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The Hills Episode Recap: "Don't Cry On Your Birthday"

The Hills is back and what better way to kick off Lauren's final season than to throw her a big, fat surprise birthday party? But even the party planners, Lo and Audrina, didn't expect Heidi to show up — and for more drama to go down. read more

Biggest Loser Castoff Nicole Now Feels "Sexy, Beautiful, and Victorious"

The Biggest Loser

Nicole Brewer certainly had her highs and lows on The Biggest Loser campus: First, a twist Week 1 sent her packing. A few weeks later, when her fiancé and Couples partner, Damien, was eliminated, she missed out on her chance to return and compete. But working hard at home paid off and losing 87 pounds on her own helped her earn a spot back in the game, with immunity to boot. Unfortunately, the change of environment proved to be fatal when Nicole gained five pounds, lost her immunity privilege and was voted out once again. checked in with the New Yorker (who's lost 107 pounds to date) to see why she gained weight and how it feels to prepare for her wedding as a fit bride-to-be. What was it like re-joining the group, especially when they bombarded you about game-play?
Nicole Brewer:
It was overwhelming. It was also very awkward...

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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 13"

This week is full of past Biggest Loser contestants. When the players enter the gym, there are season five winner Ali Vincent — still skinny and buff. Ali announces that after the last elimination, Alison Sweeney had her baby. But that isn't the only big news of the day. Just as Ali was an eliminated competitor who was able to return to the ranch during her season, someone would be getting that chance this year as well. In walks Nicole, Estella and David who never got the opportunity to come back as their partners were eliminated early on in the game. Nicole looks fabulous, Estella also looks great (especially when we see her "week 1" flashback) and David, well, looks like he's had a tougher time keeping it up at home. The three weigh-in:

Estella- from 242lbs to 197lbs, she's lost 45lbs, 18.6 percent.
- from 393lbs to 347lbs, he's lost 46lbs, 11.7 percent.
- from 269lbs to 182lbs, she's lost 87lbs, 32.34 percent.

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Letting Go"

On this episode of One Tree Hill, Haley finds a way to get through to her students, Lucas and Nathan take Jamie to a memorable place from their past, and Brooke must decide whether to follow her heart or do what she thinks is best for Sam. read more

The Biggest Loser's Aubrey: "I Needed My Body to Catch Up With My Mind"

Aubrey Cheney

Aubrey Cheney was thin for most of her life, but as she watched seasons of The Biggest Loser go by, she noticed that she was packing on the pounds herself. Having the opportunity to participate in the current "Couples" season, she and her sister Mandi quickly proved to be a strong team. But after her elimination in week 12, it was time for Aubrey to go home, where her real life made it a struggle to continue in her progress. caught up with the mother of five to see how she's doing now and why Bob was "the best." During the first part of this week's challenge, Tara took offense to everyone giving her all the blocks of weight. Were you ganging up on her or was she just being oversensitive?
Aubrey Cheney:
We were absolutely ganging up on her...

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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 12"

Black is shocked that Cathy went home, and now that Kristin has to compete alone, a fire has been lit in her to keep going. The next morning the teams enter the gym to find Alison there with t-shirts in the original colors. "12 weeks ago you came to make a are the only person who controls your future, especially as of today," she tells them, because they're returning to singles. Now they have to choose which trainer they'll go with. For some, like Sione and Filipe, it's a no-brainer —they're going with Bob. For Mike it's left up to a flip of the coin -- which his dad, Ron, calls idiotic -- and he goes with Jillian. The rest of the breakdown is as follows: Tara, Laura and Helen on Team Jillian and Ron, Kristin and Aubrey on Team Bob. read more

One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Searching for a Former Clarity"

It was an episode of good-byes: Julian leaves Brooke and Tree Hill, Haley leaves her students and the classroom, and Dan realizes he'll soon be gone forever. read more

The Biggest Loser's Cathy Calls Daughter Kristin a "Trooper"

Cathy Skell

Cathy Skell has spent years fighting addictions to alcohol and food, but her latest addiction is one she doesn't want to kick: spinning. She was eliminated in week 11 of
The Biggest Loser: Couples after her Blue team lost the weigh-in and had to vote someone home. Fearing a tie would end with her daughter and ranch partner Kristin sent packing, Cathy volunteered to go. spoke with the 49-year-old mom, about losing 78 pounds to get down to 215,  how it felt to complete a half-marathon, and if chewing gum really helps to curb those cravings. What went through your head when you were given the challenge to run a half-marathon?
Cathy Skell:
Oh my god... read more

The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 11"

This week's episode began right where we left off — in the elimination room. Alison has invited Black to join Blue and announces that Mandi is not the only contestant to go home. In fact, everyone will be going home for the week and will return for the next weigh-in. The players are anxious to see their families, but are aware that they'll return to the temptations that got them to the ranch in the first place. read more

The City Episode Recap: "I Lost Myself in Us"

After a rocky road to love, Whitney and Jay officially ended their relationship as she realized it was time to do what she set out to do when she moved to New: jump-start her career. read more

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