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"What's Your Sign"

We’re getting down to the wire and in this week’s episode not one but two designers were eliminated. And boy did the teams and previously eliminated contestants bring out the drama! So who made it one step closer to fashion week and who was auf’d? Keep reading to find out. The episode began with Terri being ‘tude-y and Kenley feeling confident, two themes that carried on throughout. When Heidi’s special guests were revealed as the eliminated designers from this season who would serve as partners, Terri was not happy. They were told to create an avant garde look inspired by an astrological sign of one of the team members. The process to choose the teams was overly confusing but in the end, most seemed happy. Except for Terri of course who got stuck with Keith and I could only think karma. The two got off to a bad start when they couldn’t even agree on fabric at Mood. Back in the work room, we finally had some awesome drama. Leanne and her teammate Emi... read more

Something Has to Change

In this weeks episode Lauren and Audrina finally decided enough was enough and it was time to talk Oh the tears that were shed But before we got to this moment things had to come to a head in Vegas Luckily Doug and Brody were back from jail well casino jail and everyone was ready to head back to LA Coincidentally Audrina and Justin are leaving at the same time as the rest of the group Can we say awkward yet planned She tells Lauren that they need to talk and Lauren tells her they can do so when they get home Can this friendship be savedSpencer returns home to Holly looking for a job and an apartment but he starts giving her crap about doing it from the couch Doesnt he remember that was him only worse not too long ago He tells her that Heidi doesnt want her there but isnt going to tell her and that the two want her gone On the verge of tears the poor girl gets up and leaves Later that day Heidi gets home and asks where Holls is Spencer fl read more

One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

This weeks episode was another shocker Weve come to expect nothing less but it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly things can go from good to bad in the town of Tree Hill While some relationships were flourishing other characters faced their darkest times With that said lets discussLucas and Peyton are certainly in the newlywed stage Giddy like school kids theyre jumping on beds ignoring life outside of their hotel room with no care in the world For one friend life cant get any better while for the other it pretty much cant get any worse As Peyton is telling Lucas about the wedding she wants Brooke calls As the camera pans to Brooke we see her all bruised and beaten up Instead of telling her best friend what has happened she ends the conversation Brooke then calls the one person she has decided to confide in Deb When Deb arrives the only thing Brooke can say is Im not gonna cry She helps to c read more

Boys Make Girls Cry

Vegas baby Tonight Lauren and her girls Lo and Stephanie headed to Las Vegas to celebrate Frankies birthday In Hills fashion they travelled on a jet but its Dougs jet the boy she just dumped But thats not the most awkward occurrence on the plane Brody makes a toast Weve been through a lot together and Im not gonna hold a grudge and having little Steph here is almost as good as having Spencer here Shes not happy and clearly this is going to create drama later on in the trip Back in LA Heidi comes home to her apartment turned game-room She tells Spencer that her sister Holly is moving out to LA and Spencer immediately says no shes not So now not only does Spencer think he can control his girlfriends life but his girlfriends sisters as well He thinks the perfect excuse for Heidi to give Holly is that Spencer already bitches about the girly stuff Somehow I dont think thats a good read more

Double 0 Fashion

This weeks challenge was to design for a fashion legend While we viewers already knew who this would be as Bravo hasnt left any surprises this season the designers were once again left to guess Travelling through the meat-packing district Blayne voiced his love for Mary-Kate hoping she would be the legend to design for I guess these days kids in their twenties are considered legends Not quite Once inside their destination out came Diane von Furstenberg queen of the wrap dress The task To create a look for her fall collection that was inspired by the film A Foreign Affair Instead of the usual trip to Mood the designers got to choose their fabrics from DVFs own sample room It was a good thing she wasnt there to witness her precious materials strewn about in a fury To Kenley this challenge was a dream At first I found her tears and sentiment sweet but she literally did not stop crying which got a little old after awhile Back in the studio S read more

