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Mary Stuart Masterson Expecting Twins

Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson

Mary Stuart Masterson is pregnant with twins, E! Online reports.

"We are four months along," said Masterson's husband, Army Wives actor Jeremy Davison.

Mary Stuart Masterson welcomes a son

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Life on the Commercials: Day 1

I panicked. Fall Preview is normally the time when I giddily sit down and plan out my viewing schedule for the year. I rank my shows. Decide who gets watched live (on Wednesdays it's Bionic Woman), who gets taped (Gossip Girl and Kitchen Nightmares) and who gets back-burnered for repeat season (Private Practice, if it makes it). This is normally a fun process. I look forward to it. But, like I said, this year I panicked. Why? Because with this season's CBS, CW and NBC lineups, Monday is my new Thursday while Thursday is still jam-packed Thursday. And Wednesday nights just might kill me. There's just not enough time, not if I'm also going to do all the wonderful date stuff with Zeke, train for a triathlon and century ride, and take Mandarin classes. Crappety-crap-crap. My apartment is a wreck. I've haven't talked to some of my friends in ages. And my Scrabble game has slipped. (Grandma's gon' kick my butt.) How's a girl supposed to get 27 prime-time TV hours in each week, in a timely... read more

A Chat with David and Mary from The Amazing Race

David and Mary by Robert Voets/CBS

I love David and Mary from The Amazing Race. They just seem like genuinely good people — generous, curious, caring and all that. I like to think that if we ran into each other on the street, we could be friends. Theoretically. I know that in reality I’d swear too much for them or they’d discover that I’m just too shallow or jaded for their kindhearted goodness. Plus their kids might get on my nerves. See, there I go with the shallow already. But, wait, let me explain. I like kids. But, honestly, half the time I think OPKs — other people’s kids — are only fun when they’re doing the cute things I expect them to do and not when they’re being the independent little sentient creatures they actually are. But anyway, long story short: I talked to Mary and David again after they were eliminated from TAR: All-Stars. The truth they spoke about Charla and Mirna made me love them even more. (Really, what's with Team Li'l Bit?!) Here are some highl... read more

A Little Unnecessary Nudeness

Normally I applaud the authenticity of HBO?s The Wire. Clearly, that show?s writers do their homework. But when Herc walked in on Mayor Royce and his chicken-heading assistant at the start of last week?s episode there was a graphic, split-second flash of what I can only hope was faux frontal nudity. It was a naughty bit. And it was totally uncalled for. But this is HBO. So, you know, I was willing to let it go.But then last night, they did it again. At the beginning of the episode, Omar climbs out of bed buck naked to go investigate a loud noise. The killer dope-dealer supreme goes to the window, looks out then turns to face the camera and ? Hello Baltimore! ? there?s Lil Omar. Compared to last week?s sex act, Omar?s frontal flash was fairly innocent. But still, this is the second week in a row they've started off with a not-so-wee-wee peep show and I?m starting to wonder if The Wire folks think they have to shock us into paying attention. 'Cause that?s not true, guys. I would watch... read more

Would You Pay $3,000 for a Project Runway Dress?

The cocktail dress Laura made on last night's Project Runway is already up to $760 on the Seen On! auction site Considering someone paid $1,705 for the "recycled trash" dress the yuppie Manhattanite made out of a discarded peanut sack earlier this season, plus the fact that there are still six days left before the latest auction closes, you know Laura's cocktail thingy will go for well over $2,000 if not $3,000. And that fact makes my head hurt a little. While I'm talking about Project Runway sales, someone named LindaJeanne paid $1,455 for Angela's little number from Episode 4, and Kara dropped $1,900 for Kayne's formal gown from last week's Paris episode. Now I won't front: They're all darling creations; Laura's cocktail gown was especially cute. And the proceeds do go to a good cause (an organization called Dress for Success). But dang. Do people just have money to burn? I mean, really. Why else would you spend $2,000 for something you know without a doubt was mad... read more

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