deaths and how much it would suck to be buried alive or stuck in a box full of hungry tarantulas. Thanks, Bones! A happy Halloween to you, too (grumble)! At least I'm not afraid of clowns.This week B&B investigate a killer who's left two mummified corpses in Halloween hot zones: a pumpkin-patch maze and a funhouse. Not a very covert way of disposing of bodies if you ask me, but I guess there's no rule that serial killers can't have a flair for the dramatic. My favorite part of the opening maze scene was where I noticed actor Rider Strong (playing funhouse employee Gregg) hanging out in a grim-reaper costume. I didn't really believe my eyes until I saw him later at the funhouse. But ... read more


I was surprised to see that this episode started with the soul-hunting trio already in the midst of capturing a spirit, Leon (Patton Oswalt), who killed U.S. President McKinley. Actually, I was hoping that would be the only soul in this episode and that we'd spend the rest of it learning more about our heroes. But even though another bad guy did come along, we still got to find out what was going through our fellas' heads. Though as soon as they captured Leon and Sock proclaimed, "This just keeps getting easier and easier," I knew he'd regret saying it.Fun fact: Leon Czolgosz was indeed the name of the guy who shot McKinley. The Devil shows up eventually, completely bummed out by the concept of Halloween, and is in a speech-making kind of mood. He's smoking. He barely speaks. He may as well put on a black turtleneck, grab a tambourine and go to an open-mic night. Halloween, to him, is the cheapening of the evil he promotes, kind of like what Valentine's Day means these days for love... read more

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