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The City Episode Recap: "He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend"

Adam may have thought he put the kibosh on the infamous kiss drama, but little did he know it was only going to get worse. It was crying, confrontations and kisses in this week's episode of The City. Oh, just another day in the life... read more

The Biggest Loser's Damien: "My Goal Weight Is 180, a Sexy 180"

Damien Gurganious, Biggest Loser

When Damien Gurganious and his fiancée Nicole stepped on to the Biggest Loser ranch, they had their sights set on slimming down and getting sexy before their upcoming wedding. But a first-week twist sent Nicole packing, leaving Damien to fight for the prize and a chance to bring her back to compete. Week 3 saw his shocking elimination after being in the bottom two with Joelle, who most thought would be the one to go. caught up with Damien to see what life is like back home with Nicole, how he plans to reach his goal weight ("my goal is 180, a sexy 180"), and what he learned from his time on the ranch. The Biggest Loser: Couples airs Tuesdays at 8pm/ET on NBC. Whose idea was it to apply for the show?
Damien Gurganious:
Nicole actually set me up. One day I [was working at] home and she kept talking to me. The Amazing Race was on, and she turns to me and goes, "Would you be up to doing a reality show?" Just so she'd shut up, I said yes, and went back to work. Would you believe the next frickin' day, we saw a commercial for Biggest Loser auditions in Rockefeller Center? She looks at me, like, you said yes! We ended up going down at 5 in the morning, waiting in line for two hours, and the rest is history. Do you have a pre-wedding diet plan that you're trying to follow?
: Right now, there are only three things that we actually follow:

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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 3"

After the elimination of Jerry last week, the Biggest Loser contestants were sad about letting him go and disappointed that Joelle was able to stay. So does she redeem herself and prove she belongs on the ranch? Not so much. read more

The City Episode Recap: "Boys Night Out"

When the girls are away, the boys will play — and boy did Adam really live up to that one. This week's episode of The City began with a nice little double date between Whitney and Jay, and Adam and Allie. Jay and Adam are roommates, and Allie is his model girlfriend who now lives with them as well. Like Whitney, she too is a California girl, but NYC is now home for her and she doesn't miss the sun and sand whatsoever. read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "We Change, We Wait"

In this week's One Tree Hill, Brooke and Julian grew closer, Mia and Chase couldn't keep their hands off of each other, Nathan learned to wait for his time to come and Lucas finally gave Peyton a ring — just not the one she wanted. read more

Bear Grylls Has Baby Boy

Bear Grylls

It's another boy for Man vs. Wild star Bear Grylls.

Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls was born Thursday in England, weighing in at 7 pounds 7 ounces, according to Us Weekly.

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Biggest Loser Castoff: "My Grandson Now Calls Me Less Fluffy"

Gerald, The Biggest Loser

When Jerry Hayes, 63, stepped onto the Biggest Loser campus, he was the oldest contestant in its seven-season history. Losing only 1-pound in the second-week weigh-in, Jerry was in the bottom two with Dan, 19, the heaviest player this season.  But eventually Jerry was voted out by his fellow players, who felt the younger competitor needed to stay. caught up with the retired engineer who's lost 96 pounds ("My grandson now calls me less fluffy") and how other self proclaimed "couch potatas" can get up and start moving. Joelle only lost 1 pound this week but was safe from elimination after Dan received a 1-pound penalty for coming in last in the challenge. What went through your head knowing that if Joelle was in the bottom two, she would've been voted out over you? read more

The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 2"

Last week's premiere episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples was quite a doozy, filled with twists, turns, and tears. After receiving the news that 1 person from each couple had to leave, the contestants were pretty much defeated but upon learning they had the option to come back, their determination was restored. I was pleased to see that within the first few minutes we were treated to a montage of the contestants staying on the ranch, and those competing at home. The consensus of the latter group? "I'm going to prove to America it can be done at home." Just a reminder, the contestants have 30 days to lose weight at home but if they're partners get eliminated in the first 3 weeks then the competition is over for both members of the pair. And while some were off to a good start (Estelle got rid of all the junk in her fridge), others not so much. Within two minutes of David's return he was ordering French fries, and 2 hot dogs! 2! With his family there not saying a word it makes me wonder how he'll succeed on his own. read more

Alison Sweeney Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Allison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney's family just got bigger.

The host of the popular weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser, gave birth to a baby girl named Megan Hope Sanov, just before midnight on January 12th, People reports. She weighed 6 lb. 7 oz.

"It was a very easy delivery, and everybody is great," her rep, Carrie Simons, reported. Sweeney, who worked up until the last moment, was still in her hair and makeup from shooting when she gave birth.

Sweeney is married to Dave Sanov, and the couple is already parents to 3-year-old son, Ben. "Both mommy and baby — and daddy, too — are doing well," says Simons.

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The City Episode Recap: "Good Things Come in Threes"

In this week's episode of The City, Whitney finally got her man to settle down. But it took going out with another guy to make Jay realize he didn't want to lose her.

We were finally treated to an appearance by Diane von Furstenberg herself. DVF was hosting a Wonder Woman event and Diane came to check everything out before the party that would include editors, celebs and of course socials. Luckily Whitney got the thumbs up from her boss who actually took the time to ask her how she was doing and if she was learning anything in her new position. 

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