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The Hills Episode Recap: "You'll Never Have This…"

Cabo! Every season it seems that our kids in The Hills head over to Cabo or some other vacation destination. This time there was no shortage of drama as Audrina and Justin had to face what they really are to each other. And back in LA, Spencer was at his finest. When he and Heidi have dinner with Stephanie and new boyfriend Cameron, the charm is so overwhelming that it looks like there will be no family fun time in the near future. read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Messin’ With the Kid"

Much of this week’s episode of One Tree Hill was about past versus future. Mouth and Brooke received visits from an old flame and Peyton and Lucas had to overcome certain obstacles revolving around moving in together. Even Haley and Nathan had to come to terms with passions of their past and re-working them to fit into their present. And finally, Jamie got a life lesson in how to be a leader and walk away from a bully, even when you want to just kick their butt. read more

VIDEO: Runway Runner-Up Korto Talks Kenley and Canada


She may only be the runner-up of Project Runway season 5, but Korto Momolu is already getting noticed. sat down with this down to earth designer to learn more about what drove her collection and which pieces were inspired by Africa, Arkansas and Canada. She also didn't shy away fromt elling us her take on Kenley's attacks. And which foreign president could Korto be designing for in the future? Head here to find out! read more

Project Runway: Finale Part II

We've finally reached the much-anticipated season finale of Project Runway. With Jerell gone we've got out first all-female final three and there was no shortage of drama, stress, tears and Tim Gunn. So whose collection came out on top and whose didn't make the cut? Keep reading to find out!

read more

The Biggest Loser: Families Episode Recap: Week 5

Say goodbye to your teams! This week the Biggest Loser had one tempting cupcake and brownie filled challenge that changed the course of the game for the season. With husbands and wives and mothers and daughters being split up, the pressure is on and the contestants are getting feisty. Who dropped the pounds and who survived another week on the ranch? Well, let's get to recapping. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Who To Choose?"

Looks like Audrina has a new boy but will she ever be able to settle down with anyone but Justin Bobby? Her new flavor of the week is Cory. He's a very cute Australian from her past that she recently bumped into and rekindled the romance with. Audrina admits to Lauren that they've been hanging out a lot but she hasn't told JB. But he like totes can't get mad because they're not together. Lauren laments that she's done the same thing that Justin is doing, where she took someone for granted but once he got a girlfriend she was like, wait a minute. Hmm, could she be talking about Brody perhaps? read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: “Choosing My Own Way of Life”

This week's episode of One Tree Hill was mainly about making choices and getting seconds chances. Luke had his second chance at another career success, Nathan was given another shot to play ball, though not in the way he imagined, new girl Samantha was given the option to better her current situation, Peyton was able to confront her real father and Dan was back with one final attempt to prove somewhere inside him he has a good heart. So what happened when all of these life changing opportunities were presented? read more

Tree Hill's Nathan Goes to Extremes, But at What Cost?

James Lafferty

Nathan Scott has always been a bit of a risk-taker, but how far would he go to make his basketball dreams a reality? One Tree Hill's James Lafferty checked in with to tell us about the character's upcoming episode involving Slamball, an extreme sport that combines basketball, hockey and a bit of football. Plus: Will his villainous father Dan ever go away? I saw the preview for next week and Slamball looks pretty intense. Tell me about it and how your character gets involved?
James Lafferty:
Nathan is feeling held back and trying to play professional basketball again but people are a little reluctant to give him a second chance because of injuries that he sustained. They don't know if he's ready to take on the physicality of basketball and so this opportunity is presented to play Slamball, which is sort of a hybrid sport of football, hockey and basketball, and he takes the opportunity to showcase his athletic ability and to prove to people ... read more

Project Runway Episode Recap: Finale Part 1

In part one of the Project Runway season finale, the designers got hit with not one but two extra challenges. We got to see each out of their Parsons element and in their home lives and even saw a glimpse into Kenley’s softer side. Who made the cut and whose designs earned them a spot in Bryant Park? Keep reading to find out.

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The Biggest Loser: Families Episode Recap: Wednesday, October 8, 2008

During part 2 of this week’s Biggest Loser episode, the teams weighed in and hoped to stay above the yellow line. Which contestant pulled a zero and which team had to cut one of their own?

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