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A Happy Ending for Farscape?

Lost-in-space Farscape hero John Crichton was supposed to have had two more years to find his way home. But since the news broke Friday that he and his intergalactic gang of fellow felons will find their starship in dry dock at the conclusion of the cult hit's fourth season, executive producer David Kemper just might turn out to be the only person ever to know for sure how their journey winds up.

"We're a year ahead of what fans are seeing," he explained to TV Guide Online before being informed that the end of the road was right around the corner for the Sci Fi Channel series. "If I were told tomorrow we have six episodes [left], I'd have a hard time getting to where we would need to be."

While the charismatic former Star Trek scribe could tell Earthling Crichton how to get back to where he once belonged, giving him specific directions might be tougher than translating Delvian to English. "I know whe read more

Emmy Snubs Farscape

In space, nobody can hear you scream... even when the only Emmy nomination your critically praised series snags is for costume design. Not that Ben Browder, who plays rebel-without-a-clue-where-he-is astronaut John Crichton on the hit space saga Farscape really expected anything different.

"Award shows are not about merit," he tells TV Guide Online, putting his co-star and on-screen love interest upon a pedestal for all to see. "Look at what Claudia Black does [as Aeryn Sun], and the scope of her performance. She does comedy, tears, action... Heck, she could read the phone book and make it interesting. How can someone like that not get a nomination?

"That," he adds with a sigh, "is all you need to know about the validity of something like the Em read more

Is the End of Farscape Near?

Sci-fi fans have spent the past seven months anxiously awaiting the return of TV's most outrageously unpredictable space opera, Farscape. But they may be a tad disappointed in the final four installments of season three — the first of which airs Friday at 9 pm/ET on the Sci Fi Channel. "We wanted to throw a curveball," exec producer David Kemper tells TV Guide Online. "So these episodes are extraordinarily boring. Nothing happens, and the end of the season will surprise people with its lack of emotion, humor and scope."

He is, of course, joking. "Truth be told, I think the season finale might be my favorite one so far — there's going to be a whole mix of emotions being stirred up at once," reveals Kemper, who also penned the episode. "Viewers will be moved, and might even be angry."

Above all, the coming weeks will be filled with surprises, including a wedding, a funeral and a last-minute double-tw read more

Sci Fi Star: "My Child's an Alien!"

When a father swears he would slay dragons in order to protect his daughter, it's usually nothing more than a figure of speech. But should the need arise, Reno Wilson probably is better prepared to defend his castle (not to mention his princess, Deni) than your average dad, thanks to his role as tabloid photographer/ghostbuster Wes Freeland on the Sci Fi Channel series The Chronicle (airing Friday nights at 9 pm/ET).

"He's seen a lot more than I have," the actor tells TV Guide Online, "although I think we might be just about even now, 'cause I don't think anything can be wilder than witnessing the birth of your own child."

In fact, the proud pop compares the October birth to a close encounter of the most unbelievable kind. "Deni looked like a little alien when she came out," he shares with a laugh, adding that wife Coco took on a few otherworldly qualities in the delivery ro read more

Sesame Street Fight?

Since Sesame Street has long been the most popular address in children's television, a turf war — or at least a catfight — easily could have broken out when the feline stars of the relatively new reading program Between the Lions marked part of Oscar the Grouch's PBS territory as their own. However, Lions creative producer Chris Serf tells TV Guide Online, neither Big Bird nor his friends have had their feathers ruffled by their catty colleagues.

"We tape right upstairs from Sesame Street," he says. "We're neighbors and good friends. We've had Elmo and Bert and the whole gang on."

A-ha! But eyebrows — or just the one unibrow, in Bert's case — are sure to go up on Sesame Street when, later this year, Live with Regis & Kelly co-host Kelly Ripa becomes the latest star to stop by the Lions den. Add to that the roster of talented, almost-famous pop artists who make Lions read more

Farscape: The Greatest Love Story Ever Retold

It took nearly three years for Farscape's lost-in-space lothario, John Crichton, to turn butt-kicking, leather-wearing alien babe Aeryn Sun into girlfriend-worthy material — and all this week at 8 pm/ET, the Sci Fi Channel is replaying every episode in the couple's unorthodox mating dance.

