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"Allison from Palmdale"

Flashbacksforwards to the Skynet future are juxtaposed with Camerons present-day experiences in this episode These flashes for the lack of a better term considering the whole timespace continuum seem to be triggered when Cameron is sent out grocery shopping by John The flashes detail how the Cameron cyborg was created the original template for Cameron was a resistance member named Allison Young The yet to be named Cameron was trying to learn as much about Allison as possible so that she would end up being a perfect copy then doing what Terminators do best she would attempt to infiltrate the resistance and eliminate John Connor Cameron goes Vader on the girl then kills her after Allison lies about the bracelet she is wearing The bracelets are the resistances way of identifying each other from the cyborgs and now Skynet knowsAs stated above the episode flashes ala Lost to present day Cameron is suffering from amnesia and assumes the name of her mold read more

"The Mousetrap"

As the Dixons make their way out of the danger zone that is Los Angles the danger tracks them down Cromartie kidnaps Michelle from a gas station After a quick white lie to John Charley contacts Sarah to ask for her help in rescuing his wife Continuing to keep John in the dark for his protection Sarah and Derek venture out They find Charley and eventually find Michelle via her cell phone call Cromarties been a busy lil large cyborg Apparently the chair Michelle is bound to is rigged to a bomb however the cyborg is no where to be found Sarah correctly deduces that the bomb is a fake What isnt a ruse is the explosive attached to the cell phone tower outside the building Cromartie has been monitoring their cell phone communications with John via this system Once he has the info he needs the cyborg drives off but not before he triggers the second bomb causing the pole to crash into the building The damage has two results Sarahs cell phone has no signal she cann read more

"Automatic for the People"

This weeks Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles blog will be extremely abbreviated because of the Monday Night Football game that Im watching while imbibing a few beers why couldnt the Philadelphia Eagles play during a repeat Hope there arent many typos -haha Next weeks blog will be in my standard formatSarah decides that the sanctuary thing isnt working out so she finds a house to rent I predict that this house will be destroyed by the end of the season My prediction almost becomes a reality as yet another time traveler sent from the future by John man I hate exposition for the newbies -check out the way crapped out is explained jumps through a window and dies but not before warning them of the danger at a nuclear power plant Sarah and Cameron get jobs at the plant so they can investigate Carl Greenway OMG Its Ryan Chappelle Shame what happened to him Why Jack why an official at the facility They discover that if Greenways precaut read more

"Samson and Delilah"

We have to kill her John-Sarah Connor Picking up exactly where the season one finale left off Camerons Jeep splodes via a car bomb planted by Sarkissian and his man who overpower Sarah and John in their attempt to find the missing hard drive Cameron reactivates herself and seemingly comes to the Connors rescue however Sarkissian is already deceased when she enters the room All is not well as Cameron draws her weapon on John -she is about to terminate him bc of damage to her CPU An explosion gives Sarah and John enough of a delay to escape Cameron They jump out the second story window are injured and escape via a stolen mini-van which Sarah ends up crashing The wounded pair hobble off until they seek sanctuary in a local churchAlso picking up from the previous episode are Agent Ellison Cromartie and the aftermath of the FBI massacre at the apartment complex After this experience apparently Ellison now believes Sarah wellderr Charley Dixon head read more

"Journey's End"

“I was going to be with you forever.”-Donna NobleStarting exactly where the cliffhanger left off, a neon-light show marks the beginning of the Tenth Doctor's regeneration (as a result of the mortal wounds he received at the end of the last episode). During the process, he points the energy at his severed hand in a jar (from season two episode, “The Christmas Invasion” and which has also made appearances in Torchwood season one). The regeneration ends... the Tenth Doctor is still with us -he has not regenerated, instead transferring the energy from his third hand to heal himself! Donna, Capt. Jack and Rose are dumbfounded by this (more so Jack and Rose). Finally, Rose and the Doctor have their proper reunion, which of course is cut short as the Dalek capture the TARDIS and transfer it to the Crucible, the Dalek's baseship. Rose recounts the events in her universe and how her world was able to build a dimensional canon to teleport Rose. She also mentions that all t... read more

"The Stolen Earth"

