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Clint Trashes Trailers

Clint Eastwood has a message to moviegoers who are becoming increasingly frustrated with trailers that spoil the best parts of the film: He feels your pain.

"I hate trailers that give everything away," the Space Cowboys director/star tells TV Guide Online. "Half the time you go and watch a film, you see eight or 10 different trailers and you've seen the whole plot line. There's really no reason to go see the film."

Most recently, audiences wanted to drown the creators of the What Lies Beneath trailer, which they felt revealed the film's surprise twist. For his part, Eastwood made certain the previews for Space Cowboys just teased the film's plot.

"A lot of people who make the trailers are being condescending by figuring that the audiences are stupid and have to be told exactly what everything is before they're going to go see it," he says. "Half the time you sit behind some kids [in the theater] and they're sitting there going, 'Oh yeah, th read more

Tommy Lee Jones's Big Scam

Harvard-educated actor Tommy Lee Jones has a confession to make ? he's a cheater! The actor tells TV Guide Online that he used crib sheets during filming of Space Cowboys to help him remember all the astronaut jargon.

"The camera is usually looking over the top of the [spacecraft's] instrument panel, so it's very seldom that the camera will both see you and the instrument panel," he says. "You can then rip out a page from the script, tape it on the instrument panel, pretend to be looking at a dial or twisting a knob, and you just read it."

"You cheat, basically," he adds. "You also write on the back of your hand, because a lot of time your hand is not in the lens."

Jones's Space Cowboys co-star Clint Eastwood had a slightly easier time picking up the language, much of which was supplied by NASA officials right on the set. "That's part of the process ? you're an actor, you memorize things," says Eastwood, who also directed the hit film. "Some read more

Ford Slams Media

Harrison Ford, currently appearing with Michelle Pfeiffer in the nation's top flick, What Lies Beneath, remains perturbed by press reports that surfaced after a plane he was piloting veered off a runway last month in Lincoln, NE.

The actor tells TV Guide Online in no uncertain terms that the news accounts were speculative and blown "completely" out of proportion. "I would not as a pilot ? a licensed pilot ? have been required to report it, it was so minor," he says, adding that, "[A] really inaccurate version of it appeared in the press and it was picked up. It was bad reporting, really."

Still, the 57-year-old actor says that he's doing his best not to get too worked up over it. "I am just patient in those situations where you think people have got it wrong," he says. "Just let it go."

One thing Ford can't seem to let go of is his love for Indiana Jones, the character he played in 1981's Raiders of the Lost Ark and its two supersuccessful s read more

Mena's Concert Scare

It's a good bet that you'll probably never again see American Beauty actress Mena Suvari standing near the mosh pit at a Limp Bizkit concert.

The actress says she feared for her life while standing among the band's raucous fans at a recent concert in Toronto. Suvari, who at the time was up in the Great White North shooting Loser, says she wasn't sure she'd make it back alive to the set of the upcoming film.

"The whole time I was thinking, 'I don't want to die,' " she tells TV Guide Online. "It's really hard-core. It's crazy, like girls with their tops off, like in the mosh pit.

"I was just so naive, I was like, 'Oh, my God, what are they doing? Ahhh!' " she recalls. "We went around like the back way and there was all these security guys on their walkies and they were like, 'Yeah, some girl just got a pen in the neck.' "

Suvari describes herself as a "dork" who had only been to one concert prior to her Limp Bizki read more

Reilly Aids Clooney Prank

Notorious prankster George Clooney recently enlisted the help of John C. Reilly to pull a fast one on Perfect Storm co-star William Fichtner.

Clooney came up with the idea for pranking Fichtner after weeks of listening to the actor brag about his beautifully restored classic muscle car. Even Reilly, who owns a 1968 Chevelle Malibu, was getting tired of listening to Fichtner carry on about his four-wheeled baby.

At Clooney's prompting, Reilly made up a story on the Perfect Storm set about how his own Chevelle was leaking transmission fluid all over his garage at home. Then Clooney arranged for one of the stagehands to get some transmission fluid, bring it back to the studio parking lot, and pour a huge puddle underneath Fichtner's classic car.

"Bill came out and he turned ashen," recalls Reilly. "You know, when you see transmission fluid, that means something really bad has happened.

