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Survivor: Gabon's Jacquie Berg Q&A

Jacquie Berg, Survivor: Gabon

Survivor: Gabon's Jacquie Berg knew her days were numbered when she found herself suddenly thrown into the Fang tribe, but did her best to survive. read more

Survivor: Gabon Episode Recap: It Was Like Christmas Morning!

Only three weeks into Survivor: Gabon and there's already a new playing field. This week, host, Jeff Probst mixed things up just as opposing alliances were settling into place. Now everyone is scrambling for position and watching their backs because there’s nothing worse on Survivor than losing the support of those you (sort of) trust- except, of course, getting voted off.

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“She Obviously Is Post-op!”

On the seventh day the creator Mark Burnett gave us a fair fight and he didnt even need to redo the teams this time After getting whipped by da Kota tribe in the two-hour season opener Fang fought back and swept both challenges in impressive fashion Still while Fang grabbed momentum away from Kota according to Jeff Probst this recap reporter Paul Wolfe subbing for the vacationing Rhoda Charles thinks Kota will defang Fang up until the merge Frankly its time for Mark and Jeff to divide the group into balanced teams instead of letting clueless elders choose sides Harsh as it sounds Randy has rightly pegged his tribemates as complete idiots when it comes to playing the game of SurvivorPole hugging and sand wrestling were the sports of choice in the best-of-three Reward Challenge where was the mud as teams of two were charged with ripping a rival off of a pole and dragging them across a finish line Kota dominated an all-male Round 1 as Char read more

"Want to see the Elephant Dung?"

Survivor Gabon kicked off this week with a two-hour premiere and its first ever high-definition broadcast The 17th season took fans back to Africa where 18 strangers were stranded in the wild and forced to work together and against each other in order to take home a million dollar prize The set-up was familiar from this show that changed the face of television but for fans it was a welcome sight After so many recent seasons of stunting it is nice to slip into Survivor without all the hype There was no racial divide Cook Islands no entry into the once forbidden China no fans and no favorites Micronesia It was just plain old people thrown togetherAfter a round of introductions the game started right up with a schoolyard pick Led by the elders Gillian and Bob the group became the Kota and Fang tribes By the end of the night each one had its own distinct personality Kota was the young athletic yoga-practicing tribe and Fang was the older disjointe read more

Kristi Yamaguchi on Dancing Her Way to the Trophy

Kristi Yamaguchi, Dancing with the Stars

Kristi Yamaguchi goes up against the boys this week on Dancing with the Stars' sixth season finale as she faces off against NFL star Jason Taylor and Latino actor Cristián de la Fuente. In what promises to be a fantastic night of cha cha chas and freestyle dances, Kristi and her partner Mark Ballas could be the ones to end the mens' streak — there hasn't been a female winner since Season 1's Kelly Monaco. But this Olympic gold medalist says she's too busy having fun to think about that.

TV Guide.com: You've been a favorite from the start, and it's been a while since a woman has won Dancing with the Stars. Are you feeling any extra pressure?
Kristi Yamaguchi: No, I'm not looking at it as extra pressure. I think there's been pressure throughout the competition. I'm really proud and thankful for the read more

Survivor Champ Parvati: "I Was in It to Win It!"

Parvati Shallow, winner of Survivor: Micronesia

She schemed, she betrayed and it all paid off for Parvati Shallow, the Los Angeles-based charity organizer who, in a bit of an upset, took home Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. Favorites' grand prize. As a favorite, this was Parvati's second attempt at the $1 million, and this blindside queen proved the old adage that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. TV Guide.com spoke with the newest member of Survivor's Millionaires Club and learned why she never said die.

TV Guide.com: Congratulations on your win and on making Survivor history by being part of the first all female final four.
Parvati Shallow: I know! That actually worked!

TV Guide.com: Did you expect that you would be going down in the history books when you returned to the show?
Parvati: I'm so excited about that. To start an alliance with this group of gir read more

Survivor's Amanda Talks Coming up Just Short… Again

Amanda Kimmel, Survivor: Micronesia

Two-time runner up Amanda Kimmel was the last of Survivor: Micronesia's players to fall by the wayside last night. In back-to-back seasons, Amanda spent a total of 78 days in the jungle playing this game. After winning the last two immunity challenges she was poised to take it all against her buddy Parvati Shallow, but the jury ruled against her. TV Guide.com spoke with Amanda about that elusive Ultimate Survivor title and why she's still a winner.

TV Guide.com: Congratulations on making it to the finals for a second time in a row. Why do you think the jury voted the way they did?
Amanda Kimmel:  Honestly, you just never know the way the jury's going to vote. I guess I'm just too nice of a person, and people think it's fake or at least that's how it came over. That's what people have been telling me. I'm too nice to play this game.

TV Guide.com:  Final tribal council read more

Prior Commitments

Here we are at Brothers Sisters second season finale and we really have come full circle Tonight the show started with a family meeting to inform everyone that Rebecca is not a Walker by birth We end the show with Sarah and Kevin informing Nora that they think there is another Walker sibling somewhere out there Shades of the first season dont you think To that I can only say are they seriously going to do this storyline again While it was nice to see Tom Skerritt reprise the role of William in Kevins flashbacks his reappearance kicks off the hunt for Ryan and elevates William to the level of total skank himbo cheat Meanwhile Justin and Rebecca have made up and are now making out Awkward but you know anything for ratings Overshadowing all of these subplots was Kevin and Scottys commitment ceremony which was to be held at Noras with Kitty officiating Kevin really has come a long way from the neurotic commitment-phobe we met in the fir read more

Stir the Pot!

After 39 days Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites has chosen a winner and her name is Parvati Shallow. Congratulations to her as she played a good game especially against such tough competition as Amanda and Cirie. If I’ve taken anything away from this edition, it’s the hope for an all-female final four every season. Never has the trail of torches been so entertaining. Usually, the mind wanders as the finalists reach for complimentary things to say of their former tribemates. Not this time. These ladies walked along the beach dropping one-liners like there was no tomorrow. From Cirie, “the chickens have not been the same since Chet left.” From Parvati, “Eliza, my arch rival!” They teased Amanda who praised Ozzy as an all-around competitor with, “You like him! You can carry his torch!” Just gals having fun. Of course, this was all after they had voted out Natalie, the fourth woman in their pot-stirring crew. The first immunity chal... read more

Survivor's Erik Tells All

Erik Reichenbach by Monty Brinton/CBS

Erik Reichenbach made a million-dollar blunder when he gave away the immunity that guaranteed him a spot in Survivor: Micronesia's final four. Tricked by the remaining women on his tribe, Erik believed that he would earn goodwill on the jury by saving Natalie Bolton. Unfortunately for this 22-year-old ice cream scooper from Hell, Michigan, the ladies had another idea and Erik found himself joining the same jury whose vote he had been seeking. In this season of unprecedented blindsides, TV Guide.com spoke with Erik about his exit and why he too didn’t see it coming. – Rhoda CharlesTV Guide.com: Erik, you made your mark in Survivor history when you gave away immunity. Can you talk us through your downfall?Erik Reichanbach: I was on the island with all girls and at first I thought it was a good thing, but then slowly it turned into something completely different. I think one of the major things that happened was that I had played the game pretty passively. I was behind Joel p... read more

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