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Sarah Jessica: Blush with Success

Sarah Jessica Parker is coming clean about several very intimate encounters she has had with viewers of her saucy HBO comedy, Sex and the City. So intimate, in fact, that she's embarrassed to admit some of the things fans of the series have revealed to her on the streets of Manhattan.

"[The show's] about New York, [so] they feel it's their show and they feel entitled to tell you the things that they need to tell you," she says. "They show me stuff they've bought — personal things — and that's really weird."

Parker, who's decidedly more modest than the best-selling sex author she plays on City, becomes red-faced when asked to elaborate on those "personal things" at a recent press junket for her new movie, State and Main (opening wide Jan. 12). It's one thing to talk about sex toys and other bedroom hijinks as a character on a TV show, but it's apparently quite another to do so in front of a room full of reporters. "It's no read more

Candice Bergen Waiting for Exhale

Candice Bergen says it's not easy conducting one-on-one interviews for Oxygen network's Exhale with Candice Bergen — especially given the relatively few cable systems that actually carry the fledgling women's channel.

"It's really different not having any audience at all," says Bergen, best remembered for her long and successful run as TV's Murphy Brown. "I don't really get any feedback. We just stay the course and hope the audience will expand."

Bergen — who plays a former beauty pageant contestant in Miss Congeniality (opening Dec. 22) — says she spends a lot of time these days conducting exhaustive research on her guests, an eclectic group that has included Diane Keaton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Madeleine Albright. "Madeleine was a little stressful for me," she admits of the first female secretary of state. "Foreign policy isn't my bailiwick, but we were so thrilled that she gave us an hour. That was an in read more

Roshumba's Wild Sexscapade

VH-1's Roshumba faced many wild temptations during the making of Ibiza: Music Paradise, an hour-long special airing Thursday on the music video network. But the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model tells TV Guide Online she did her best to escape the hedonistic paradise before she could get herself into any trouble.

"I've been in the entertainment industry for over a decade, so I'm accustomed to decadence and people indulging their fantasies," says Roshumba, who spent 10 days covering the Mediterranean hotspot for the special. "But this was kind of really, really, really over the top."

Roshumba recalls standing in a balcony at one after-hours club and looking on wide-eyed as a live sex show took center stage and six feet of foam covered the dance floor below. "People were dancing and sliding and jumping around," she says. "All of a sudden, they started dancing too close and we saw people actually boinking on the dance floor!

"You know how we all have t read more

Marlon's Gas Crisis

Despite his energetic on-screen performance in Dungeons &#038 Dragons (opening today), funnyman Marlon Wayans tells TV Guide Online he was secretly battling killer jetlag and lots of, er, intestinal gas during the making of the sci-fi pic.

"It was those damn cappuccinos," he says in defense of his flatulence on the set. "I was drinking them because I had to stay up. And, c'mon, you know how plane food is. All that flying messed up my insides."

No excuse is good enough for on-screen partner Justin Whalin, who had to spend three days tied up with Wayans as part of the movie's adventure plot. Recalls the actor: "He'd look at me and go, 'I'm feeling nervous. Dragons make me scared.' There'd be this odor — and I was tied up with him! Let me tell you, man, it smelled bad!"

Wayans, a hot property in Hollywood since Scary Movie became one of last summer's biggest hits, isn't kidding about the jetlag. The actor was already at work on t read more

Adam West's Dark Side

For Adam West, superhero star of the hit '60s TV show Batman, it wasn't exactly a breeze getting into the role of asthmatic villain Breathtaker in the Sci-Fi Channel's new Black Scorpion series (debuting Jan. 5). After all, he's not an actor who's used to exploring his dark side.

"It was good to play a supervillain for a change instead of a good guy," West tells TV Guide Online. "But it was a challenge for me to play someone that bizarre, with almost Shakespearean dimension."

West appears as Dr. Noah Goddard, a onetime top cardiopulmonary surgeon who suffers brain damage from a gunshot wound and who now spends his days plotting ways to asphyxiate the city with a hallucinatory gas. He's one of several guest star villains in the campy new series, which also features former Batman Riddler Frank Gorshin in the role of the evil Clockwatcher.