“Death is coming... everlasting death for the most faithful companion.”-Dalek CaanAfter the “bad wolf” revelation in the previous episode, the Doctor/Donna immediately return to Earth only to find that everything is it should be. The pair re-enters the TARDIS and while inside, there is a massive jolt from the exterior of the ship. Upon opening the door, they only see space -the Earth has been stolen right from under them.Far across the universe: Martha Jones with UNIT in New York; Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones at Torchwood, Cardiff; Sarah Jane Smith, her son, Luke and Mr Smith their computer in London; Wilfred Mott and Sylvia Noble in London; and later, Rose Tyler teleporting to the street where the TARDIS landed in London, are all discombobulated (cept for Rose) over the weird earthquake (literally?). Each one in their respective locations gazes up to see the night sky filled with many strange planets and moons (26 according to the news repo... read more

“Turn Left”

“Donna Noble, you are the most important woman in the whole of creation.”-Rose TylerWhilst shopping in an alien Asian marketplace, Donna is lured away from the Doctor via an offer of a free fortune telling session. Through a series of questions about her past, we find out that Donna made a choice that eventually led her to meet the Doctor -while in her car with her mother she had the opportunity to turn right at an intersection towards a new job offering and not turns a future with the Doctor if she turned left.. Using some sort of mind control or suggestion as well as a creature that seems to climb onto Donna's back, the woman convinces Donna to 'turn right' and thusly changing the past and future.Jump to Christmas 2006: Donna is in a pub with her mates celebrating the season as well as her higher paying job, when the web starship from the episode, “The Runaway Bride,” (the episode where she first meets the Doctor) flies overhead and starts shooting up London wi... read more


“Taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called, Midnight... what could possibly go wrong?”-The DoctorWhile on holiday (love saying that) on a planet called, Midnight, the Doctor/Donna decide to go it solo for a bit: the Doctor wants to take a four-hour ride to a literal waterfall made of sapphires whereas Donna wants to relax by the pool of the hotel and bask in the deadly rays of Xtonic sunlight (rendered safe by the resort's shielding).As the transport preps to depart, we are introduced to all the various passengers and crew onboard the Crusader 50. First up are Professor Hobbes and his assistant, Dee Dee. Next up, a lone woman, whose name we later find out is Sky. The remaining passengers are a family: Biff and Val Cann and their son, Jethro. The crew of the ship is made up of Joe the pilot, Claude the mechanic and the hostess, whose name is never mentioned. The vehicle is sealed up and sent off on its merry way. Sealed up? Besides th... read more

Episode recaps: "Acts I, II, III"

Being a huge Whedonverse fan my hopes were that this series would be more fun than a ship with a Capissen 38 engine filled to the brim with terrifying space monkeys Sadly I was slightly disappointed during the first few minutes as Dr Horrible Neil Patrick Harris NPH spoke directly to the camera and later answered emailed questions I shouldnt admit this but it took me until the first song to actually 145get it its premise is initially set around Dr Horribles video blog Hey Bob it even mentions that in the frakkin title of the show What can I say This is what the lack of Joss on the tube or silver screen has done to me side note 145Serenity 2 anyone Universal Joss Captain Tightpants Hows that for an intro AnywaysRecapsAct IThe world is a mess and I just need to rule itWe first meet Dr HorribleBilly while he is recording his video blog in his apartmentlair Dressed in a lab coat a read more

"Forest of the Dead"

“Every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call... everybody lives.”—River SongAs promised, here is the abbreviated blog for this episode. For this week only I'll vary for my normal posting format.OK, right off the bat, wow! Another episode that makes up for some of those earlier misses this season. Although it seemed like the majority of the episode was set up to get us to that wonderful red herring of an ending (the Doctor leaving the diary & screwdriver behind with River lamenting via voiceover), oh WHAT AN ENDING (voiced like David Tennant's outbursts)! So many ideas, themes and philosophical concepts have been packed into this episode (with ideas carried over from part one), that I literally have no idea where to begin. Hmmm. OK, we might as well hit the main one that stood out to me then expand from there.Existentialism As the young girl watches her television in the beginning, she mentio... read more

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