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The Hills Episode Recap: "On to the Next"

Kristin and Brody
With Jayde out of the picture, Kristin is moving in on her former beau Brody. The two go to dinner and Kristin coyly asks Brody what he "can and can't do" on his break with Jayde. The date must have gone well because soon Brody is taking Kristin by his mom's house where the two ladies gush over how things used to be, and how cute K. and B. are together.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "I'm Done With You"

The time has come for Justin Bobby to get the old heave-ho — especially now that Kristin and Brody are becoming more cozy. The two go for a little catch-up stroll on the beach and Brody says that he and his Playmate girlfriend Jayde are on a break because although he loves the girl, he doesn't want to fight anymore.

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Biggest Loser's Daniel and Shay On Their "Second Chances" Season

The Biggest Loser - Shay Sorrells, Daniel Wright

During the first week on The Biggest Loser campus, Daniel Wright — who competed on last season's The Biggest Loser: Couples — chose Shay Sorrells, the heaviest contestant, as his partner. Together they were Team Orange but were eventually disbanded when pairs became Blue vs. Black which then became singles. In a week when not one, but two, contestants were sent home, both 20-year-old Daniel (who started at 312 pounds and now weighs 224) and 30-year-old Shay (who began at 476 pounds and is now 322) had two of the lower weight-loss percentages. The dismissed duo discussed their nine weeks on the ranch. How did the opportunity to return for another season arise?
Daniel Wright: I was at the finale of Season 7 and producers said, "Would you be willing to [do a "second chance" season] and we start filming in three days." I said, "Wow. First off, I'd like to rest, but second off, sure. I have so much more weight I need to lose and I need to go, so absolutely." Were you worried you'd be targeted because you were a past contestant?
Wright: Oh yeah, absolutely. I knew that I could be targeted because...

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The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 9

It's Week 9, and not one, but two people are going home. To get things rolling, the episode begins with a pop challenge, which will reward the winner with a one-pound advantage. The players — minus Amanda and Liz who sat out for medical reasons — must put their tennis balls in their individually colored buckets. It's a simple game of running back-and-forth, and Allen wins... read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun"

Brooke may be preggers, Dan's back in town and Millicent is on a downward spiral with a new pill addiction. Just another day on One Tree Hill. And kudos to Sophia Bush for directing. Now onto the recap.

Brooke is upset that Julian has been spending his nights up late working with Alex who she doesn't trust in the least. But maybe Brooke is more upset that she thinks she's pregnant and Julian may not be react well. B heads the OBGYN and is nothing but smiles when she sees the expecting moms all around her. Unfortunately, her excitement is short-lived when she finds out she's not pregnant and won't be the girl who "gets the baby and the boy."

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Biggest Loser Villain Tracey Has "Amazing Relationships With All of the Contestants"

Tracey Yukich, The Biggest Loser

Tracey Yukich spent her first few days on The Biggest Loser ranch in the hospital, only to come back and game-play more than any other contestant. Dubbed this season's villain, the 37-year-old homemaker from Texas created enemies all around her, betraying some of her allies when she won the power of choosing teams. After being up for elimination against roommate Liz, Tracey — who's not sharing her current weight until the finale — was ultimately voted out this week. caught up with the mother of four who has no regrets about her time on campus and says she has "amazing relationships" with the other Biggest Loser contestants. Do you think you played the game too hard?
Tracey Yukich: On the show ... Alison said, "Tracey, some of these choices you made at the beginning have come back to bite you," and I said, "We all have regrets." After I got home and really thought about what I said, I don't have regrets. From day one, I felt like...

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ABC Sets Premiere Date for The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love

The Bachelor - Jake Pavelka

Commercial pilot Jake Pavelka will get his chance to woo 25 women when The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love premieres Jan. 4 at 8/7c, ABC announced.

Pavelka, 31, was chosen over fellow finalists Kiptyn Locke and Reid Rosenthal to be the next Bachelor. A poll showed that 64 percent of more than 2,500 voters agreed with ABC's decision.

And the new Bachelor is: Jake Pavelka

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Biggest Loser Episode: Recap Week 8

This week, Biggest Loser took a trip to our nation's capital to help fellow Americans lead happier and healthier lives. The contestants meet Alison in front of the Jefferson Memorial, where she announces that the teams will be disbanded. It's time for singles.

Right away there's a pop challenge. Each person must hand out stickers and encourage people to show up at the Washington Monument for a group workout with Bob and Jillian. Amanda finds that she has a few fans who recognize her from last season's finale. They even chant her name. But unfortunately, the same group of gals also recognize Daniel and take his stickers instead of Amanda's.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight"

After last week's revealing episode, we were treated to a much more light-hearted hour this time around. The boys went camping, the girls had a trip of their own, and Clay finally was able to begin the process of letting go of his dead wife.

The boys — Nathan, Mouth, Skills, Jamie and his friend Chuck — are going camping, but Julian is a tad bit hesitant as he's not a guy's guy. "I don't have homies," he tries to explain to Brooke. But with his lame camping references and his extreme over-packing, Julian is ready to join the others on the outdoor adventure. After some zip-lining and scary stories, the little ones go to bed. The rest debate the best sports movie of all time, and while Nathan says an obvious Field of Dreams, Mouth comes out with Coach Carter — a reference to the film that Tree Hill writer/producer Mark Schwahn wrote. Julian, who had all the funny lines this episode, contributed his pick of Cool Runnings, followed by him singing the famous, "Jamaica, we have a bobsled team," from the movie. The conversation quickly turns R-rated when Skills reveals that Nathan and Brooke made a sex tape in high school. Julian, rightfully pissed and inquisitive, finally shuts up when Nathan tells him, "I lost my virginity to my sister-in-law, you don't think that makes Thanksgiving a little awkward from time to time?"

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Greek's Spencer Grammer: The Casey-Cappie Coupling Won't Be a "Boring Love Story"


When the Greek mid-season finale airs (Mon, 9/8c on ABC Family), viewers will see what transpires after Casey and Cappie finally locked lips in the penultimate episode. Spencer Grammer, who plays Casey, told that she hoped the kiss was "as rewarding for everyone as we were trying to make it." So what else can we expect down the road for Cappie (Scott Michael Foster), Casey and her ZBZ girls? Grammer tells us what's in store at Cyprus Rhodes, why she doesn't want Casey and Cappie to become a "boring love story," and how a Greek house burns down. Last week's episode ended with Casey and Cappie finally kissing. I can't imagine they'll get off so easily in the finale.
Spencer Grammer: It's difficult because they've rekindled the friendship with Evan and [are] trying to make it OK with everybody [who] they've dated. It's definitely a challenge between them, but I think that they're really good problem-solvers and creative, funny and intelligent, so they can work it out pretty well. And Casey has some other decisions to make in the finale?
Grammer: Casey's got to figure out, does she go with Panhellenic or is Katherine [Gamma Psi member and Panhellenic president] trying to sabotage them? Ultimately you see what she chooses. And what about Casey and Katherine's rivalry during Songfest? (Watch ZBZ's performance here.)
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