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Biggest Loser Trainer Defends Her Tough Tactics

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels often catches heat for her harsh tactics and boot camp-style attitude as a trainer on NBC's The Biggest Loser, but the AP reports that Michaels insists it's the only way to get the "half-dead" contestants to shed the pounds.

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The Biggest Loser's Laura Works Through Injuries

Laura Denoux

When Dr. Huizenga told Laura Denoux she had the worst injury he had seen in seven seasons, she knew she was in trouble. The 24-year-old fractured her hip and was forced to restrict her workouts, leading to a 3-pound weight gain and being up for elimination. Although she wanted to stay, Laura was sent home to recover from her injury and continue her progress on her own. checked in with the former plus-size model, who has been able to maintain her 77-pound weight-loss, on how it felt to be made over by Tim Gunn and what she really thinks of Ron. How did it feel to get the makeover this week?
Laura Denoux:
The makeover felt amazing...

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The Hills Episode Recap: "I'm Done With You"

After the debacle at The Dime that ended with Heidi going home to Colorado, Stephanie went to check in with Spencer on the situation. "Did you leave the train out front that matches that hat?" he says to his sis. OK, that was the first time Spencer and I were actually thinking the same thing. Steph tells him about Heidi "hanging" out with her ex Colby at home, and Spencer decides he's going to start going out with other people as well. read more

The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap "Week 15"

After Sione exited the competition last week, his cousin, Filipe, is left to fight for his community and a win for Bob's team. He's sick of Jillian winning at the finales and believes the battle is now on. read more

Zac Efron Takes Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio

Zac Efron

Zac Efron may be 17 Again but he doesn't plan on succumbing to the pressures of young Hollywood.

The star of the High School Musical franchise tells GQ magazine that at a recent Lakers game Leonardo DiCaprio warned him...

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Everything Happens for a Reason"

The season 5 premiere of The Hills left a few things hanging in the balance. Will Heidi and Lauren fix their friendship? Will Spencer fess up to flirting with the bartender? Onto the recap... read more

The Biggest Loser's Sione Makes Fitness His Life

The Biggest Loser, Sione

Sione Fa has not only been a fan favorite on this season's The Biggest Loser: Couples, but a front-runner as well. Competing with his Tongan cousin Filipe, Sione lost a whopping 116 pounds during his 10-week run, while also realizing his passion for educating his community on nutrition and exercise. Sione's small four-pound loss in his final week on the ranch resulted in being voted out and missing the chance to claim the grand prize by a few short weeks. Fa, who has lost 130 pounds to date, spoke to about why he preferred to train with Bob and how being on The Biggest Loser has led him to a new career in fitness. Why do you think you only lost four pounds this week and do you regret participating in the temptation challenge?
Sione Fa:
I think everybody has their weeks when they have a low number and this was the first time I fell below the yellow line. Everybody else there had at least been under once or twice before...

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The Biggest Loser: Couples Episode Recap: "Week 14"

This week, there was nothing but drama in The Biggest Loser: Couples house as Ron was left in the game, despite receiving votes from his "alliance." The tension follows from the elimination room to the living room as Ron calls out Sione for telling him he was "fine" before the voting. Mike's also upset about his dad getting stabbed in the back while Kristin recognizes that Ron is both cutthroat and competitive. And as the producers like to dramatize, we see a little montage showing Ron as the king of the house. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Don't Cry On Your Birthday"

The Hills is back and what better way to kick off Lauren's final season than to throw her a big, fat surprise birthday party? But even the party planners, Lo and Audrina, didn't expect Heidi to show up — and for more drama to go down. read more

Biggest Loser Castoff Nicole Now Feels "Sexy, Beautiful, and Victorious"

The Biggest Loser

Nicole Brewer certainly had her highs and lows on The Biggest Loser campus: First, a twist Week 1 sent her packing. A few weeks later, when her fiancé and Couples partner, Damien, was eliminated, she missed out on her chance to return and compete. But working hard at home paid off and losing 87 pounds on her own helped her earn a spot back in the game, with immunity to boot. Unfortunately, the change of environment proved to be fatal when Nicole gained five pounds, lost her immunity privilege and was voted out once again. checked in with the New Yorker (who's lost 107 pounds to date) to see why she gained weight and how it feels to prepare for her wedding as a fit bride-to-be. What was it like re-joining the group, especially when they bombarded you about game-play?
Nicole Brewer:
It was overwhelming. It was also very awkward...

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