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"Player Under Pressure"

Aw. Hell. No. Did you all watch the same episode I did tonight? And is anyone else wondering how they let this show get away with all the things it does? I’m used to seeing grossly disfigured corpses and perps who have terrible reasons for having killed anyone, but with every detail that came out tonight, I just couldn’t believe the choices that had been made. This ep even somehow bordered on slapstick humor (I'm a scientist, I'm going to dig a rat out of a corpse!) under the premise of working on a serious murder case. Am I being harsh? Let’s discuss the evidence in bold. Bold is fun.RJ Manning was a star college basketball forward, the agreed-upon star player of the league, whose decomposing body was found under his school’s bleachers being used as a rat birthing center. A big gold star goes out to the team who created the grossest dead body I’ve ever seen on TV. All melted guts and indiscernible bone fragments, RJ’s brain was left as jelly and bits t... read more

"The Man in the Mud"

Man, was that writers' strike ever long. Since we'd been deprived of new episodes for a while, I took solace in the Bones repeats that TBS started showing, but it just wasn't the same. Having the show return tonight was like going back home to see family you've been missing, if only your family was a crew of brilliant crime-solving geeks. I missed the pokes and prods, Booth's unintentional ignorances, Brennan's clueless Edith Bunker-isms ("You want to come with us? To the bowling rink?). Sometimes I just want to pinch her cheeks and tell her it's going to be okay, and then I have to remember her IQ is probably still a number equal to the sum of all the IQ's of all the people I know. Squared.Tonight we greeted the melty remains of Tripp Goddard, murdered motorcycle racer supreme, as they were hauled out of a sulfuric hot spring in a secluded foresty area. Suspect #1: Garth Jodrey, wheelchair-bound journalist/former moto-racer hurt after his bike was clipped by Tripp in a race. Now ... read more

We've Got a Bone to Pick with John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley, Bones

As if the smartest geek-squad on TV needed another partner in crime-solving, John Francis Daley returns to Bones (Mondays, 8 pm/ET on Fox) tonight as Dr. Lance Sweets, now a permanent member of the show's crime-cracking family. Daley clues us in on where the show's big mystery arc is headed and tells us about his character's lady troubles. Sounds like a problem the team won't be using science to solve. So your character's name is Dr. Sweets. Is that supposed to say something about him?
John Francis Daley: I think it's just one of those goofy names that they can all harass me with. It's probably a name that my character tried to change at some point, but he didn't want to disgrace his dad so he didn't. He does at least seem like the read more

"Acid Queen"

Tonight's episode of Reaper was immensely thrilling, the pinnacle of everything this show has aspired to be since it started. They fully executed romance, mortal danger, misunderstandings, even love triangles, revenge and demons in one hour. You know, that description disturbingly reminds me of the mornings I obsessively spent watching Days of Our Lives circa 1997 and its bizarre storylines (remember when Marlena was possessed by he Devil? Anyone? OK, don't hate me). But this was tender and surprising and thrilling. I couldn't ask for more.After some consternation, the guys figured out a way to break up with their new BFFs, neighbor-demons Steve (Michael Ian Black) and Tony (Ken Marino), only to find that they'd been hasty in doing so after the two prove they're harmless and misunderstood. Still, you have to know they're hiding something — Steve very obviously took an active interest in Sam's unique buddy-terms with the Devil. What could he want? He did save Sam's life (how awe... read more


Oh, how I love a good (mild) cliffhanger. Did anyone else expect the Guys’ new neighbors Steve (Michael Ian Black) and Tony (Ken Marino) to be demons? I mean, I think we've all come to accept that anything on this show that appears to be great at first (dads, vacuums, girlfriends) rarely is. But demons? Adoptive parent demons? Badass, lovey chefs-who-discuss-crown-moulding demons? Oh, Well. Even if they are 28,000% evil, I still want their lobster macaroni and cheese recipe. Yum.I quite enjoyed seeing everyone's storylines flesh out in this episode. And though last week's demon was pretty gnarly, I found Herbert to be one of the scarier escaped souls I've personally seen — you can't see him coming at you! Though in a way, I've come to expect that sort of thing when I walk on New York City streets. At least in my case it's usually just the crazies and not the returned-dead to keep wary of.Sam started the episode out in confident form, backbone intact, hallelujah. Minus his ... read more

Has Reaper's Ray Wise Sold His Soul to the Devil?

