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If It Smells Like a Rat, Give It Cheese

OMG! Funniest. Survivor. Ever! You are going to have to excuse me as I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes. There are no words – none – that can truly describe the bittersweet hilarity of Erik’s monumental crash and burn. If you missed the show for any reason run – don’t walk – to your nearest internet-ready computer and watch the repeat online because in a season of blindsides, this one takes the cake.I’m just going to say it. Erik gave up immunity! Gave. It. Up. Minutes later he was saying goodbye. That was the most boneheaded move ever in the history of Survivor! Why, Erik, would you choose to give up the immunity necklace? Nobody does that. Every week Jeff asks, “Would you like to give immunity to someone else?” and whoever’s wearing that necklace shakes their head and unconsciously touches the skillfully-crafted, yet ugly-as-sin necklace that is their protection for that vote. And then they vote and that person remains in... read more

Survivor Castoffs James and Alexis Recount Their Downfall

Alexis Jones and James Clement

Alexis Jones and James Clement are the latest casualties from Survivor: Micronesia (Thursdays at 8pm/ET, CBS).  James, the physical threat serving his second consecutive tour on the show, was brought down by an infected cut that he got while opening a clam. Alexis, however, was bested by a Hidden Immunity Idol that was used with finesse by Amanda Kimmel in what could be called a reverse-blindside. The gravedigger and the motivational speaker who both missed out on immunity and a snack when they lost focus during a challenge chatted with TV Guide.com about their time on the show and why one of them still wants their cookies.

TVGuide.com: It was great watching the two of you this season. How was it?
Alexis Jones: It was awesome! It was so much cooler than I could have ever have anticipated.
James Clement: China was kind of rough. This time we were on the beach. You can't be read more

Moral Hazard

I know Brothers Sisters is trying to squeeze in a lot of story because of the writers strike-induced short season but there was so much happening in tonights show that I feel like I have to type really really fast to get it all in On top of that theres a 48-hour time limit on these stories starting with Kitty and Roberts fertility window and ending with Ojais near-miss with bankruptcyThe thing about close families is that they can be as cruel as they can be supportive In the wake of Ojais disastrous business deal Sarah took all the blame for Sauls reckless fraudulent decision regarding the companys expansion into China With that came some scathing remarks from Nora on down regarding Sarahs skill as a decision-maker and leader of the company She bore it well even suffering the humiliation of asking Tommy and Holly to help out Their help came in the form of a merger with Walker Landing courtesy Hollys devio read more

I'm Gonna Fix Her!

I know what I’m about to say will not make sense, but I am confident that Survivor fans will understand the sentiment: I wish this show could start at the merge because, right now, I can barely remember the first half of the season. And yes, now I’m going to contradict myself by saying that the first half of the season was pretty good too with all of its drama. Still, since the merge we’ve had blindside after blindside, fake idols, unused idols and finally, thanks to Amanda, a hidden immunity idol used the way it was meant to. Well done, Amanda! I am sad to see that Alexis was doomed by Amanda and Parvati’s ricochet votes, but these things happen. This is the problem when you ally based solely on gender – loyalty is thin. If you notice, Parvati refused to vote against Amanda because they go way back (all of 30 days). Cirie confessed that it was only circumstances that were making her vote against original her tribemate Amanda. Natalie, Alexis and that Bene... read more

Survivor: Micronesia's Jason Talks His "Idol" Worship

Jason Siska, Survivor: Micronesia

Jason Siska should have used the idol but didn't, and now the 22-year-old gymnastics coach is sitting on the sidelines of Survivor: Micronesia (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS) as the newest member of the jury. He clung to a "fans to the end" mentality that, perhaps, clouded his judgment and opened the door for one of his own to backstab him. Looking back, Jason discusses some of his strategic plays and tells TVGuide.com just what he thinks about the women who, in the end, played him.

