Rocky Carroll

NCIS's Rocky Carroll: "Thank You All for the Amazing Responses"


Wow!! Thank you all for the amazing responses. I'm very glad to be back in touch with you. I wasn't sure what kind of response I would get by starting this blog again and I was hoping that some of you that I remember would respond. So nice to hear from you Jonih59, Meridith, Erin Lee, Mrs. Grim, Agentncis, Joanna, Su, Lillian, Breezy, meli, Holly, Amy, Jena, Csifan, Kamesha, Katya... If I forgot to mention anyone, my apologies. And to those of you who are new to this blog, welcome. I was overwhelmed by the number of responses that I received, thank you all.

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Rocky Carroll: I Want to Hear from the NCIS Fans



It's been a while! I wanted to say hello and happy holidays to all. My last entry on this site was over six months ago...hard to believe. Needless to say, I've been a bit busy.

Hopefully, there are still a few of you who used to read my weekly entries. I hope you're still out there. To you, I say hello again. I've missed writing to you and reading your responses. Between taking care of my mother (she's doing ok, for those of you who remember) and working on both NCIS shows, I've had very little time to do much else. I really wanted to reconnect with you. It's been quite a season, so far.

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Rocky Carroll, NCIS: The "Doctor" Is In


I just wanted to say hello to all of you. The trip to St. Louis was great. The Webster University graduation ceremony went off without a hitch. I'm now the proud owner of an Honorary Doctorate. I still can't believe it. No, you don't have to address me as "Dr. Carroll".

I was able to make it back home in time to spend Mother's Day with my mom. Unfortunately, she spent Mother's Day in the hospital. She underwent a procedure this week which went well and we are hoping for a speedy recovery. Your well wishes and prayers for her have meant so much to me, and that's why I feel the need to keep you posted. Thank you, again.

I promise to compose a longer letter to you soon. Things are quite hectic right now. As soon as things slow down a bit I will write and answer as many of your questions as possible. So...what did you think about our last episode "Semper Fidelis"? How was that for "Tiva"?

More Soon, 
Rocky Carroll

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Rocky Carroll, NCIS: DVD and Hiatus News


All of a sudden, it's summer in Los Angeles. We've had near-100 degree weather the last couple of days. The weather's even hotter in Valencia, where we film NCIS, so I think our hiatus couldn't have come at a better time.

Yes, Season 6 is a wrap. We celebrated the end of the season (cast, crew, post production, publicity, a few guest stars, etc;) with a wrap party this past Saturday. It's one of the few times that everyone connected with the show has a chance to get together. Lots of hugs, handshakes and plans to hang out during hiatus. Pauley Perette introduced us to a great Italian restaurant during the season, so a few of us plan to meet there for dinner during the break. It's great to work on a show where you want to spend time with each other away from the set.

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Rocky Carroll, NCIS: More of Your Questions Answered!

Hello again,

Sorry for the delay, things have been quite busy. All's well — spent a very nice Easter weekend with my mother. thanks again for all the well wishes for her.

Well, the questions are starting to pile up so, I'm not going to waste time. Let me try to answer a few.

To Casimone: I'm glad you enjoy reading and responding to this blog. I plan to keep making entries even after we break for hiatus. Like I mentioned before, I really enjoy communicating with you all. I'll be travelling a bit this spring, so if there are a few lapses in the entries ... I hope you understand.

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Rocky Carroll, NCIS: Season Finale Is "Quite a Ride!"


This will be a brief entry, so much going on at this time. My mother's doing pretty good, thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. Today is the first day of filming for the season finale. Of course I can't give anything away, but hang on to your hats, folks. It's going to be quite a ride to the end of Season 6.

I have to answer this question first because one of our own is trying to win a bet. Yes, Shory22, you are right. I was a member of the cast of ... read more

Rocky Carroll, NCIS: Leon from Cincinnati

Hello again,

Thank you for all of your well-wishes for my mother. I told her there's a wonderful community of folks that I chat with via the Internet who are pulling for her.

I'm enjoying your comments and questions about NCIS. I think it's been an exciting season and it's not over yet. We just finished filming the second installment of Legend, the NCIS spinoff. Some of you have expressed apprehension about a spinoff. One thing is certain — the spinoff will get off to a good start since it will be shown as two NCIS episodes this season. Eventually the spinoff will ... read more

Rocky Carroll, NCIS: "Knockout" Punches Up the Mystery

Hello again,

Sorry I didn't make an entry last week. Unfortunately, my mother has had a bit of a health setback and had to go back to the hospital. She's out now and doing better. I want to thank those of you who've sent me your thoughts and well-wishes for my mother. I really appreciate it.

Funny, when we filmed the episode "Knockout," I was ... read more

Rocky Carroll, NCIS: Role Models, Spin-Offs and Extreme Emotions

Hello again,

As always, thanks for reading and respond to this blog. I really enjoyed reading your responses to the last entry. It's great to hear about the people who motivate and inspire you. I have to believe that Ms. Streep is fully aware of the impact she's had on a generation of actors. I'd love to someday tell her how she impacted my life, but if that doesn't happen, it's still OK.

This is a very interesting topic. When a performer understands their ability to influence others, it colors their decisions and gives them a profound sense of purpose. There are projects/roles that I have turned down or ... read more

Rocky Carroll, NCIS: A Life-Changing Choice


I want to start this entry off-topic, if that's OK. I attended a black-tie viewing party of the Oscars two Sundays ago. Had a great time. I usually don't have much to say about the Oscars, but something about this year's show stuck with me.

So much has been made of the phrase, "It's an honor to be nominated." The way the awards for best actor/actress and supporting actor/actress were presented, with five former winners personally praising each nominee's performance, was terrific. Each nominee was honored ... read more

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