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Tree Hill Star: New Episode Tells Stories the Audience Has Been Waiting to Hear

One Tree Hill

Monday's episode of One Tree Hill (8/7c, CW) might just be the turning point viewers have been waiting to see all season. Executive producer Mark Schwahn calls "I and Love and You" a very emotional hour that delves further into Clay's history and the Nathan love-child story line when Renee is featured on Dan Scott's talk show. The episode is directed by star James Lafferty, who made his Tree Hill directorial debut last season. Lafferty told that this was an "ambitious" episode that "tells a lot of stories that the audience has been waiting to hear."

More "Naley" Babies on Tree Hill? Star Says It's Not "Out of the Question"

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Trauma's Cliff Curtis Discusses the "Most Fun Character" He's Ever Played

Cliff Curtis

On-screen, he's the tough- and quick-talking flight medic Rabbit, but in real life, Cliff Curtis is a veteran film actor from New Zealand, whose role on NBC's Trauma (Mondays, 9/8c) is "the most fun character" he's ever played. Curtis hinted to what's really going on in Rabbit's head, who he should hook up with and why this was the first TV role to steal him away from the big screen. As a film guy, what drew you to TV?
Curtis: I really liked Rabbit — he's the most fun character I've ever played. He's got endless possibility, he's heroic, he's a bit of a goofball, [he's] masculine, but the journey is that he's probably going to reconstruct that whole thing that he's got going on. This is a character I've not had the opportunity to play in film, so I thought, I'm going to go for it. [And] I thought, I can get into this. There's enough action, enough boy stuff. Once we get to know the characters and set up who they are, we can delve into the story lines as well. Rather than just being about an incident, you start to wonder what's going to happen next. The Oct. 19 episode briefly touched on your character Rabbit having post-traumatic stress disorder. Will that story line be developed further?
Cliff Curtis: Oh yeah, Rabbit's whole bag of tricks is that he doesn't want to deal with that whole side of life. [He wants to] have fun, be masculine and look cool in his Ray-Bans with his big blue...

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Biggest Loser's Dina Talks About Her Elimination

Dina Mercado

At 253 pounds, Dina Mercado went the Biggest Loser ranch hoping to get healthy for her and her son. Dina was paired with powerhouse Rudy until the fifth week when the dynamic duo was split up. One week later, Dina and the rest of the Black team spent a week at home while Blue remained on campus. Dina's team lost the weigh-in as a result of its trainer-less time. Despite not having the smallest weight loss on her team, Dina was voted out.

"I think things would've been a lot different had the Blue team gone home," Dina told "Black team would have ultimately won the weigh-in."

Dina credits competitor Tracey's game play and lack of heart for splitting her up from Rudy and her other allies. "Going into that whole situation I pretty much knew she was going to split us because...

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Old Habits Die Hard"

After being stood up by Justin Bobby, Kristin decides to take a little break from L.A. So where does she go? Home to Laguna Beach, of course. Kristin arrives and shares some wine with her dad, who asks if she's seen Steven or Lauren lately. Um, have you not seen the last four seasons of The Hills, mister? Daddy Cav also hilariously asks if Brody (Kristin's ex) is still in love with himself. Kristin then tells her dad and stepmom about the new guy she's dating —Justin Bobby— and that she took a ride on his motorcycle. I think Dennis knows what she really means here. He's cool but a flake, she says, and not someone you'd necessarily take home to pops. Good thing it's "nothing serious."

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The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 6

Ding-dong, the witch is... wait, Tracey's still here? Yep, the Blue team decided to switch it up and send home Mo, the sweet coach from Kentucky. When Tracey walks in the door, Black is shocked and she knows it. (Cue her tears.)

This week featured the challenge at the beginning of the episode. Alison meets the players to let them know that they'll have to dig through a pile of sand to each find a key. The team that finds all four keys and unlocks their treasure first will win a prize to be revealed at the end. It's a typically looks-tougher-than-it-is task and after a long-winded hunt, Blue team wins. So what do they get? The bittersweet tickets to go home. Because going home can be seen as both a reward and a detriment, Blue has the option to pass the week at home to Black — which they do.

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Biggest Loser's Jillian Michaels Discusses Her New Weight-Loss Show

Jillian Michaels

NBC is gearing up for more tough love now that Jillian Michaels will have her own show.

Losing it with Jillian will feature a new family each week trying to change their lives -- physically, mentally, even financially. The new weight-loss series will also be distinct from its successful predecessor.

"Biggest Loser is the last resort ... our show is...

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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Deep Ocean Vast Sea"

I don't know about all of you, but I'm certainly ready to find who really knocked up Renee. As James Lafferty told me last week, the storyline is going to wrap up soon, but apparently not this week. So keep reading to find out what did happen in the new episode of One Tree Hill.

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New Celebrity Apprentice Cast Revealed

Cyndi Lauper and Bret Michaels

Two reality-TV veterans and a pop songstress make up part of this year's Celebrity Apprentice cast.

Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne and Cyndi Lauper may all get to hear the words "you're fired" from Donald Trump on the NBC program's new season.

Nine others are joining them, including...

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More "Naley" Babies on Tree Hill? Star Says It's Not "Out of the Question"

James Lafferty

Although he started out as the bad boy on One Tree Hill, Nathan Scott has become the ultimate family man whose relationship with wife Haley is now the core of the show. James Lafferty, who plays Scott, told that he was "excited" to have things shaken up a bit in its seventh season, which leaped (yet again) into the future. Read on about Lafferty's take on his alleged cheating storyline, and what he'd like for "Naley" if the show were to come to an end. What was your reaction when you first read the Nathan-Renee storyline?
James Lafferty: I was excited [because] it's rare nowadays that the Nathan and Haley relationship is threatened in any way. They used to have their ups and downs when they were in high school, married, and lately they've been a pretty rock-solid foundation. At no point did I actually think...

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Trauma Star Aimee Garcia on Playing in the Boys' Club

Aimee Garcia

A female pilot is no different than a male pilot: That's what Aimee Garcia learned when preparing for her "badass" role as Iraqi war veteran and helicopter pilot Marisa Benez on NBC's Trauma (Mondays at 9/8c). Garcia told about how she prepared for this challenging role, how the paramedic community's response has influenced future episodes and what's in store for Marisa in future episodes. Last week, Marisa got a taste of the action. Will she get to do more in upcoming episodes?
Aimee Garcia: She will. When we were preparing for the show, all of my co-stars were taking EMT classes and I thought, "I'm going to spend most of my time with the helicopter pilots, in hangars and inside actual choppers." All of a sudden, they're starting to write Marisa out of the helicopter and onto the streets and all I can think was...

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