Ray Wise, Reaper

The Devil returned in pure-evil form last week when Reaper (Thursdays at 9pm/ET, CW) resumed after a too-long-for-us break. Tonight's episode is the second of this season's eight post-strike episodes, and things are just getting fired up. We'd sell our souls to get some Reaper scoop, and fortunately the show's Devil himself, actor Ray Wise, made us a deal we couldn't refuse. He chatted us up on his demon-catching minion's future, the legacy of Leland Palmer and Satan's burning… feelings. So how much of yourself do you bring to your character?
Ray Wise: Oh, I think a great deal, like… his sense of style. I say this tongue-in-cheek, but I think it's true. The hair is pretty much my hair and the teeth are my teeth, and the way I wear a suit and tie, that's the way the Devil does it. I bring read more


Q: How happy were you to see the Devil with the blue tie on tonight? (A: Very.) Somehow one can go an entire summer without new episodes of a favorite show, but after said show has aired only 10 episodes and goes the same span with no new word, there's a bit of withdrawal that sets in. It better have all been worth it, writer people. For those of you curious, Reaper's still in limbo. No word yet on a deal that will go beyond the 18 episodes that will comprise this season. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Well, it was a nice comeback. Not a super magnificent my-face-just-exploded return, but good enough to remind me that I still want more after every episode. We were introduced to Sock's mom (Marilyn Norry), who wore just as much blue eyeshadow as I pictured she would, and her surprise new husband, Morris. Apparently, What Happens in Vegas Stays In Really Hurts Your Kids, because Sock's total deflation over his mom's "betrayal" consumed him for the entire episode. But Tyler Labine (an... read more

Tony Shalhoub Spills Monk Secrets

Tony Shalhoub, Monk

All hail the return of Monk (tonight at 9 pm/ET, USA Network)! On the heels of last week's Season 6.5 premiere, everyone's favorite quirky detective is back to kick more criminal butt in Episode 2, airing tonight. And the show's star, Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub, tells us it'll get even harder being Monk this season as the detective embarks on his most perilous case yet. Plus, we get the scoop on Shalhoub's love affair with guest star Howie Mandel. You don't need a magnifying glass to see where this one's going. Good morning, Tony.
Tony Shalhoub: Good morning. I actually got up a little earlier for a change and took a hike. I'm in L.A., and the weather's great. And since we've been on hiatus, the challenge is to really enjoy the free time. So you guys film out in Hollywood? Any plans on shooting out read more

Meet Las Vegas' Newest Lucky Gal: Camille Guaty

Camille Guaty, Las Vegas

Getting lucky is tough in Sin City, but Camille Guaty hit the jackpot as one of the newest regulars on NBC's Las Vegas (Fridays at 10 pm/ET). The actress clues us in on where her character's headed, her possible return to Prison Break and why she enjoyed dressing as a giant booger for Halloween. Your character, Piper, was introduced at the beginning of this season. Was it tough joining a show that's already in its fifth year?
Guaty: Yeah, you always have your plusses and minuses, [but] this cast couldn't have made it easier for me. The first day, I was so incredibly sick that I don't think I could have been intimidated by anything but myself. I couldn't remember my lines, all I wanted to do was lie on the floor and have a blanket over me. I think we probably did that scene, like, 30 times.

TVGuide read more

Cash Out

Episode Recap: "Cash Out"This show makes me wonder what I would do if I were put in the same situations Sam gets shoved into, these tests of honor and morals that give the Devil a clue about what kind of a person he is. Like, would I keep $6 million I found in a closet? I probably wouldn't have bought a gold bling belt, but I probably would purchase a spa day. And a house. And a room full of candy. Sam, you're a better person than I.Okay, down to business. Aren't Sam and Cady great together? I mean now that he's her boyfriend and all. They seem to have nice chemistry, even though she's a weirdo who brings her dead pets to drinky-time. But there's still Andi. Not that I blame her for that forlorn look she had when the guys told her about Sam's new girl who they didn't trust. Andi: "So what's wrong with her?"Ben: "She's a huge fan of Lionel Richie."Not that that really helps when you like a guy who you maybe plan on asking out some time in the next century. Maybe.I was glad that the c... read more

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