Rich Juzwiak

VIDEO: Gary Busey Serves Up a Meat Loaf Impression

Gary Busey

Gary Busey's appearance on last night's episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno proves that the only thing more entertaining than a Meat Loaf freak-out on The Celebrity Apprentice is Busey's impression of that Meat Loaf freak-out...
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How Showtime's Gigolos Gets Away With Showing Escorts at Work


"How is this legal?" I asked myself several times watching the premiere of Showtime's Gigolos (tonight, 11/10c). The show portrays five male workers in the slippery field of escorting. To many, the words "escort" and "gigolo" are euphemisms for "prostitute," but Garren James, the owner of the escort company Cowboys 4 Angels that's profiled on this show, draws the line early on to new hire Vin...
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VIDEO: Panic Attack Hits America's Next Top Model


A confrontation on Wednesday night's episode of America's Next Top Model sent one hopeful into what she characterized as a "panic attack." All cycle, nerves have been frazzling (two of the contestants separately used the word "breakdown" to describe their emotional state on last week's episode), but we hadn't seen anything like this before...
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VIDEO: Rebecca Black's "Friday" Receives Christian Makeover

Sadie B, Sunday

Do you find Rebecca Black's "Friday" to be too secular? Well, here's the alternative for you!

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VIDEO: Extreme Couponer Explains Why She's Not a Hoarder

Tiffany Ivaonvosky, Extreme Couponing

In our exclusive interview with Extreme Couponing's Tiffany Ivanovsky, the mother of seven discusses when she learned that her lifestyle is, in fact, "extreme," why couponing is a great part-time job for parents and how the Internet has changed couponing. Most pertinent, though, is her shrugging off accusations of hoarding...
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VIDEO: Watch Billy Crystal’s When Harry Met Sally... Sequel Pitch

Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren

This Billy Crystal/Helen Mirren collaboration with Funny or Die hypothesizes how a sequel to When Harry Met Sally... might look — given a particularly sanguinary trend of contemporary cinema...
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VIDEO: Flashback to Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep

In honor of my beloved Extreme Couponing's premiere (Wednesday at 9/8c, TLC), let's take a trip back to 1990 and watch the premiere of the game show Supermarket Sweep in its 1990s incarnation. It is as amazingly hokey as you recall...
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VIDEO: Bucket Cat Brings Zen to Your Day

Bucket Cat

Relax. Sit upright, with your spine straight, feet flat on the floor. Once you're comfortable, click play on the video below. As it starts, breathe slowly, drawing air in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind of whatever was coursing through it, and focus on this cat in a bucket...
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Five Reasons Why Extreme Couponing Is Extremely Entertaining

Tiffany Ivanovsky

TLC's new series Extreme Couponing (premiering tonight at 9/8c) has no business being as riveting as it is. Like the one-hour special that preceded it in December, the show follows deal-obsessed shoppers as they engage in mental gymnastics and loophole-jumping to maximize their savings at the grocery store...and their stashes at home. It's like Supermarket Sweep with all the hustling playing out in these people's heads...
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Bieber Ringer Explains Her Uncanny Existence

Dani Shay

A video of a young, pug-nosed woman with a layer of brown hair swept over her forehead, performing Eminem and Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie" is making the Internet rounds — which has everything to do with the woman's resemblance to Justin Bieber...
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