Better Off As Friends

Tonights episode seemed a bit mellow but maybe thats because we got no Audrina or Lo but at least there was a bunch of Whitney Lauren is telling her how shes pretty over Doug and remembers liking him much more when she was younger She was so excited when she started seeing Brody but its not there for Doug Lauren doesnt want to dump him but it looks like shes going to have to In New York Whitney arrives at the Peoples Revolution office After being questioned by Kelly for being late shes immediately put to work at a casting call with cute boys Whitney meets a fellow Trojan and I crack up laughing when the first question he asks is What house were you in meaning what sorority Kelly oddly starts to flirt with him but is really just trying to set him up with Whitney According to Kelly this is all multi tasking in the power bitch world Classic Over at hot restaurant Cut Spencer is complaining to Heidi read more

Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Part 1

Welcome back to Tree Hill After last seasons cliffhanger over who Lucas picked we finally got our answer But the producers didnt give it to us easily The episode started off with Brooke and Lucas celebrating their one-year anniversary Lucas in the middle of his book tour and Brooke traveling with her company My immediate reaction was not surprise but rather that this scenario really didnt seem true to the story So when Lucas swung around and ended up in Peytons house I was happy to see the flash-forward change They looked genuinely happy together as Peyton told him Time flies when you get what you wish for But then all of a sudden Lucas is on a beach and out comes Lindsay Okay so at this point I knew what was going on and that we still hadnt gotten our answer Finally Lucas is back to outside where he started trying to pick a card that represented the woman hed end up with And just like that he was back at the airport where we left read more

Fashion That Drives You

Well tonights challenge was certainly out of the box or car I should say After saying goodbye to two models the designers headed to a rooftop to learn what the task would be Could they be designing for a superstar Mariah Carey Unfortunately some hopes were let down as they ended up in a parking garage that lead them to a row of cars which could only be Saturns After hearing about the new Saturn View Hybrid all season we finally got to see what they were made ofliterally The challenge was to use the car parts which were mostly recyclable and create an outfit of their choice Im not gonna lie I actually rocked a seatbelt belt for many years in middle school I was more fashion forward than I realizedAfter the group ran around to gather their items they headed back to the studio where lots of smashing and tearing went on Keith was still in denial over his previous garment He wouldnt shut up about making an outfit this time that the judg read more

Drama Follows Them

Tonight was Stephanies birthday party and we all knew that no Pratt party could go on without drama Lauren was down to go from the beginning but was a little hesitant that Spencer and Heidi would show up But did she really think they wouldnt Not only is Spencer family but MTV lives for this type of scenario At Creperie Doug and Lauren are enjoying a little lunch date where she invites him to the party and also tells him about Lo Audrinas not so friendly chat He nails it by pointing out that everyone in her life is hectic Its true how do these girls live with so much dramaOver at Peoples Revolution Whitney tells Lauren that she has been invited to a dinner with Kelly Cutrone and Company which shes a bit apprehensive about Later on at Simon the NY and LA offices are having dinner when Kelly mentions that she wants to bring Whitney over to NY Kelly also shoots down once again the LA publicist Jessica I was wondering how that girl is read more

Good Queen Fun

Hey all Gina here filling in for Robyn tonight So without further adieux lets talk queens Tonights episode started with a disco-boobed horn-hooded Chris March presenting the nights challenge and boy was he a sight for sore eyes The designers were tasked to create an over-the-top theatrical looking outfit for a group of drag queens that suited their very distinct personalities I loved these ladies and their introductions they were so much more entertaining than the usual bunch And just to put it out there if I had to pick a drag name it probably wouldnt be as fun and creative as Farrah Moans or Sharon Needles but at the same rate it also wouldnt be as lame as Blaynes Neonlicious So after the designers chatted with their models and bought endless yards of fabric at Mood to create their larger than life designs off they went to work When their models returned for an intial garment fitting a bit of drama set in with Suede and his read more

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