"It was never two normal humans having a conversation," Claudia Black, who plays the modern-day Barbarella, explains to TV Guide Online. "Rather, they had exchanges which carried the strain of couples whose languages and cultures are not the same — let alone the fact that they are from different planets!"

Ironically, the Farscape love story only began to feel strange to the Pitch Black bad-ass when it at last began to seem normal to everyone else. "I get creeped out when it feels too Earthbound," the actress admits, "when Aeryn could be walking around in rollers and fuzzy slippers, and at any moment, Crich read more

Medicine Man Doesn't Just Play M.D. on TV

Chatting on his cell phone while en route to a nearby hospital, Brennan Elliott almost seems as if he needs a reminder that his license plates aren't stamped M.D. "I'm on my way to do some research," the portrayer of Strong Medicine's Dr. Nick Biancavilla tells TV Guide Online. "There's nothing worse than watching someone act like a doctor, pretending they know what they mean when they don't."

Hopefully, fans of the series (airing Sundays at 8 pm/ET on Lifetime) won't question the dashing doc's diagnoses, despite his rapid rise through the medical ranks. "He's been made an attending physician," explains the actor, who went from a recurring role last season to full-fledged cast member this time, "so my residency is over, which was really quick."

Both the actor and character were rushed into the E.R. — not for lack of competent physicians at fictional Rittenhouse Hospital, but in order to pump up the romance between Dr. Nick and a more mature col read more

Any Day Now Star Learns His Lesson

When it comes to solving the eternal mystery of what women really want, four years of playing hubby to Annie Potts on the female-dominated Lifetime series Any Day Now (airing Sundays at 10 pm/ET) have given Chris Mulkey more than a little insight. And now, he's ready to help his fellow man figure out the fairer sex. "I'm opening up a Collier Sims Academy for the Right Male," he chuckles to TV Guide Online in character, "and we're going to train those guys!"

Certainly, ladies across the country will rush to enroll their spouses on hearing the institute's founding father speak. "Since the show began, I've learned an incredible amount of patience," he admits, adding words designed to send shivers down the female spine, "as well as the ability to listen."

And while the actor says there's no big secret behind what makes his alter ego such a great mate ("He's steadfast, has a conscience, a good heart and is just a read more

Baywatch Beauty's Raunchy Rat Cameo

Ever wonder how much a night with former Baywatch babe Brandy Ledford might go for? Well, at least one lucky gent will get the answer to that very question this weekend... sort of. "I play a hooker with a heart of gold," she tells TV Guide Online of her memorable big-screen appearance in Rat Race. "Is there any other kind?"

The movie, which wrapped before Ledford stepped into her starring role on the Sci Fi Channel series The Invisible Man (airing Fridays at 8 pm/ET), is "a loose, loose remake of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," explains Ledford, "combined with a little bit of Cannonball Run."

Of course, neither of those zany flicks featured scenes even remotely similar to the one in which Ledford finds herself immersed in Rat Race (opening Friday). " read more

Melrose Babe Shares the Love

Celebrating a landmark birthday helped self-proclaimed hermit and former Profiler Jamie Luner come to a few conclusions about life. "When you're 22 or 23, you think the world revolves around you, and I felt that way for a long time," she confesses to TV Guide Online. "But I just turned 30, and I love it! You realize, 'Whoa, baby, you ain't all that.' And you're not! You're just a woman out there doing something she loves."

After heating things up on such sudsy ensemble fare as Melrose Place and Savannah, the actress found that taking the lead wasn't all it was cracked up to be. "Don't get me wrong, Profiler was a great experience, but it was more work than anyone could imagine," she sighs. "Once I finished that show, I said, 'I can do anything!'"

Instead, Luner opted to do nothing. "I really needed to separate myself from the business, and now I'm ready to get back in."

But rather than make a big TV commitment, she opted read more

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