"Mercifully, [Clooney] didn't allow Bill to take read more

Lane's Laughable Love Scene

The Perfect Storm's Diane Lane says she had a good laugh preparing for her steamy love scene with co-star Mark Wahlberg.

"We got together the night before and had a cup of coffee, Mark and I, and just really got a sense of each other's sense of humor in a way, because that's really the best way to get to know someone," the actress tells TV Guide Online. "That's the most vital aspect that you need in a love scene. So that you don't wind up offending the other person because of your insecurities and your need for humor and vice versa."

Lane admits it was awkward performing the love scene in front of the crew but says that she and her hunky co-star managed to keep their focus. "It's like jumping out of an airplane and holding hands," she says. "You just do it together."

Lane, who plays The Perfect Storm's no-nonsense Christina Cotter, says she prepared for the blue-collar role by tossing back a few with her male castmates after work hours at the read more

Willis Jerks Aroun

What does it take to keep Bruce Willis happy? Just let him play a jerk every now and then.

"I like being able to play a jerk," the actor tells TV Guide Online. "A lot of actors won't do that. A lot of actors kind of just want to look good all the time. I kind of seek stuff out where I'm less than appealing."

Willis gets the opportunity to show off his jerk skills in his latest pic, Disney's The Kid, about a workaholic who comes face-to-face with his younger self. The actor says his latest character's nothing like his real self, a father of three who spends a lot of time staying in touch with his "inner child" and keeping his work in check.

"It's easy for me to goof around and not take it seriously," he says of moviemaking. "It's just work. It's something we do from the age of 20 to about 55."

"I lost some friends to untimely deaths and accidents and I realize how brief our stay is here on Earth," says Willis. "I am very aware of how fast time is flying read more

Wayans Bros. Scare Mama

What does Mama Wayans think of the raunchy comedy displayed by sons Marlon and Shawn in Scary Movie?

"She said 'It was funny, but sometimes you all went too far,' " Marlon confesses to TV Guide Online. "She wasn't mad. She was just like, 'You know, there were some really big laughs in there, but sometimes, you know, y'all just a little... crazy.' "

Shawn says if you want to see the dangers in trying to aim a pic at his parents you need look no further than the 1994 box office dud Blankman starring brother Damon. "See what happened?," he says. "That's just not our tone. That's not our sense of humor. Maybe one day, when I'm 65, then hopefully they'll be around and I can do some Clint Eastwood movie for them."

For now, the brothers prefer getting their laughs with over-the-top gags that are sure to be a hit with the South Park crowd. How over the top? Let's just say Scary Movie is probably th read more

Coen Bros. Plot Next Film

Offbeat moviemaking brothers Joel and Ethan Coen say they were just as surprised as anybody to see 1996's Fargo become one of their biggest hits.

"We thought nobody would go see that movie and we made it pretty cheaply so that nobody would get too terribly hurt when no one showed up," Ethan (pictured, right) tells TV Guide Online. "In fact, it ended up earning more than any of our other movies, or about the same as Raising Arizona."

The eclectic filmmakers have just begun production on their latest pic, a film noirish tale set in 1930s Northern California that stars Billy Bob Thornton as a barber who wants to get into the dry-cleaning business. Joel's real-life wife, Fargo's Oscar-winning Best Actress Frances McDormand, also stars.

Ethan says the new movie will be somewhat reminiscent of their first movie, Blood Simple, which is currently enjoying a limited rerelease in theaters. The brothers say they couldn't pred read more

Carmen Electra Looks for Love

Are you ready for Carmen Electra as a crime-fighting robot who's looking for love?

The buxom beauty, whose over-the-top comedy Scary Movie opens in theaters on Friday, hopes to keep riding the camp-humor wave next year with a silly new TV series called Electra's Guy. She just shot a pilot tape for Columbia TriStar TV Distribution, which just so happens to syndicate the campy action show V.I.P. for fellow Baywatch alum Pamela Anderson.

"It is a little comedy, a lot of action, a lot of fight scenes and explosions and stuff," says Electra, who plays a robot that is inherited by her late inventor's son.

"She's not human, so she doesn't really know how to love and she doesn't know all these different emotions, so throughout the TV show I would get in touch with these different emotions and possibly fall in love or not fall in love," she tells us. "It's kind of like a spin-off from The Avengers."

The former Prince pr read more

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