TVGuide.com: What was it like to sit at tribal council holding the immunity idol and realize that you had been blindsided?
Jason Siska:
It was rough, especially to [have seen] the same thing happen the week before [to Ozzy]. It was my own stupidity, and I really honestly can only say that I should have just been smarter and more aware. read more

Double Negative

I feared this day would come The DNA results are back and Rebecca is not a Walker She is not Williams daughter She is not Justins sister She is however Davids offspring and now that the news has been confirmed he has left the building Holly is alone again and Rebecca is yet again fatherlessYoud think news like this would spread like wildfire especially in this family but the thing is the Walkers need at least a clue that something is up to set the phone-tree off and lil sis aint talking Either shes taking a page from her mother and intends to hide another secret from the Walkers or shes taking some time to absorb the new before she tells everyone Or maybe she is just waiting for a hint from Justin that hed prefer it if she were not a blood relation I cant tell are you happy she asked him A little fishing perhapsOver at the senators house Kitty was expressing her displeasure a read more

I'm Ruthless ... and Have a Smile on My Face

What do you have to do to get these people to use the idol?! They find it, they hide it, they whisper about it, caress it lovingly, some even make replicas, but they never use it. Listen up Survivors, it doesn’t need to mature. Just use it!You would think that after Ozzy’s blindside, Jason, holder of the new idol, would pay more attention and risk playing the idol for no reason rather than sitting on it and going home. He didn’t and I have to remind myself that this is the guy who thought a poorly whittled stick was his Holy Grail. He’s the guy who bowed out of an immunity challenge because everybody said they wouldn’t vote him out. And now he’s the guy who is jury member no. three.Jason left behind a “Black Widow Brigade” of women who are plotting to pick off the males of their species one by one. Eventually, the women will have to turn on themselves and I hope Parvati brought her venom-proof bikini because Natalie’s fangs are showi... read more

Survivor: Micronesia's Ozzy: "I Didn't See It Coming"

Ozzy Lusth, Survivor: Micronesia

It was the blindside heard 'round the world. Ozzy Lusth was arguably the most capable player on Survivor: Micronesia (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET, CBS) and the holder of the hidden immunity idol. Still, he became the second member of the jury after he was betrayed by two alliance members. The 26-year-old photographer from Venice, California, excelled at all things athletic, and while he was an obvious target, he was also expected to make it further in the game. (Perhaps that's why he didn't even bring the idol to his final tribal council?) Even though all was not lost — Ozzy made a love connection with Amanda Kimmel — he tells TVGuide.com that it was his social game that tripped him up.

TVGuide.com: What happened with the idol? Why didn’t you decide to play it?
Ozzy Lusth:
I got played, basically. I got stabbed in the back by my friends, and I didn’t s read more

Separation Anxiety

After a long break Brothers Sisters is back and we can finally begin to get answers to the pressing questions that have been plaguing fans Will Robert win the nomination Is Rebecca truly a Walker Will Nora move cross-country with Isaac While that last one may not have been weighing on our minds it was the central issue in tonights show Word leaked as it always does that Isaac was going to ask his lady love to move in with him and immediately all the little Walkers began to fret that Mommy might finally cut the apron strings Never fear After crashing Nora and Isaacs romantic dinner and playing dumb as to its purpose the clan set out to keep Nora at home A golf outing with the boys turned into an inquisition for Isaac How much do you owe on your home Is your prostate fine Then Kitty supposedly Isaacs dear friend told him that he was asking too much and that Nora would not be happy Nice Were not surprised tha read more

Survivor Castoff Eliza Orlins Speaks Out

Eliza Orlins, Survivor: Micronesia

She made America laugh when she "outed" Jason Siska's idol as a mere "stick," but when Eliza Orlins knowingly played her false idol, she joined a small, but growing, number of survivors who had been stung by the show's get-out-of-jail-free card. However, this 25-year-old law student from New York never surrendered, despite her ever-dwindling alliances — marked by the early exits of Yau-Man, Jonathan and Ami — or her battles with the couples' alliance.

With her last words, spoken through the smoke of her snuffed torch, Eliza exposed the idol’s true holder and may have turned the game upside-down. Now the first member of the jury, Eliza is still in a position to impact the game’s outcome, and, as TVGuide.com discovered, she has a lot to say about that.

TVGuide.com: Would you say that your worst moment on read more

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