"Black Scorpion definitely is derivative," says West of the series, which stars former Miss K read more

Thora's Other-Worldly Experience

American Beauty star Thora Birch says she was ready for something different when she took on the role of Empress Savina in the fantasy film Dungeons &#038 Dragons (opening Friday). What she wasn't prepared for, she tells TV Guide Online, was dealing with the movie's rabid sci-fi following.

"Sometimes, the fans will ask, 'Do you have a boyfriend?,'" says the 18-year-old actress, who's been working the sci-fi conventions to help promote the movie. "One time I got a gift, an Oogie Boogie man from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, and on the tag the guy had put his phone number down!"

When Birch first agreed to do D&#038D, she had just finished playing Kevin Spacey's moody daughter in American Beauty and was having a hard time shaking the role. "It was very easy for me to sort of stay in that depressed funk I had worked myself into," she says. "I wanted something that would kind of snap me out of it and tha read more

Sci Fi Star Talks Tough

Whether on-screen or off, don't go messing with Michelle Lintel. The sexy star kicks butt as the superheroine of the new Sci Fi Channel series Black Scorpion (debuting Jan. 5), and spends her downtime practicing the Krav Maga self-defense techniques of the Israeli military.

"Krav Maga is really great for a girl to know because... you can basically take on a guy 100 pounds over your own weight," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "It's a really serious, multiple weapon, five-people-coming-at-you kind of discipline. I really wanted to do it for myself, but it's worked well with the series."

The former Miss Kansas is performing most of her own stunts in Black Scorpion, playing an ex-cop who dons a mask and fights a bizarre cast of Batman-like villains. The role is a dream come true for Lintel, who's never lost her childhood love for the cartoon superhero Wonder Woman.

"I always admired Wonder Woman because she was so strong," says Lintel, a long read more

Thirteen Days Stars Hit the Books

Working on the new Kennedy-era White House drama Thirteen Days (which will open in wide release on Jan. 12) was kind of like studying for a history exam for stars Kevin Costner, Steven Culp, and Bruce Greenwood.

"We had all done a ton of research," Greenwood, who plays President John F. Kennedy in the movie, tells TV Guide Online. "[All of the actors in the movie] had read a handful of accounts, and some of us had read 20 or more. Although it was a grim subject, we were so full [of] new information every day that it was kind of exciting."

Greenwood's personal recollections of the subject matter — the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis — were vague at best. "My memories were of scampering down the stairs and huddling under a desk," says the actor, recalling the duck-and-cover safety drills at his childhood home in Bethesda, Md.

"Once I started to do the research, I was astounded at the force of will it must have required to avoid pulling the read more

Pat Morita's Baywatch Hijinks

The cast of Baywatch Hawaii has had its hands full this season ever since Pat Morita came on board as a semi-regular. And the puckish Pat confesses to TV Guide Online that he actually gets a kick out of teasing the show's babes and hunks with his backstage antics.

"I'm kind of a goofball on the set," says the veteran actor, best known as the wise teacher Miyagi in the Karate Kid movies and as Arnold on TV's Happy Days. Recently, he playfully tried to throw off one of his fellow Baywatch actors (he won't say who) by doing a scene with his shirt tail sticking out of his fly. "I just wanted to see how his periphery was," he says with a laugh. "He was a trooper. He didn't crack up until they said 'cut.' And then he wanted to slap me around a little bit."

Morita's role as the grumpy father of Kekoa (Stacy Kamano) is quite a departure for the affable actor, who's still stopped on the street regularly by fans wanting to hear his famous read more

Faye Dunaway Calls the Shots

Seventeen years after the death of Tennessee Williams, devoted pal Faye Dunaway is finally getting the chance to make a movie based on his short story, The Yellow Bird. But the star of Bonnie and Clyde and Chinatown is stepping behind the camera for the first time as director of the TV movie.

"He and I always talked about me making a movie out of it," the Oscar-winning actress tells TV Guide Online, "so it's nice now that I'm able to actually do it."

The comedy — which stars James Coburn, Brenda Blethyn and Cynthia Watros (Fox's Titus) — is slated to air early next year on the new Women's Entertainment cable network (currently Romance Classics). Musician Robert Palmer is overseeing the soundtrack, which will include an original song by Grammy-winner Diane Warren.

"It's a kind of kick-ass story about a girl repressed and restraine read more

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