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Biggest Loser's Father-Son Team Vie for Spot in Finale

Ronald and Michael Morelli

Father-and-son duo Ron and Mike Morelli have been a strong force since entering The Biggest Loser: Couples campus. The last team to remain intact, the men from Michigan each overcame injury to complete a full marathon in their final week on campus. But it wasn't all smiles when, during the last weigh-in, both members of the original Brown Team fell below the yellow line. Before it's revealed who America has chosen to join Helen and Tara in the finale, the pair spoke to about why Ron thinks Mike will be the one voted in, and how he and his son ended up choosing different trainers on the ranch. How are you doing with a week until the finale?
Ron Morelli:
I'm doing OK. It's going to be an interesting ride, the rest of the show, but for me in particular...

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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 18"

We're finally down to the final four, and the episode opens with a look back at each of the remaining contestants from 17 weeks ago. Wow, what a difference. The contestants embark on their journey at home for 30 days, but will be back for their final weigh-in on campus. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Playmates Bring the Drama"

Brody has apparently told his girlfriend Jayde about his little infidelity during the Hawaii trip, and they've been fighting about it ever since. As Lauren says,"It's not fun when vacation baggage follows you home." But when Brody throws a party, Audrina does not hesitate about going. She shows up and Jayde is not pleased. Once Audrina blows Brody a kiss, and the two hug, Jayde and her friends start to somewhat attack Audrina, who tries to explain she'd never "go there" with Brody. Jayde is all, "That's BS," and so Audrina gets up and leaves, but not before hugging the Brode-ster goodbye. Jayde is even more upset that Brody cares Audrina is upset and so she tends to her bottle — her Jaeger bottle that is. Can we say classy? read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Show Me How to Live"

In this episode of One Tree Hill, Brooke lets go of Sam, Peyton prepares for her child's future (without her in it), Nathan makes a sacrifice to benefit his team, and Skills finally gets his kiss from Jamie's teacher. read more

Harper's Island Star Talks Killers and Conflict

Adam Campbell

Starring on CBS' Harper's Island — which now airs Saturdays at 9 pm/ET — is a death sentence waiting to happen. The closed-end, 13-week mystery series takes place on an island where guests of an impending wedding are being killed off one by one. Adam Campbell, who plays Cal Vandeusen, spoke to about what it's like to work on a show where your fate isn't sealed, what we can expect from upcoming episodes, and why none of the wedding guests have yet to notice their friends are disappearing. You have a pretty comedic past. How did you end up on a mystery series?
Adam Campbell:
When I first read it, the role was written quite...

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Cook Yourself Thin Makes Fitter Versions of Your Favorite Meals

Candice Kumai

Looking to lose those last ten pounds, but not give up your favorite foods? Lifetime may have your solution with its new show Cook Yourself Thin. Taking real women who are looking to drop baby weight, get ready for an impending reunion, or perhaps have just let themselves go, each episode features a guest as she learns how to transform favorite (but fattening) recipes into healthy (and still tasty) fare. The viewers get to see how after six weeks the participant has progressed, and if she has kept up the healthier lifestyle. spoke with one of the hosts, and former Top Chef Season 1 contestant, Candice Kumai about what sets her show apart, how you can enjoy foods you love, and why she's defending Kim Kardashian. How is Cook Yourself Thin different from other weight-loss shows?
Candice Kumai:
It's really fun, cute and creative because we take really great food and make it even better because we're making it healthy. You don't think of eating lettuce or rice cakes or depriving yourself, you think of an actual burger or fries or milkshake that you can have and actually love...

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The Biggest Loser's Filipe Trash-Talks About Friendly Competition

Filipe Fa

Famous for his great one-liners and infectious enthusiasm, Filipe Fa missed making it to the Biggest Loser: Couples finale by one weigh-in. Even a stellar 10-pound loss wasn't enough to keep him safe and his opponents didn't hesitate to eliminate their biggest threat. Filipe opened up to about how he's inspiring his family and fellow Tongans, and why he and his cousin Sione (and Biggest Loser partner) are trash-talking their way to the at-home prize. Going into the elimination, did you think you'd be voted out?
Filipe Fa:
Going into the weigh-in, I knew that if I fell below the yellow line, I'd be going home for sure. I just knew that I was a bigger threat than...

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The Hills Episode Recap: "I Always Had a Little Crush"

Lauren, Lo, Stephanie and Audrina head to Hawaii to crash the boys' trip, and while at first Brody & Co. are a little annoyed, once the shots begin everyone is all lovey-dovey. Particularly Brody and Audrina, who cozy up after Audrina's sexy one-piece catches Brody's eye. To add fuel to the fire, Stephanie mentioned the possibility of them hooking up about five times throughout the trip. But as always, Audrina's got Justin Bobby in the back of her mind. Will this keep her from going for it with her "little crush?" read more

The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 17"

It was an emotional last week on The Biggest Loser ranch, filled with a lot of reflection and happy man-tears. After saying goodbye to Kristin, Mike is convinced that his dad has won the game for him. "My dad is playing chess and the others are playing checkers," he says. read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "A Kiss to Build a Dream On"

The Scotts receive exciting offers, Brooke discovers something that could affect Sam in a major way, and Lucas reminiscises about a roadtrip with Peyton, all in this week's episode of One Tree Hill.

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